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  • What is better BCS or computer Engineering in India?

    Wondering which one is better between BCS and Computer engineering in India? Looking out for advice on how to avoid PCM subjects and proceed? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses from our experts and decide which one to choose.

    I am interested in computer science. I have completed 12th with PCM & CS subjects. I am unable to decide my cup of tea between BCS and CSE . I am interested in programming. I don't like PCM subjects which are in Engineering first year. I am unable to solve physics numericals. I am also weak at calculus specially integration related topics.
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  • A BCS (Bachelor's in computer science) BCA ( bachelor of computer applications) are three year courses. With regards to BCS, this degree will deal with the core principles of computer science and its applications.

    Instead you can consider B tech in Computer science. Here in this four year course, you get to study basic engineering subjects (I know that you have mentioned your aversion to engineering subjects) with a sub specialisation in Computer Science. This gives you a wide base of knowledge and from here you can build your education and your career further for a master's etc. Overseas Masters would be easier because you already have the pre-requisite of a 4 year bachelor's degree.

    The prospectus of a job at the entry level would be better after a 4 year B.Tech Computer science than BCS. So, in short with a B tech in Computer science your knowledge gained, the prospectus of further education and employment would be easier in comparison to the BCS.

    Please consider the financial aspects, availability of the program, discuss with your 12th teachers and well wishers and then take an practical good decision based on your circumstances.

  • But what about pcm in Engineering you didn't talked about it .

  • If you want to have a good career in computer programming you should opt for B.Tech only. BCS or BCA will have more emphasis on theoretical issues rather than programming and advanced applications. To know more about programming and application you have to go for MCA or MCS. B. Tech course is 4 years. If you want to do BCS and then MCS, the number of years will be 5 years. So by doing B.Tech, you will save one year. The career prospectus will be good for B. Tech candidate rather B C S candidate.
    Coming PCM in engineering first year, I feel the subjects will not be very difficult and you can clear them. I know the syllabus for these subjects for the first year and a little hard work will make you clear that subject. Even in BCS also you have to do some mathematics.
    Still, if you feel you can't manage PCM go for BCS but the career growth and salaries will be definitely less than what a B.Tech candidate gets. You should get prepared for that.

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  • You have got some apprehensions regarding engineering degree in computer science. I think once you have selected science as a stream in your educational career, you should not be fearful of the PCM because that is the backbone of all computational work. Anyway, what I can suggest is that instead of going for an engineering degree you can plan your career for BCS/ BCA followed by MCA with emphasis on programming. This will be a good combination for entering in the programming world.

    One thing which I will like to mention here is that software programming is a very vast area and if one has interest in it one can get expertise in it with practice and perseverance. I know many cases where the students were only B.Sc. or M.Sc. in basic sciences but because of their interest and liking for programming, they progressed in their life as a successful programmer. It is only later that when the degree in computer engineering was preferred by many industries for recruitment that the rush for IT degree started to build up. So, do not have a notion in your mind that if you do not go for a computer engineering degree then you do not become a good software engineer.

    Only thing which is important at this juncture is that you pursue your BCS/ BCA and MCA path but try to learn the intricacies of software programming related to networking of systems, porting of software in different platforms, existing software tools and libraries, integration of new modules in an existing programme etc because these are the crucial things which will be required to be solved by a software person. So, do not confine yourself to the crafting of a nice piece of software capable of doing a good job. One must learn the various aspects of integrating this to the different systems and networks for a seamless flow of data from them using this software. Today there are many good programmers in the fray but those who can integrate the programs in various systems and platforms can only make a place for themselves in the industry.

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  • Hi,
    Apart from choice and courses, your marks in 12th are also important to consider because, without that, you will not be able to get admission in any good college or university.

    If we talk about courses, B.Tech is obviously the first option, you should consider as most of the reputed institutes have placement services after completion. Your problem with PCM subjects is actually not only your problem and there are many students who are finding these subjects difficult but it just requires an extra effort to overcome your fear and your career will be set. After B.Tech, you have the option to pursue Post Graduation and you can go for it but even without pursuing Masters, you will have good job options.
    In the case of BCS, it is considered as a normal graduation degree and without post-graduation, you will not be able to have good career options.
    Even if you will get a job, your performance will always be compared with a professional because both of you will be having a similar domain of working that is computer science.

    Another point is, PCM subjects are important in the field of computers hence you cannot think of skipping them at least at the academic level. So, it is better to give extra efforts to turn your weakness in your strength and just four years of hard work during B.Tech can make your career.


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  • A BCS degree or a BCA degree is of the similar nature and comprises three year duration. While studying either of the two, you will go through the different theories of computer fundamentals. You will be going through the elaborate details of different modules such as C++, Java, Oracle etc. In order to understand the basics of the different modules, you will be required to be familiar with the different tools of Mathematics such as Differential Calculas, Integral Calculas, Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors etc and hence Mathematics forms the integral part while practicing computers. To a larger extent you will be required to deal with electronic circuit known as LCR circuit and host of knowledge of Modern Physics where the chapters of Isotopes and Radio- activity have been discussed. Hence there is no escape of these subjects while practicing either BCA or BCS.
    The degrees as stated above are the graduation degrees and in order to have an edge in the area of the computer field, you need to undertake either MCA from a renowned institute or take a B.Tech course in the Computer - engineering.
    The difference being between the two is the time consumption. Undertaking a course of BCA and later perusal of MCA would take six years after passing 10+2, where as a B.Tech course would take hardly four years.
    While the cirricula is more or less the same in both the cases, time saving is the primary consideration. You will be dealing with the advanced practical knowledge in the field of software. You will be carrying out independent programming in the areas of different modules such as C++, Oracle etc thus able to understand the various complexities of the programming languages.
    Without the sound knowledge of Mathematics and Physics, it would be rather a distant dream to have a sound expertise in the field of computers.

  • Ultimately you will be judged by more heavy degree. Even though you don't like first year subjects , those subjects kept considering education of all engineering background students. Now BCS and Computer engineering have same level of subjects and knowledge but I believe doing engineering gives more advantage as being engineer than BCS student. So think about if you want to have engineer in your certificate or BCS and then decide. Otherwise it does not matter and you can do M.Tech. or any PG without problem opting even with BCS graduation.

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  • I have done my BCS and faring comparatively well as compared with my engineering friends and also those friends who have completed Masters.

    I couldn't get into an engineering college because my admit card for engineering exam didn't arrive on time. I opted for BCS and don't regret it till now.

    You won't have chemistry but you will have subjects like Statistics(only first year), Maths , Electronics (similar to Physics) for the first four semester along with all the programming subjects and practicals. In the final year, all subjects will be programming with live working software which you will have to program and submit.

    I can't guide you regarding engineering, but I can assure you that programming knowledge wise even if you go with engineering or BCS, it is going to be just the same. Its my experience with the different engineering colleagues that I have worked with in the software companies. I wouldn't discourage you for engineering, but do know that even BCS has lot many opportunities.

    Electronics, Statistics and Mathematics are very interesting in BCS, I myself didn't like these subjects but for programming, these subject knowledge are required and they will help you a lot.

    All the Best to whatever course you choose!

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