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    Aspiring to take up a career in the BFSI sector? Looking out for detailed career guidance here? No worries, scroll through this page and check out the advice provided by our ISC experts and decide your further career path.

    I have passed MBA International in Banking in 2016 .
    Now I am doing a back office job nearby my house. How can I get a job after 3-4 years (if I stick to this firm)?
    I gave CET but didnt check my results. How will I come to know if I have given my state CET in 2011?
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  • You have given the CET examination in 2011. It is 2019. That means almost 8 years passed. Now it will be of no use for you as the last date for application and paying fees etc might have been completed. Again you have to appear for CET test this year based on the eligibility criteria and your present age.
    You are working in a firm and doing the back office work. How long you are working and what is the experience you have put up so far. So with the present experience and your qualification apply for various jobs and you may get selected. You can also register your name in from where you will be getting alerts with the jobs which will match your profile and accordingly you can apply.

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  • You have to keep a watch on the posts advertised by private banks and after getting experience in the current job you can apply in bigger banks for a better career line. In banking industry switching jobs is very common and experienced people do it time to time. If your age permits you can think of appearing in IBPS which is a national level combined entrance exam for banking services.

    Regarding CET you will have to appear fresh if you so desire.

    With your experience you can also think to switch to financial and investment consultancy area and can think of applying in the companies in these fields.

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  • Is the current job in the Banking or financial sector? As your MBA is in Banking, you may try to get banking jobs. For this you have to be on the lookout for bank advertisements. Alternatively you may visit the websites of the various private and public sector banks. Some private sector banks and banking/financial institutions allow registrations through their website and may call you for interview based on their need and your eligibility.
    If the current back office job is not in the banking or financial sector you may find it not easy to get a job in those sectors after a few years continuing in this same job.
    Hence, if you want to change the present job and try for a job in banking/Insurance you have to apply and appear for the common tests advertised for the relevant sector or register with the banking/insurance organisations if they allow so for the eligible jobs.

  • You are presently engaged in a back office job which means you are basically in the area of record keeping or support administration or clearances or settlements etc. This does not give you an experience to switch to banking, insurance or risk management jobs. In such a situation I will suggest you to do some certificate course in these areas and after that you can either apply in private banks or insurance companies. As you are already holding a MBA in banking I can suggest you some courses in insurance and risk management arena which you can pursue to make your career in this line and get a suitable job -

    1. Certified Risk Manager Certification (CRM) course - It is conducted by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. Generally the programme consists of Principles of Risk Management, Control of Risk, Financing of Risk, Analysis of Risk and Practice of Risk Management.

    2. Certificate in Insurance Services - This is a programme which gives detailed aspects about the insurance sector and its applicability in various industries and the insurance products covering the sectors like healthcare, household, motor, commercial enterprises etc.

    Alternatively you can prepare for the most coveted banking service exam IBPS for which you have to check your upper age eligibility (should be not more than 30 years) and then try to get a place in the PSU banking sector. Remember, the exam for IBPS is held in two stages prelim and mains and questions are on reasoning, aptitude, general english and basic finance and accounting mathematics etc. So you have to take help of guidebooks and old question papers to align your preparation accordingly.

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