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  • Training and Placement organization for IT field for freshers

    Are you planning to change from Civil to IT field? Want to know the best training and placement organizations which can provide placements in big IT companies? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your questions from our ISC experts.

    I have completed Civil engineering and I am not interested in my core field. Now I want to get into IT field. is there any training and placement organizations for biggest IT companies who are ready to learn?
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  • Even for civil engineering graduates also there are chances to get jobs in the IT field. The IT recruiters never insist on only IT or CSC. If there are cany campus interviews you can attend and if you got selected you can join in that job.
    Alternatively, you place your CV on and timesjobs .com. They will send daily notifications for various posts. You can apply and if you perform well in the interview you will get a job.
    Some times some companies will be announcing walk-in interviews. You can attend these interviews and you may get selected.
    If any of your friends are working in the IT industry, you can share your bio-data and them

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  • In order to get a job in the IT field, one need not have a degree in the stream of computer - science or IT while persuing the BE course. The employers would be interested to have a candidate having excellent oral skill and written skill, an ability to present the facts in a forceful manner and above all, there is clarity of the subject being dealt with.
    There are different means to grab an IT job. You may look into the following points in order to have an IT job.
    1) Make an attractive resume highlighting your plus points apart from educational achievements. This may include yourself being a cricket or hockey player, a good speaker in your college/ school - life etc. With all such details, Apply in the or any similar plateform.
    2) Take an advantage of Walk in Interview being organised by the several employers and show your best performances in both oral and written interviews.
    3) Identify the areas having enormous demand in the market and accordingly persue a certification course from NIIT or APTECH etc. This could be a certification of C++, Oracle or visual basics etc.
    4) Enhance your skill in effective communication in English so that you can represent the related facts before the Board in a convincing way apart from maintaining patience during the course of Interview.
    5) Update your knowledge in the current events either through the Newspapers or otherwise.

  • You are a civil engineer but do not want to pursue this career line. Now you are interested to switch to computer line. It means that you have interest in working in the IT area. If it is so then you can be very well successful in your pursuit but for that you will have to learn some skills in the computer area by going through certain certificate or diploma course and then apply for the jobs in the industry. There are many options but you have to choose out of them as per your liking and interest. Some of the options for getting trained in computer related matters are as follows -

    1. CISCO Technologies - The CISCO courses and training is mostly network oriented and a person can learn the subjects and practicals like Routing & Switching, Design Considerations, Network Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking and Voice & Wireless related things. These courses are tailor made even for the non IT background people and can be chosen for learning the basics of plugs and switches that hold the programming logic in a network and how data flows through those switches. Before joining a CISCO affiliated training centre check that they have suitable infrastructure for practical training.

    2. Microsoft Technologies - Microsoft has a wide range of training offerings from web/desktop based application development with .NET to the Desktop/Data/Server administration and even the cloud computing courses. Microsoft will issue the certification after successful completion of these courses which are accepted by the IT industry. These certifications are grouped under the umbrella of heading 'Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)'.

    3. System Administration - These courses are required for installation and computer administration activities like user management, system security, disk management, package installations etc. Learning that will enable one to handle systems like Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware etc.

    4. Data Base Administration - This is a very big area and has immense opportunities. There are ample training opportunities in it in the leading training institutes in our country. One has to learn the fundamentals of Oracle, DB2, MySql, Sql Server etc to gain experience in this area. Data Base Management is a big area after which one can even learn to know the intricacies of data warehousing. The DBA persons are required in the industry to manage and maintain the data bases for quick retrieval and handling of the voluminous data.

    5. JAVA/J2EE & Its Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate) - This area basically for the computer persons but if one is having interest in computer languages one can try to learn this platform. The JAVA technology is the most common one used in the various industries like Banking, Telecom, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Aviation, Academia, Retail & Consumer products etc. Learning this has a good job potential.

    6. Animation & Graphics - This is an area for which no advance knowledge of computer science is required and what is required is the basic knowledge coupled with interest in the animation techniques and creating impressive products out of it. Today we are enjoying animation movies (2D/3D), cartoons and high-end graphics in our TV or on a big theatre screen. This is the result of animation and graphic effects. In this field one can learn various modules or parts or elements of animation and these are Character Designing, Story Boarding, Concept Designing, 3DS MAX, Texture Painting, 3D Maya, editing sounds & videos , Toon Boom studio, Wax modelling, Digital Illustration, Light box animation, Corel Draw, Flash Action, Photoshop, Squash and stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight ahead action and pose to pose, Follow through and overlapping action, Slow in and slow out, Arc and Secondary action. There is a demand of good hands in these areas.

    7. SAS Institute - This has centres in Mumbai, Bangalore etc and it imparts training in data entry, retrieval, management, mining, compiling, sorting, report writing, presentation and graphics. These learnings are used in the business planning, forecasting, and decision making. Having training from SAS accreditation is a reputed thing in the industry and is helpful in career making in this line.

    8. Cloud Computing - This is emerging as a big area as it is facilitating the business houses to use the cloud services for their work and they do not require to install the various programs locally to do their job. So business houses will use on payment of a service fee all the facilities of computing their business needs in the remote server or cloud. With improved internet speeds and storage space the cloud computing is going to develop and progress tremendously and it makes sense to learn this to make a career in this arena.

    Knowledge is power.

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