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  • Career switch from teaching to software field

    Planning to switch career from teaching to software? Wondering whether it is possible to do so, what steps to take and if any extra courses have to be done? Find advice from experts on this Ask Expert page for all your queries.

    I am having 5 years of experience in college teaching. I used to work in the dept of computer applications. I have completed MCA in 2007 and MPhil in 2010. Now I am thinking to switch from teaching to software field. Before teaching I had 1 year of experience in software testing .
    So is it possible for a career switch now?
    If possible what steps should I have to take?
    Should I have to study extra course like data analytics or something else?
    I am 35 yr old now.
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  • You have completed your MCA and M Phil. You have experience of 5 years as a college teacher. Your qualifications and experience best suits for a teaching post only. You can get a better position in teaching side if you continue in that line only. If it is possible, you can do your PhD also while working as a teacher. That will give you better chances to move to a good college or university as a Professor. Just think about that.
    Many IT companies will not consider teaching experience as experience in the line. So it is a little difficult to get into a big company directly. There will be some organisations which are small in nature and may not pay good salaries may consider. So you have to search for such companies and apply. You can upload your CV in and you can mention there your desire about going for an IT company. You may get alerts from them and some companies may choose your CV and call you for an interview.
    Studying and acquiring skills that are needed for getting a job is always a good thought. Data Analytics is a very good course and getting a lot of importance. You can do a certificate course in that so that your chances of getting a good job in corporate companies in It field will increase.

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  • Age is no bar for studying and making a career or switching an existing career. You have some experience of computer related work and now you want to go back to that line only. There are many options and paths at this juncture and some of them are as follows.

    You have a good experience in teaching, this can give you an opportunity in the top ranking coaching centres for guiding the students and incidentally that is a remunerative proposition. Just think about it. You can even start your own coaching and tutorial centre with the help of some like minded colleagues or friends who have interest in this area.

    If you want to switch to the core computer area then I will suggest you to go for some enhancement of your qualification through certificates or diploma courses in the areas of Digital Marketing, ERP Systems, Networking/ System Management, Data Base Management, Software Testing, Software Development, Web Designing and Internet, Animation and Graphics etc. After doing this you can apply in the IT industry in various capacities.

    Please remember that IT area is advancing with fast pace and it is natural that you might have missed many new things in computer area during this period so you may have to be a bit more alert and give sufficient time to clear this backlog. There is no substitute for hard work and I wish you all the good luck in your endeavour to switch your career path.

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  • The environment between the job of an IT sector and the teaching software in an engineering college would vary widely due to demand of different sets in each sectors. In the former one, there is no fixed time limit for discharging your duty and if connected with the clients living in abroad, you may be even responsible for satisfying such clients though the shift of working in such cases would be relocated to you after examining the clients demand. This is one part and the other part is the meeting the target of the company and you being a member of the company are explanatory to a shortfall if that occurred.
    Teaching job is somewhat different and this needs a skill to attract students in teaching different modules related to Oracle, SAP, Visual basics, C++, software - testing, software - development, Web - designing etc.
    In depth skill in any one of the fields mentioned above would help you to attract the candidates and a better feedback of your involvement and clarity of knowledge would fetch you a handsome return provided you set up your own coaching institute with your like minded colleagues or join hands with some professional coaching institutes at the initial stage.
    Teaching is the area where you have to update yourself.
    While being a lecturer in some engineering college, you can go ahead for Ph.D and may secure a doctorate degree under the guidance of an able professor. With the acquisition of the Ph. D, you can have better chances for moving to some constituent colleges with better chances of promotion.
    If you want to move in the IT sector job, make an attractive resume and apply in the You will get calls from the employers from Cognigent, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra and so on and you need to satisfy the employer with your best performance.

  • Career, job and job satisfaction are different for different individuals. So, the answer to your question may be subjective. My answer will be based on my perspective of life. I am a person who quit an eight year old job in a reputed bank and joined a low paying job in the government sector. It gave me enough time for my family. Of course the emoluments are not comparable. But I don't regret a decision once it is made. That decision has given me lot of gains when it comes to my personal life. But according to career perspective, I lost my eight years service. I started job in an entirely different field and there my experience was not counted. Why I am telling my experience is because your plan is similar. You are planning to join an entirely new stream.

    From your post it is not clear if you have a permanent teaching job. But you are 35years old. That means you are going to compete with freshers in this field. IT sector always flies around youngsters. Even now you may not be able to compete with the youngsters. After 45years you will not be preferred by the companies. This is what I feel based on the first picture that comes, when I think about the topic.
    But you alone knows the circumstances under which you took the decision. If you are sure about the career change, you can do a small course and go ahead with IT job. Data Analytics course, Java etc may be needed. Remember you are going to start afresh and your emoluments are going to be lower. So adjust your expenses accordingly.


  • As you have 5 years of experience in teaching, M. Phil degree and you are aged 35 now, it is beneficial for you to continue in teaching job only. You have got ample career-enhancing options and opportunities in teaching. You can update by joining in relevant workshops, seminars, training sessions, etc conducted for teachers in that line. You can be a member of WhatsApp groups, FB groups, etc in the same field. This will help you to integrate into the vast field and choices.
    The need now for you is to stabilise and progress in the same field. Teaching also gives the extra benefit of having a lot of contacts in your students of various years who would have reached in various positions in various organisations and places. In personal life and social esteem too teaching stands a bit above many other jobs.

  • You are 35 years of age now and to think of a change at this age is not easy. Also, there is lots of difference in teaching and a corporate job. I would suggest not to leave a job before getting a job. Give interviews and know your worth before leaving the job. Sometimes we think that jobs are easy to get and leave the present job and don't get the desired job so be care full.


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  • Switching from one profession though seems to be normal in present days it just indicates the poor interest in the present job. Moreover teaching job is a noble job and only those possess perseverance and real dedication can select this . Mere shifting or availing for just like that no one should select the teaching profession

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