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  • How can we make animation videos for YouTube quickly?

    Are you looking for methods to help you make and upload videos on YouTube? Follow this thread to know about quick and easy methods to do the same.

    How can we make animation videos for YouTube Quickly? Is there any fastest way to make a funny animated video which I can upload on YouTube to establish a good channel? I hope you may have some tips to do it.
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  • Earlier the animation video or cartoon making was thought to be a cumbersome process and only the professionals were capable to do so. Today there are many apps available which can be used for making the animation videos. Some of the prominent ones are as follows -

    1. Toontastic - This app is from Google and has a very easy way to make your own animation characters and you can move them across the screen and manipulate the way you want. It has a very good 3D drawing tool and you can make use of it. The story tellers voice will be recorded and the video will be saved to the device. It is one of the best animation app in the market.

    2. PicsArt Animator - It is a bit advanced Animator having more functions and you can create your animation frame by frame. You can change the animation speed. There are some multilayer animation functions also which you can explore. You can also link your mobile camera to it.

    3. Animation desk - It is another app which can be used to create animations. You can also import your pictures or videos here. There is also a facility to create animation in layered form.

    4. Stop motion studio - It is also a very popular animation app used for making animation video on your mobile. It has many interesting features and is easy to use. It works in different modes known as grid mode, overlay mode and movie editor mode.

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  • Creating a perfect animation video is a challenging task ever. Creating even a simple animated video is not easy without a clearly defined process.
    If you are a beginner, don't worry, but this can be even more challenging.
    Use "Animaker" to animate your video. This is available on their website or download it on your Pc to animate your video.
    Animate your video in very few steps using "Animaker".
    1) Write a stellar video script of your video
    2) Create Storyboard for your animated video
    3) Step by Step instructions to Animate your video:
    Choose a template you like. Drag and drop or upload your own images. With Animaker, you can use video styles and you can create 2D animation videos, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos and even create your own GIFs. You can make use of 90+ templates and the World's largest animation library. The Whiteboard animation videos are used to make namely blackboard, notepad, glass board & stitchboard videos. Whiteboard videos are a perfect fit to explain complex ideas to their students. You can Mix and match these video styles to make your videos even more effective.
    4) Edit text, add effects and add suitable music for your animated video. And then you can share your animated video on YouTube.

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