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  • Which app or website in India do you prefer for any non academic activities

    Interested in knowing various websites which provide information about non academic activities in Delhi NCR? Looking out for details regarding learning sports, dance, painting etc,? Check out this Ask expert page for responses to all your queries.

    As my kid want to learn & participate in sport, dance & other competitions so I was searching for an app or website where I can view all the upcoming events and schedule, results of the tournaments. Also if there are any classes for extra curriculum activities in Delhi NCR available, then please recommend at here.
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  • Delhi NCR area is full of extra curricular activities and there are many sites which give the details about these events or activities. I have listed some of the sites below which are the leading ones. Some of them cover the sports more while others are inclined towards activities like dance and drama. There are many contests and programs arranged by different agencies in Delhi NCR and most of them will reflect in some of these sites. You have to visit these sites and personalise them for your use. › Delhi-ncr › Delhi

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