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  • Authentic reference books on Goa Inquisition

    Planning to write an article on Goa inquisition? Looking out for genuine books which can provide detailed information? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the answers and proceed to write the article.

    I have been planning to write an article on Goa Inquisition and the role of St. Xavier in this Inquisition. I have collected some materials. I would be grateful if knowledgeable Members suggest relevant materials on Goa Inquisition which continued for almost 450 years.

    Please only mention authentic sources of reference.
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  • There are some good books and references for Goa inquisition. Some of them are -
    1.The Goa inquisition: being a quatercentenary commemoration study of the inquisition in India by A. K. Priolkar.
    2. An Account of the Inquisition at Goa, in India by Archibald Bower.
    3. History of India as it Happened by Frangois Gautier.
    4. Goa to Me by Teotonio R De Souza.
    5. Age of Frenzy by Mahabaleshwar Sail.
    6. The History of Persecution, from the Patriarchial Age to the Reign of George 11. a New Ed., to Which Are Added, the REV. Dr. Buchanan's Notices of the Present State of the Inquisition at Goa by Chandler Samuel.
    7. Dellons Account of the Inquisition at Goa (1812) by Dellon Charles.

    If you are interested to know more about the contents of these books and reviews about them I will suggest you to visit some good book review sites like LibraryThing, Page-Turner, Book Riot, Goodreads etc so that you can shortlist the books accordingly as per your purpose.

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  • Sincere thanks, Mr. Umesh.

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