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  • Advise on Change in surname in passport for my spouse

    Facing an issue with name in passport? Worried how one can apply for a passport and how one can change the name ? Go though this page where experts have provided answers and suggestions to resolve this issue and enable a person to travel abroad.

    My wife has opted for keeping my surname followed by her maiden surname in brackets - Bose (Choudhury) This is present in our marriage certificate and also a affidavit for name change has been made. However, when she went for a re-application of passport for name change, there in the eform the bracket is not getting accepted in the surname. Can you please advise what can she do here. It is taking Bose Choudhury but not Bose (Choudhury).

    I stay abroad and she will soon apply for a spouse visa (after her name change is done in the passport) . There also if they see the maiden surname is present in brackets in the marriage certificate and the affidavit but bracket is not there in passport (as it does not allow) , will her application get rejected. Please advise.
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  • These brackets are not acceptable in the passport office. Generally, only one Surname will be there. After marriage, it is our choice to change it or not to change it. Your wife opted for changing the same. That is good. But keeping both is causing the problem that too one in brackets.
    The only one way is to get the affidavit corrected without brackets. You explain the problem to the layer who made the previous affidavit and ask him to get it changed without brackets and then there will not be any problem. The lawyer will advise you the procedure of doing the same. You can't make the Passport office to accept your proposal.

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  • Keeping the surname in brackets is something that I have not heard of. As far as passports are concerned, international travel and visa needs clarity of name. In these circumstances, the name format is very clear. First name, (+/-) middle name and last name or surname.

    You can do two things, if the travel is only for a short holiday, use the current valid passport with your wife's existing name.

    If you want to change it before travelling, you need to decide on what your wife's name is Mrs X Bose Choudhury - first,middle and surname (WITHOUT ANY BRACKETS) OR Mrs X Bose - first and last/surname or Mrs X Choudhury - first and last/surname.

    Then go the the nearby Notary and make the name change affidavit clearly mentioning your wife's name. Then please publish it in one local English and one Vernacular daily newspaper. Please keep the newspaper cuttings of the two name change announcement in hand. Once this is done, then correct the name in the Marriage Certificate also.

    With all the new documentation, then approach the passport office for the name change. I would also suggest that you search for the near by passport seva kendra ( or teh district passport cell ( and meet the deputed officers who can help you further.

    If your wife is joining you abroad for work or citizenship etc, then please ensure that all her other Identity documents, bank accounts, date of birth certificate and education certificates have her correct name with respect to the timeline before and after the marriage.

  • I have never heard of putting a bracket in the name. Now a days many girls are not changing their names after the marriage to avoid hassles of name change for passport or driving license or bank account or PAN card or Adhaar card etc.

    If you want to make a change in the name in the passport then the passport issuing authority requires a notary affidavit or in many places they insist for an affidavit followed by astute Govt gazette notification which takes at least 15-20 days time.

    What you have to do is go to a passport agent who are familiar with these procedures and they will charge some fees for it and as they have already identified lawyers for this work so they will get you the desired affidavit made and then you can produce a copy of that to the passport issuing authorities. This is a very common thing now a days as after the marriage in many cases there is a name change of the girls. Please do not change the name often and make a firm name and use it in all the documentations.

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  • Since you are abroad you know that passport names based on Given Name and Surname. Given Name is usually your first and middle name. Have your spouse Bose as surname for now in Passport. As long as passport office accept that name you are good to get Visa also. Since Visa application they will verify passport details matching with Visa application only. Additional evidences you can show proof of marriage certificate.

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  • The passport application form in India does not recognize/accept brackets. So, the surname Bose (Choudhury) is not being accepted. Your wife is required to change her surname to Bose, Choudhury or Bose Choudhury by a notary affidavit from the city where she lives (in India). Thereafter, she must publish classified advertisement regarding change of her surname preferably in two newspapers. Thereafter, she must approach passport authorities for renewal of her passport with all these documents (affidavit and advertisements)

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