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  • Ways to get Real time Experience without Real experience in Networking

    Planning to prepare for a networking field job for a data centre? Searching for detailed information about scenario based questions and tips to prepare for an interview to mask a real time experience? Here, on this page find responses from out ISC experts for your query.

    I am trying to join Networking field (Data center) profile. As we all know that without experience we cant get selected, so I am applying on fake experience. I want to know where can I get scenario based questions and answers for Data center Profile of a bank and what will be the work there and the types of issues we will get there. I had some idea about them but I want to know are there any more resources so that I can make my preparation faster and crack the job easily?
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  • According to me, appearing for jobs with fake experience may not work 100%. I have no intention to break your progress to crack the job, but you can go for perfect training for the same profile and crack the job with 100% hope and knowledge to prove. It helps you to stay in the profile post selected for the position and you can achieve better in your role. Because, it is very easy to find fake profiles. I hope my opinion is not wrong.

  • One should not do that. Later on, people will land in problems. So try to join as an apprentice or trainee in any small company in the line you are thinking and get some hands-on experience. Then only you should apply to posts which need experience. Even though you apply with a fake certificate, people will come to know about it while interviewing you or later on when you are working in the office, if at all you are selected. This is the best course of action you have to follow.

    always confident

  • It is not only a difficult proposition to get a job on fake experience presentation but also a risky endeavour which may bring you a bad reputation. The better way will be to prepare for interview based on the knowledge about the subject as available in the internet and face the interview normally. Please remember that you will have to tell thousands lies to cover your one lie. It is not advisable.

    Are you a IT person? If so why are you afraid of the interview. If you have no experience about data centres, read about them and get the first hand information. If you are able to convince the interview board about your eagerness and willingness to work in a data centre, you may stand a chance. If you have time acquire some short period certificate course in data centres especially the cloud data centre as that is picking up fast in the industry. With that certification your chances for selection will increase. Please make your career in the proper ways. Any career based on fake foundation will collapse soon.

    Knowledge is power.

  • No, you should not indulge in such a practice. You may look smart and you may pose yourself to be proficient in the Networking - field but after all the experts on the Board would assess your incompetence in that direction. This would prove to be a humiliating situation and if you are selected giving an eyewash to the Board, the environment thereafter would not be sustainable.
    You may look into the plateform providing you right training in the Networking field with some best professional institute which may run for six months providing you all the essential inputs in such a domain. You need to have such certification prior to facing such interviews.

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