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  • Quantity Surveyor (QS) - What is it all about

    Wondering whether to become a Quantity Surveyor? Interested in getting detailed information about qualification and skills required, duties, job description and job opportunities? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries from out experts.

    As I have gone through the definition of a quantity surveyor, " A quantity surveyor(QS) is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts. They are not to be confused with land surveyors or building surveyors." Now I need to get more insight to this profession, like :
    1. What does a quantity surveyor do?
    2. What is the basic qualification required?
    3. Is there any specific course for this job?
    4. What skills are required to become a QS?
    5. What are the duties of job description required?
    6. Do each discipline have seperate QS - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.
    7. Do Qs have to learn contracts, estimation & costing?
    8. What are the job opportunities for a QS?

    Hoping for detailed answer to my query.
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  • 1. What does a quantity surveyor will do: He will make estimations for construction of buildings and all other civil projects or other projects. He will start preparing the estimates, then see where the costs can be reduced without compromising on the quality of the works. He will see that the actual costs will not go more than the estimated costs.
    2. Basic Qualification required: An Engineering graduate with some relevant experience has to get qualified as a Chartered Engineer. Then only he will be eligible for these jobs.
    3. Is there any specific course for this job?: One has to complete a degree or higher education course that is accredited by the Institution for Chartered Surveyors.
    4. What skills are required to become a QS:
    A. logical thinking
    B. appropriate skills to problem-solving
    C. Financial management
    D. Numerical skills
    E. Report writing
    F. Negotiation skills
    G. Teamwork
    H. Technical skills
    5. Job description: Preparing Estimations, Follow up of expenses to see they are within the budget. Maintaining the quality of the work. Meeting the target dates, negotiating the values of inputs and see that there is no overrun of expenses.
    6. QS surveyors may vary from work to work based on the project. They are quantity surveyors in mechanical, electrical and civil separately
    7. Surveyors have to learn and should have good knowledge of contracts, cost estimations and costing also.
    8. You will have job opportunities in insurance companies as a surveyor, civil construction companies, manufacturing companies and equipment manufacturers and similar industries will have jobs for the surveyors.

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  • In order to manage the construction projects, Quantity Surveyors are required by the construction companies.

    In any construction project there are financial aspects and contractual aspects. A Quantity Surveyor has the job of managing these two things. So it is necessary that he should be conversant with costing and contractual proceedings. The main job of Quantity surveyor is to manage the costs on a construction project. Managing cost while keeping the quality intact is the main challenge for the Quantity Surveyor and that is his main job throughout the execution of the project.

    A civil engineering degree with specialisation in construction industry with a background knowledge of Mathematics, Geography, Economics and Land Studies will suffice for the purpose. Alternatively a chartered accountant degree with understanding of basic civil engineering will also be an eligibility in this field.

    Any course or degree which has an affiliation with Institute of Chartered Surveyor is sufficient for the purpose.

    A person aspiring to be a Quality Surveyor should have knowledge of Mathematics, knowledge of engineering science and technology, knowledge of building and construction, capability to use computer software for construction industry etc. In addition to this he should have analytical approach to problem solving, should have ability to pay attention to small details and measures for the cost benefit analysis in a dynamic range, should be able to take decisions for the profitability of the entire project etc.

    The main job of the Quantity Surveyor is the overall management of the cost and contractual progression of the construction project while maintaining the quality and expectations of the standards of the work as per memorandum of understanding and contractual obligations. He has also to cover everything under the health and safety net of the workers and labourers.

    The Quantity Surveyor has to work out the quantities and costs of materials, time and labour for tenders and thereafter negotiate with the competent bidders and decide the work schedules with them. He has to be conversant with the legal aspects and actions to be taken in case disputes arise in the execution of the contracts. He has to meticulously observe the progress of the contract including sub contracts and keep a tab on material consumption and inventory flow.

    There is requirement of Quantity Surveyors especially in high value contracts where cost effective techniques are required for attaining a respectable margin out of the high quality work. Employers are always in search of experienced people in this line as a Quality Surveyor is a unique combination of civil engineering, costing and project management skills

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