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  • Effects of NPS and PRAN No. On employers

    Have a query regarding taking a up a diploma based job and applying for another government job? Looking for advice on how to proceed? On this page, our ISC experts shall provide you with guidance to resolve your queries.

    I've done a diploma and a degree course together and, according to the rules, only one is valid. I've got a job on the basis of diploma. But, I want to study further and has been appearing for graduate level examination. I've higher chances of getting selected. If I join this diploma based job for now, would I be able to join another govt job without showing the records of this job. I mean the NPS and Pran no. would anyway reveal the status of my previous employer to the new one? At the time of filling the form for graduation level, I wasn't in any employment.
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  • If you apply for a Govt job then they will ask you for your present job and if you mention your job then they may ask you a certificate from the present employer also that is in the nature of NOC (No objection Certificate). Generally people show their present job to impress upon their experience for the new job. In your case there is no such need as you yourself telling that you do not want to bring in that in picture.

    If you do not show your earlier experience and engagement in private organisations you will be treated like that only. So you do not have to bother for that at the present juncture. Regarding your NPS and PRAN No. you can always quote them as they are no way related to NOC issue and no one will ask about their existence and enquire your earlier jobs. Govt is only interested to know whether your earlier employer will relieve you for this job or not. From your description there is no issue on that modality as you can leave the present job whenever you want to leave it.

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  • You got a job with your diploma and working in a government organisation. Now you want to join another government job, by showing your degree and not showing this experience, sounds presently OK. But by any chance if there is any police enquiry before joining the job and if they get the information about the present job there may be some problem. You have to look into that. If from government job if you are going to a private job there will not be any problem. Whenever we join a government service it is always better to present all facts and join is a better course of action.

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