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  • How to give resignation from previous employer

    Do you have a query about changing a government job without registration and NOC? Want to get the retained salary, and know the procedure of resignation? Resolve your worries and concerns by going through the suggestions provided by experts for your queries.

    I was working in one railway job Tec iii with bond of 5 years.
    After 4 years of service without resignation and NOC, I joined another railway and with the same grade.
    Now my salary is held up due to double job after 5 year of service. What can I do?
    What is the procedure? How can I resign?

    Update- Word 'registration' changed to 'resignation'.
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  • I think it is not registration but it is resignation. You are in a job for the last four years. Later on, you got another post and you joined that job without submitting your resignation and obtaining NOC from the previous office.
    You have committed the following mistakes.
    1. When you are in a government job that too with 5 years bond, before applying for a new job you have to take NOC from the present department where you were working. But you have not done.
    2. You are not supposed to join in a new government job without resigning for the previous government job.
    Now you have to go to the previous office, submit your resignation. As you are in a band and you are violating the bond as per the written down document whatever money is to be paid. Then only hey will accept. Once those formalities are over you can show that you hg

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  • Continuation to my above reply.

    Once you complete the formalities and get the relieving letter you can go to the new office with this relieving certificate then only your salary will be paid.

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  • Any bond when signed need to studied and you are bound to stand with it. Bonds are agreement of the employee to work for the employer for a certain period with the said terms and condition of the company. If an employee has to break the bond before the stipulated period or before completion of the set forth condition, he/she may have to bind with the terms which are stated in the bond.
    Many companies or institute will ask you to pay them some amount as you are breaking the bond.

    Now, before leaving the present company, one need to put up his resignation ann giving the prior notice of say 1 or 2 months as per the company policy. If you happen to break it, they can fine you for the loss.

    As per your say, you have not followed any conditions of your previous employer and thus facing such situation. I would like you to contact the HR of your previous company and find out the solution for it as soon as possible. Provide a resignation letter stating the reason and ask for direct resignation from the post and you should be ready to bear the brunt of loos of pass or any outstanding.

    Be very clear in your writing about the outstanding and resignation with immediate effect which can be sought at the earliest.

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  • If one is already in a Government job, one can apply for another job BUT needs to follow the rules strictly in such circumstances. If you were in a job with a bond of 5 years in a railway job, you should have informed your appropriate senior authorities about your application for another job. Once the new job is approved you should have applied for a resignation that is likely to be a Technical resignation.

    Please meet the authorities related to your first job and explain your situation. Please also read section 302 of the Rail manual that deals with resignations.( You can also meet up with a competent Service and labour lawyer who can guide you further and help you to get the resignation from the first job, pay the Railway decided penalty and then continue your second job.

    You can also look at the option of the Railway employee service related grievances online platform and explain the matter clearly and ask for assistance without hiding any details .(;jsessionid=CCADA86F8CFF5CD49D90E21327C777C7?type=E&cid=2382&conversationPropagation=end).

    Based on the city you live, you can try and meet the Railway advocates and seek their advise (,1,304,366,551,1432). This link has the clickable pdf links for the various major cities in India and the names of the railway advocates.

  • You have not only committed a mistake but also violated the rules, regulations and procedures. Without informing the earlier office you have sneaked away and joined elsewhere may be another unit of the same Railway department. Now a days these types of things are caught easily as the records in these departments are computerised and kept at a central server or location. What you have done is not a mistake it is a blunder.

    The only recourse for you is go to the earlier controlling officer and honestly tell him the whole story and seek for forgiveness and ask ways to tackle this situation. If they are merciful and want to help you they will allow you to resign with a back date by depositing the proportionate bond amount and issuing a letter of no objection for your joining elsewhere which is commonly known as NOC. Only thing is this NOC will be issued post facto as you have already joined elsewhere. Depending upon the date of your resignation and NOC the new department will consider your appointment from a new date and accordingly your salary will be released. Remember it is a tricky situation as they can charge you for wrong intentions and hiding of the facts and initiate an enquiry against you. So be careful and seek for forgiveness everywhere. You have no right for any consideration at this juncture and only thing is if they have willingness to help you then only you can be getting some recourse in this case.

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  • You have applied in the new department without taking permission from the old department. Moreover you have left without any paper work. It will be treated as absconding and they may take some punitive action on you. So, the main task for you is first regularise your resignation in the old department and then if they agree they will ask you to deposit the bond amount only after which they will give you a discharge certificate which can be used by you in the new place of posting. The new department will also give you appointment after the date mentioned in the discharge certificate as no one is allowed to draw a double salary in the same organisation.

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  • If there is a problem there has to be some solution. But you have to understand the gravity of the problem first.

    You have violated the terms of contract, and the code of conduct in the first employment. As you have gone out from the earlier job without complying the proper and prescribed formalities of resignation, you may be treated as 'absconding' and disciplinary action even culminating in termination can be taken. In that case your future prospects will be affected. As you have signed a contract bond for seven years they can invoke the bond and recover the compensation prescribed in it.
    If you had not mentioned about your previous job when you applied for new job(and they had provided to mention it) then you are committing a second mistake too.
    But explaining the problem alone is of no use.

    What you have to do now is, to approach a senior and well wisher( to whom you can trust and confide) in the Staff department in previous and/or present job. Explain your situation and as how to solve it . You may also seek the help of a senior trade union leader in Railway for help, but requesting him not to precipitate the matter.

    You are in a weak position. Hence do not take any aggressive stand. Take an apologetic stand. You may have to compromise and save your job. Sometimes explanation letter, memo etc may be served. Ask for pardon and condone of the mistake. You may take a stand that it was not intentional, but it was your ignorance of thing.

    You may plead/beg with previous employer to treat as proper resignation and give relieving letter with back date and NOC for new job.There are kind people in all places and they may help you.

  • Sir,
    View to my previous question
    I applied both railway job in 2008 for different railway so NOC was not required at the time of applaying because I was not any job first appointment came 2010 so I joined but 2nd joining came 2014 Oct
    but 2014 June I left the job from previous railway with submit my tool at my office but I can't give resignation letter with fear
    So I joined after 4month
    So pls tell me whether my will be or not if my previous railway couldn't accept my resignation then what can I do

  • Whatever the case may be, the basic rule of the organisation was not followed. You lacked in tendering the resignation and entire details was not apprised of to the personal department of the previous organisation. A meeting with the personal people could have sorted out your issue. The payment of the residual money of the bond was only to be paid and and you could have secured a NOC - an essential document to be handed over to the present employer.
    Now to streamline the case, you need to approach the personnel department of the previous employer and seek the best solution under the existing circumstances. You may get some favourable responses when you place the facts before them. You need to follow their instructions and probably paying the residual money of the bond and your proper resignation, you will be issued a relieving letter and the same has to be submitted in the present office of the Railways and in that way, the issue can be sorted out.

  • Doing dual job is normally not a correct one. If any one employer file a case against you it becomes crime and punishable under law. It is better to approach any one employer without fail or delay and tender resignation even by weiving benefits as you get rid of the problems and thereby availing peace of mind.

  • Sir
    Tell me if my first railway remove me from service can I continue with my 2nd govt job
    Because my first job was removal under process but I have not received removal letter

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