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  • Legal Documentation (Correction of Date of Birth)

    Want to make a correction in legal documentation? Searching for detailed procedure to correct age in the date of birth certificate? On this Ask Expert page you can check out advice provided for your queries.

    My Date of Birth in all of my documents, from Aadhar Card to Pan Card to Voter ID card to Class 10 &12 Marksheet is 3 December 1999. But my real DOB is 3 December 1998.I have not issued my Birth Certificate yet, which gives me hope that I Can correct my age in all of the documents. How can I correct my age in all of the documents? Please Answer.
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  • Do you have your birth certificate? First of all, you have to apply for your birth certificate. Once you get that certificate you have to contact a good lawyer and show him the documents and tell him the mistake in the documents. Then he will make an affidavit and guide with the correct procedure. Once you have a notarized affidavit with legal acceptance with the correct date of birth you can use that for all practical purposes as your date of birth certificate. Then if you want individually you can apply for each document as per the procedure mentioned by the department and get it done. Otherwise, for all practical purposes, your Affidavit will be taken into account.

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  • The procedure of changing date of birth is through gazette notification of the state Govt where you reside. You will have to give a legal affidavit in the matter and apply for gazette notification which generally takes 15-20 days time. There are agents everywhere who facilitate this and charge some fee for it. You can take their help.

    Another thing is all your documents are showing age as 3rd Dec 1999 so from that angle it is consistent and there is no problem from that point of view. Now what will you gain by changing all of them to 3rd Dec 1998. If there is anything specific then it is worth to go for the trouble of gazette notification and other formalities otherwise you can simply skip this. Think about it, you may have the simplest solution by not doing anything in the matter.

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  • Since there is the variation of the year in all all the available documents such as Aadhar - card, PAN - card and Voter ID card and in all type records the year is being shown as 1999 in Iieu of 1998 and hence you need to go to the process of affidavit for correcting all your records on the basis of DOB.
    You have to approach a lawyer reporting the First - class magistrate of your town and provide him the photocopies of these cirtificates. He would make an affidavit on your behalf on the basis of DOB wherein your signature would remain beneath the left - side of the documents and the Magistrate would sign the affidavit certificate in the right - side.
    Later you need to display an advertisement in two leading news- papers including one being an English - newspaper. Preserve this advertisement along with your records and need to be shown to the officials engaged for verification of documents.
    The next option would be not to take any initiative for the wrongly mentioned year in your Aadhar, PAN- card and Voter - I'd cards. For all your practical purposes, these documents would not pose any legal problem.

  • In your case it is a strange thing that all the documents are in error as regards to the date of birth. Moreover you do not have a birth certificate also. In this case what is your compulsion of going for change is not understood. In fact your records are in order as in the documents everywhere your age is same and it is consistent. So as per my opinion you need not to take any corrective action from your side. Documents are challenged by the verifying agencies when there is an ambiguity or inconsistency. There is nothing like that in your documents.

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