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  • Query related to B.Ed and M.Com

    Interested in studying for two degrees simultaneously? Wondering if I is possible to opt for one regular and another through correspondence? Find advice from our experts for all your queriers on this page.

    Can we do B.Ed from regular and M.Com from IGNOU simultaneously? I want to do B.Ed from IP university and M.Com at the same time from correspondence. Please tell me whether I can do it or not. By doing this at same time I will be eligible for PGT after two years so kindly help me regarding this.
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  • As per UGC stipulations and regulations in this matter one can not undergo two regular courses simultaneously but yes, one can very well go for one regular and one distance education mode course if one so desires. So, in your case one course is regular and other is distance mode so you can go ahead for that combination.

    Only thing one should remember is that when one goes for two courses then it requires more hours of studies and efforts and by joining two courses it should not happen that your performance in the both courses is affected. Only those people should opt for two courses simultaneously who can effort that much and are sure to complete them with the same level of performance as they would had done in case of single course. It is important aspect as one in hand is better than the two in the bush.

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  • As per the existing UGC laws, you can't go for two full-time courses at a time. One full-time course and one distant education programme you can do. Now you are thinking one degree in regular college and another one is open university, you will not have any problem.
    But think before you decide on two subjects once. It will be very difficult to study both at a time. Extra energy is to be spent on getting good marks. It is better if you focus one at a time. You are the best judge. Think and act according to your calibre and take a decision.

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  • As per the UGC norms, you can't pursue two regular degrees simultaneously but if you want to pursue one regular degree along with the one through distance mode, you can do so if are capable to take two courses at a time.

    But I would suggest you go for one degree at a time, because it may create a problem for you during the exams if exam dated clash.

    The second point is that if you want to apply for a teacher post after completing both these degrees, it may create a problem because two degrees in the same year will not be accepted by concerned authorities at the time of verification of certificates.

    However, if you are committed to go for two degrees simultaneously, I suggest you to keep a gap of at least six months or a year so that date of degrees completed doesn't clash.

    Hope this helps you to some extent.

  • IGNOU is the right institution from where you can persue your studies and you may get quality teaching in the form of study materials provided by them.
    As you have stated that you want to have B.Ed degree from IGNOU and for M.Com, you would like to have it from IP university. That is good so far. However, you must be aware of UGC norm which states that no two qualifications can be earned from the same university. In your case, it is not applicable.
    Achieving two qualifications at a time would put you in enormous stress and also matching of release of the degrees with confident or near concident date may pose problem during the process of documents - verification.
    So to avoid such harassment, ensure that either of the examinations should be differed to a period of six months.

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