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  • How to cure thyroid imbalance naturally without Allopathy treatment?

    Looking out for an alternative to allopathy to cure thyroid imbalance in a natural manner? Want to get a permanent cure for this ailment? No worries, check out the advice provided by our experts regarding food, exercise etc. to resolve your concern.

    Due to unhealthy lifestyle that I followed during my career (rotation shift in work) with lack of sleep and nutrition less food, I got credited with Thyroid(hypo-low). Though it is common in people, I couldn't leave it as common one and swallow Thyronorm as soon I open my eyes from bed in the morning daily. I tried few Ayurveda treatments as well, no luck, but everyone's motto is to get money in the name of treatment. Since there is no permanent cure in Allopathy, can anybody share how to cure it naturally with the help of food and exercise? Please share only if you or anyone whom you know have tried.
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  • Due to the disorder in the endocrine system sometimes the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone and there is a deficiency of it in the body and this condition is known as Hypothyroidism or under active thyroid or low thyroid. This is a serious condition in the sense that a patient has to take life long external thyroid supplement like one which you have mentioned in your query.

    When a person is having problem of Hypothyroidism then he can have symptoms like feeling of tiredness, constipation, depression, weight gain and reduction in ability to withstand cold. This ailment lowers the metabolism of the body and then relatively more calories are to be burnt for the specified weight loss.

    The experts in the nutrition and life style suggest that adding iodine loaded foods like seaweed (wakame or nori), yogurt, iodized salt, saltwater fish and eggs can help in regulating the thyroid hormone in the body.

    The research in food and nutrition in thyroid affected people suggests that a healthy and well balanced food is the key to thyroid management and bananas, ginger, fermented food, lemons, probiotic supplements, avocados, pears, plums, citrus fruits, apples, extra-virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, nuts, nut butters, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Zinc in some form - all of these are in one way or other helpful in thyroid functions. Especially the pears, plums and apples which are rich in pectins and help in removal of heavy metal elements from the body because these heavy metals like Mercury are linked with the Thyroid malfunctioning.

    It is also told that one has to limit the consumption of cauliflower, kale, turnips, brussels sprouts, cabbage and boo choy because research suggests that presence of these foods in the digestive system of the body reduces the body's ability to utilise iodine which is an essential element for thyroid functioning.

    By adopting a well balanced life style and consuming selective foods one can achieve improvement in ones thyroid functioning and in many cases it is seen that the dependency on external thyroid supplement is reduced significantly and its doses are accordingly reduced by the doctor.

    So one has to take opinion of the doctor in this regard at specified time intervals and get the thyroid tests done so that he can prescribed the correct dose of external thyroid supplement.

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  • There are good medicines in Homeopathy medicine and even in Ayurvedic medicine also. You can contact a Homeo doctor near your place and he will give you medicines for this. I know some people who got this problem cured with homeo medicine. Similarly, there are medicines in Ayurveda also. You can contact any Ayurvedic practitioner and get his opinion and take medicines. They will tell you what type of food you should eat and what are the precautions you have to take. Simply by having some foods which are good for this problem may not help in a complete cure. Doctor's advise is required.
    Sugar-free food and items containing Vitamin B are good for this problem. But the doctor recommendation is a must for this.

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  • Thyroid - function in the optimal order is essential for proper upkeep of the metabolism and under secretion or excess secreration of the same is the disorder of the endocrine gland. Though in both the cases, there exists the treatment in the Allopathy but under that condition, one needs to take medicines on the regular basis after awakening from the bed and that too, in the fixed time.
    There are alternative ways to resolve this issue both in Aurveda and Homoeopathy and with the successful treatment in both the regimes, continuation of medicine for the prolonged time is not essential.
    First of all, I would refer to medicines for hypothyroidism in the Ayurvedic pattern, though for which you need to have the consultation of Vaidya.
    Few medicines in relation to Hypothyroidism are as follows-
    1) Hypothyroidism is the case when there is no control of the weight and with time, that becomes unmanageable and hence one should take 10 GM of dry Corriander and should be boiled by taking 100 cc of water, boil the same till the volume is reduced to half. Consume such concoction twice daily in the empty stomach.
    2) Kanchnar Gugglu, too, is the best medicine to control Hypothyroidism. It acts on the accumulated fat on different part of the body and enhances metabolism.
    3) Trikatu - a combination of three herbs such as Black - pepper, Pippali and dry ginger - all taken in powdered form and to be mixed in equal proportions is to taken as per directives of the Vaidya.
    4) Suddh Gugglu marketed by Himalaya, too, would control Hypothyroidism with the proper doses which has the ability to regulate hormone in the optimium way apart from shedding bad cholesterol and excess weight.
    5) Abundant Milk is to be consumed in order to regulate T3 and T4 hormones.
    6) Cucumber should be used in the form of Salad while taking meals.
    Treatment of Hyperthoroidism -
    The same can be controlled with appropriate regimen of food which can elevate the body - weight. Following tips would be helpful-
    1) Sheelajeet contains a lot of minerals beneficial to arrest the secretion of thyroid. Doses are to be fixed by the experienced Vaidya.
    2) Dates, Walnuts and Almonds should be taken liberally in order to surge your body weight.
    3) Gokhru,Punarhava both can eliminate Hyperthyroidism with the proper doses.
    Now, if you want to have Homoeopathic approach, you can refer to a reputed Homoeopath.
    You may be prescribed - Natrum Mure, Nuxvomica, Sulphur, Calcaria Carb, Kali Carb, Kali Mure, Thyrodinum etc depending upon your body requirement.
    You should avoid raw garlic and ginger half an hour before and after the medicine.
    Though in the Homoeopathy, it may a little time consuming and the results are perceiveable only after six months and a periodic consultation of the Homoeopath is necessary to know your improvement.
    In both the cases of disorder Hypo or Hyper, You need to involve brisk walking for 30 minutes both in the morning and evening.
    Kapalbharati, Anulom - Vilom would lessen your tension and would help in mitigating your disorder.

  • Thyroid problems start as the result of poor diet, stress, or missing nutrients in your body. Changing your diet and taking the herbal supplement may help you to fix the problem. These options may have fewer side effects than taking thyroid medicine. Also, using a herbal supplement for the treatment of a low or underactive thyroid may be helpful for people who usually don't respond well to the medicines. Selenium is an element that plays a part in thyroid hormone metabolism. Sugar boosts your energy level in the short term, eliminating it from your diet may help regulate your energy levels. Additionally, removing sugar from your diet may help your skin and stress levels. Taking certain vitamin supplements can have an impact on your thyroid health. Low thyroid hormones can affect your body's vitamin B-12 levels. Taking a vitamin B-12 supplement may help you repair some of the damage your hypothyroidism caused. Also, exercise can be helpful in reducing the thyroid level.


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