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  • DJ or Disc Jockey - The complete guide

    Aspiring to become a DJ or a disk jockey? Searching for all details regarding how to proceed? Find answers for all your queries like qualifications and skills required, roles, responsibilities, types of DJs, cost of equipment etc. on this pag from our ISC experts.

    We are very familiar with the word or say profession - DJ or Disc Jockey. Most of us just know the basic function of of a DJ. The one who performs at a festivals, weddings, nightclub or shows and mixing different songs from different genres.

    One of my friend who just completed his 12th has interest in becoming a DJ but has many doubt. I have stated the same for more clarifications on the subject:
    1. How to start or from where to start?
    2. Any educational qualification required?
    3. Is there any course that teaches you about Djing?
    4. What do a DJ do?
    5. Are there different kinds of Dj's?
    6. What are the Dj softwares that one need to know?
    7. What are the skills required to become a good DJ?
    8. How to get free music & tools required for DJing?
    9. How will people know about my music or mixes that I have made?
    10. What is the cost of DJ equipments - Mixers, softwares, turntables, recorder, boxes, etc?
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  • I give my answers to the questions.
    1. To become a DJ, you should develop a liking for music. You should learn some music. You should start talking spontaneously and freely. Shouldn't hesitate to talk. To start with start communicating with people. Follow some programmes to know how DJs are performing
    2. There is no prescribed academic qualification for this.
    3. There are some colleges and recording centre which will offer short term courses dealing with skills required. There are some courses in sound and music technology. But these are not essential. Based on your interest you can do.
    4. As a DJ you will chalk out the programme to be conducted. If it is a Radio DJ you will choose the music that is to play in the programme.
    You should conduct the programme in a pleasant way. You should keep up entertaining and natural flow of conversation.
    You should interact with the audience
    Timing to be decided and you should keep up the timing.
    You should know how to operate the required equipment required
    5. There are Different types of DJs. A DJ may present a radio programme or he may conduct a meeting or he may conduct a function. Different approaches for different occasions are required.
    6. There is no specific software to be learned by a DJ. Music apps any software related to music may be useful.
    7. Communication skills, leadership skills, music and organising skills are important for a DJ.
    8. You can download or you can purchase.
    9. During the programme, you can introduce your music and mixes you have made to the audience.
    10. Cost depends on the equipment and tools you decide to purchase.

    always confident

  • If a person has interest in music and he has knowledge of music or he is planning to learn music then he can make a career out of this and one of the line is DJ (Disc Jockey). One has to do some courses in this line to sharpen ones musical taste and has to learn the tricks of the trade. Now with that background let me answer your query point wise.

    1. If you do not have a knowledge of music then you have to start from the scratch. Learn the basics of music in some local music school and test your music recognising faculties. With practice you will be able to differentiate between the notes, rhythm and intensity of the music. Once you are able to understand these basics then you have to start learning to play some musical instrument preferably like harmonium or piano. Now hear a song and try to play it in your instrument without seeing the musical note code pertaining to this song. Then match your notes with the note code. If they are near by then it means you have a good sensitivity to music. If you have already basic ideas of music then you have to simply sharpen them for becoming a DJ.

    2. No educational qualification is required but if you want to work as regular DJ for a big entertainment company or a reputed club they will expect at least a high school or Intermediate education.

    3. There are many online courses some of them even free which teach various aspect of this career line and tips and tricks to become a DJ. There are many but I will just mention a few for your reference -
    (a) How to DJ - This is an online school rated best in the market and requires Pioneer DJ Equipment, XDJ-RX, CDJ1000/DJM800 or better version. Software preferred is Ableton Live, Rekordbox, Mixed In Key. Fees Rs 12800.
    (b) Ableton Live - This is another reputed online course where you will need a Computer with macOS or Windows. It will teach everything required for DJing. Fee Rs 12480.

    There are offline courses also but they are generally in big cities or metro and you have to see the internet directory to find a good one near you.

    4. The main job of DJ is to play a prerecorded song in front of an audience by mixing the music files and creating an electronic music right at the spot. DJ will try to create a scintillating music by his techniques of mixing and playing the requisite number.

    5. When you purchase a system you will get the basic software for DJing. Other than that You have to explore the net for free version of them.

    6. Generally there are a few types like Radio DJ, Club DJ and DJ who present in front of large live audience.

    7. There are many softwares available for purpose of DJing but one has to use only a few of them in ones system and get expertise. Some of these are - Ableton Live 10 Intro, PCDJ DEX 3, Serato DJ FX Pack, Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa etc.

    8. A good DJ should have a good understanding of the music. He should know the mood of the audience and select the numbers accordingly. He should learn the operation part of mixing of music files and should be able to operate the system smoothly.

    9. Once you start taking up assignments people will know you and if your job is good and impressive your demand will increase manifold. I will suggest you to join a club or good hotel to start with so that once you are experienced you can work as a freelancer on your own. Initially you need not to purchase the equipments. Learn it in your workplace. Do not bother for low salary. Once you learn the things the same fellow will offer you a huge salary.

    10. The prices of DJ equipments start from at least Rs 12000-15000 to few lakhs depending on their quality and facilities. You can visit or any other online store to get a comprehensive list of DJ equipments available in competitive rates.

    Knowledge is power.

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