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  • What should I do at this juncture?

    Facing medical and financial issues at home? Searching for advice on how to handle this situation ? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can get responses and advice for all your queries and resolve your worries.

    I am 24 years old. I have completed my graduation in 2015 and now appearing for final year examination for my post graduation. My life has so far been quite full of struggle. To be honest in saying, I belong to a very poor family and have been living with extreme poverty. At this age of 24 and being a only son of my parents, I started working along with my study to improve this poor situation of my family that I have been living in since my childhood. As of now I have been working in a private company for 4 months. My father has been a daily wages labour and now is not capable of doing work further. With this growing age, my father has become a victim of illness. He is suffering from hernia. Doctor has initially told us that we need to take proper medication for my father or in case it was not taken, A surgery will have to be done. I am extremely worried as from where I will afford the cost of surgery. There is no affordable and free health care facilities in government run hospital in my state. I am extremely worried!
    One hand, I have challenges to improve the conditions of my family, to complete my education, to be focused on my career goals in such a state of financial constrained, on the other hand, the condition of my father's health has made me quite worried and perplexed. I am extremely worried as to how I will cope with these situations. I am exploring the options as where we will get affordable or free healthcare facility so that my father will recuperate with this physical illness. I am extremely worried at this juncture of my life. Kindly do advise me at this traumatic situation.
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  • First of all, I am happy to know that you have understood your responsibilities towards your family very few people do that.

    I would suggest you ask you, employer for some advance money and discuss your problems, maybe he understands your problems and lends you some money with which you may be able to get the surgery done of your father.

    I know it's not easy for you to cope up with the situation but you will have to face it and emerge as a winner.

    You may ask for borrowing money from your friends or relatives hope they may be able to help you out. Also, you may take an education loan for yourself. It's important that you complete your studies well so that you may be able to get a better job which will automatically solve your all problems which are presently bothering you.


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  • I feel benevolence at your present situation but also pleased to know that you have started sharing your family responsibility with your father.
    As mentioned, you are well educated & also working, You may have come across many social workers or group. I would suggest you to have a word with some social group or organisation who can help you meet your father's medical expenses. The family expense will be covered from your salary. Thus solving major of your issue.
    You can approach your temple, christian organisation or even some cultural organisation in or around your locality which can come to your help at the earliest.
    I am sure you will be able to cope with your current situation.

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  • There are some NGOs and charitable organisations in our country in various places and if you can locate such an agency near your place, they may help you in this situation. Meanwhile I will advise you to meet the municipal representative/ MLA/ MP of your area on whose recommendation you can get free treatment in some hospital. You can also send an appeal to your state health Minister and sometimes these things help as these people have many funds for various purposes and they are very resourceful. Only thing is you have to approach them and request.

    Another thing is you can find some information from the nearby health centre regarding the treatment under Ayushman Bharat scheme in which free treatment for poor people is envisaged. If it is available in health centres in your area, you can register your father's name there.

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  • My appreciations to you for understanding the situation of the family and making all your efforts to set the family right. The main tasks before you are to see that your father's health will improve. A hernia is not a very serious problem. In my family, my father and my brother underwent this operation. it should not be very costly and any surgeon can do it. You better take your father to the District health hospital and take the advice of the Surgeon there. These days many people coming forward to help the people in need. You can contact a good NGO and explain to them the problems. They will adopt the patient and see that the required treatment is given. They will collect the money as donations from society. Immediately you can do that. That will make him alright.
    Now you are completing your post graduation. Once you complete your PG try for a job as a lecturer in a private college. Then you will get a better income and that will be useful for your family expenses. While working as a lecturer you can appear for BEd and once you complete BEd you will get a job as a high school teacher,
    In many stated there are facilities for free medical expenses. For low-income group and to the people who are having a white ration card, the treatment will be free in all the hospitals and the government will reimburse that amount to the hospital. a

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  • You deserve congratulation since you seem to be quite responsible in managing your family - affairs especially when your father is seek. Your present assignment in managing your studies has been very tough because of the persistent problems. At least, on one front you have done well by undertaking a job in a private - firm and are still continuing since four months. I would advise you to take the following measures so that you may take care of your father in his ailing condition.
    1) The government has introduced a scheme known as Ayushmam - Bharat and by being a benificiary of this scheme, he would get free medicines apart from the consultation of the doctor in the government - aided hospital. In this regard, you may approach the Municipality if living in a town or a Mukhia if living in a village.
    2) You may request your present employer to advance some loan and the loan amount is to be recovered on easy monthly instalment so that you may take care of his medicines and the consultation - fee of the Doctor.
    3) Take care of studies without being over sentimental. Make an attempt to secure 55 percent marks in the post - graduation so that you could be eligible to appear for the NET test and with the clearance of the said test, you would be eligible for the post of Lecturership in a government college. If that happens, you will enjoy the medical assistance of your entire family.
    4) Take the advice of the surgeon of the District - hospital where your father would get free - operation if needed. The related medicines would be provided to your father free of cost.
    5) You may meet your local MP and apprise him of the medical condition of your father. An MP is sanctioned different funds to improve health, sanitary conditions of the public. He can assist you in the present situation of your father.

  • You need not feel helpless. In our generation, many people were facing similar situations. But somehow they could sail through and mot of them are now settled in life peacefully. Though the problems faced by you may weigh heavy and put you under tension and worry now, don't worry, keep patience, faith in yourself, others and faith in God, all will end well.

    You are well aware of the issues before you. You have already taken the essential steps to solve them. I appreciate your sense of responsibility. at this young age. It is proper that you have come to a forum to seek guidance in this confusing stage situation.

    Let me suggest a few things, which you may evaluate and follow if found suitable and practical for you.

    1. Do not lose faith, do no feel desperate. Shortlist a few of your well-wishing relatives and friends. Approach them and tell them your situation and seek their sincere help. At least a few will come to your help.

    2. Hernia surgery in general cases is not that much complicated nor does it cost very high. Talk and discuss your situation with the doctor and ask his suggestion where treatment/surgery can be done free/ cheap and best.
    If there is no good government hospital, visit a mission/ charity hospital nearby. If that is also not there visit a private hospital whose name is good among people and who are reported to be reasonable in charging patients. Discuss the matter. Let them check and tell you what to do. Tell them your situation and ask for some concession.

    3. After ascertaining and evaluating all the related expenses including staying, food, hospital fees, medicine charges etc talk to your employer and helpful relatives and friends. Ask them t help you as the priority is the treatment of your father. I feel that people are still helpful and may help you and guide you.

    4. Giving priority to your father's health, and after the treatment/surgery as the case may be, you can give attention to other matters.

    5. In case of help is not coming from your friends and relatives, talk to the local panchayat/municipality taking the help of your ward member. There will be some scheme to help the poor people by the government.

    6. You can even put up a request in your FB/WhatsApp as a last resort. Help will come. But I feel that your friends and relatives will come to your help.

    7. Do not leave your job now. Give your sincere contribution to the job also. You can take up education later after your father's health is recovered.

    8. There are many schemes to help financially poor people. Ascertain from local panchayat /knowledgeable people.

    9. If your final exam is not over, appear with whatever preparation you could do. If it is not near, then you can concentrate on it after your father's treatment is arranged and taken care of.
    (You can also approach or write to some established companies to help you. Many companies have Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR and humanitarian help charity. They may help you .)

    Best wishes.

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