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  • Parking van in front of my shop

    Facing an issue with illegal parking in front of the shop? Wondering what to do and where to complain? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will find advice from experts so that you find a suitable method to resolve the issue.

    We are residing in NH road in Kanyakumari district for more than 40 years. We have constructed 2 shops in front of our house It's been repeatedly happening that the vans from our place are parking in front of my shop. What can be done? It's a narrow road too. Neither they have been registered as van stand and it is still continuing. What should be done?
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  • Generally in the cities the Municipality earmarks some parking places especially in the open areas. It could be a free parking or paid one. Just find out if such places are officially earmarked near your shop or in your locality. In that case you can request the van owner/ driver to park it there and only bring it here when some unloading or loading is required to be done adjacent to your shop. You can give an application to traffic police also as it is their duty to remove any illegal parking from the narrow lanes.

    Meanwhile give an application to the Municipality as well as to traffic police stating that the road in front of your shop is narrow and any parking will create problem to the other vehicles passing through so that they should put board of 'No Parking' at places so that no one parks the vehicle here. Alternatively the authorities can announce this narrow road as one way also. Of course it will depend on the other roads available in the area and convenience of the commuters.

    Another possibility is they may allow the parking on one side of road on even dates and other side of road on odd dates. So, there are many solutions to the problem but you have to meet and apprise the authorities in this regard. There is no point in fighting with the van fellow. That may not yield any fruitful result.

    One thing I will suggest is that you can involve other citizens in this in general and go to meet the authorities with some alternative plans for long term parking policies in the area. Generally the pressure of the group of citizens works in such situation.

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  • Thanks for your reply sir...I need what the law says in this respect.

  • The vehicle parking in places where no parking is allowed is a very common issue in our country in many cities also. Presently if the vehicle is found to be parked in a no parking place a penalty of Rs100/- is being imposed. But the transport department is trying to increase it to Rs.1000/- as first-time punishment and if repeated it may go up to Rs. 2000/- also.
    You may have to keep a no parking board near your house and if anybody is keeping the vehicle you have to warn them not park it there. Otherwise, when the vehicle is parked there you can give a call to the traffic police and tell them the issue. They will come and warn the driver and they may lift the vehicle also.
    If the same vehicle is getting parked always you can give a specific complaint to the traffic police and they will do the needful.
    These issues appear to be small and the act is not very severe on the offenders but causes a lot of inconvenience to the people.

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  • You have mentioned that the shop in question is on the NH road. Please refer to the Central Government act, The Highways Administration Act, Section 37 and see whether it answers your question. ( This act states that the vehicle should not stand unless it is not causing inconvenience, not causing obstruction, not left unattended for 2 hours and importantly parked legally in a spot designated by the highway authorities.

    You can also discuss with the local Municipal office and the Police regarding consideration of a nuisance case option, that will need to the Police to take some action. Practically, it works at times to discuss with the local corporator or the senior traffic police and find an amicable way to avoid the illegal parking. Some shops keep cans or drums or even large stones strategically that 4 wheeler cannot park easily.

  • Thank you Sir for your kind response

  • Parking vehicle in front of shops are actually a common thing & can be dealt with ease.

    As you have mentioned that you have being staying in that place for about 40 years, so was that placed used by them for parking before you constructed your 2 shops. If the answer is yes then you need to meet the government department & raise a complaint, stating your difficulties due to parking.
    You can even consult with the traffic department of police and check if that area can be brought under no-parking zone, which can solve your problem.
    Before going that far, why don't you directly speak to the van owner & tell him the inconvenience caused due to parking.

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  • It's a very common problem in cities where there is less space for parking vehicles. I remember when we used to live in a commercial place and used to face this problem daily but as my father was retired and used to stay at home most of the time so used to handle such people.

    As such I am not sure where to complain about such issues but for sure you can call 100 and complain. They may suggest you what to do next. Also, you may place a board in front of the shop mentioning "No parking". Maybe with this, you may problem get reduced.


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  • Thank you sirs for Ur response

  • As there are many responses to go for government's help. It's good to seek suggestion from government. I don't have clear idea about the space and position of shop but just sharing my views as temporary solution. Please try to place some flower plants/show case plants pot with small shade over pots to bear the summer heat as well. You may know very well what direction to place the pots and this will distrub the vehicle drivers to park in front of your shop. It may avoid you to have conversation with drivers everyday. Few people doesn't care about No Parking board. Please let us know if it really works for time being.

  • Thank you, will definitely try Ur suggestion

  • The inconvenience being faced by you is felt by most of the people living in other areas as well. You may take up the following points for resolving this problem.
    1) You need to discuss your issue with the Municipal - Commissioner and apprise of the inconvenience you are facing due to constant encroachment of the area.
    2) From your side, put a stand notifying the message - no parking. It may create some impact on the mind of drivers.
    3) Take the help of social - workers or the correspondent of the Newspaper and proper reflection of such unusual incidences may attract the attention of Traffic - police in your area.
    4) Unauthorized parking of vehicles in the vicinity of area may create a very unusual problem if some antisocial elements may deploy some explosive materials inside the vehicles and even you may be called by the officials for further interrogation. During the course of discussion with the Municipality - commissioner, you may highlight the point.
    5) Take the help of VIP living in your areas such as Doctors of government hospitals, principals of schools, educationist, social - reformers, etc in resolving the crisis.

  • It becomes common in all places and cities. You are questioning such parking persons but do not care others when you are loading or unloading for your business. We see many comments in newspapers about encroachment of small vendors on main roads and auto drivers in front of metro/railway stations but we forget they are doing for their bread and do not care when we heep building materials in front of our house or plot when construct or repair our building. So justice will vary depending on situation.

  • You can take initiative first as "No Parking" signboard attaching on your shop or home. You can explain them in a diligent manner to adhere as it is residential cum shopping area, so, not to stop the vehicle in front of the shop.

    You can read related detail on that explains about the Parking law here.

  • Government don't act unless asked written. Again specially officers don't act unless there is benefit. In my city if it is private property all owners put board and give warning about consequences. Since your is public property of road , you can not do much , you have to go through authority only like traffic police. Here owners do following things. Lose the air from tire, tell to people while parking that police might put jammer to bike, car or tow it so not to park here.
    You see everything is based on fear of consequences . Slowly parking there will be reduced.

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