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  • Does swivelling a table fan consume more electricity?

    Have a query about the power consumption of a table or a pedestal fan? Searching for the information about electricity consumption in case of swivelling the fan? Find answers for all your queries from our ISC experts on this page.

    As we know, usually table fans or stand fans have two modes. One is the swivelling mode where the fans swivels from one side to another and gives air to the entire room. The other is the fixed mode. Now if there are only a couple of persons in the room it just becomes a matter of choice. I want to know whether swivelling a table fan or a pedestal fan consume more electricity than in the static mode? If yes then how much watt hour?
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  • Swivelling of a table fan is a mechanical motion arranged through a gear or cam arrangement in the fan. For this motion, the power required is very very minute and it is negligible. So the power consumption with Swivelling and without Swivelling will be almost similar and there will not be any additional cost for this. The bill will almost the same in both cases.

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