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  • My scores and future opportunities

    Are you wondering if 85% is good in BTech for a job or there is need to improve % or opt for higher studies? Searching for detailed information here? No worries, check out the responses from our ISC experts here and decide what to do next.

    I have recently passed my B.Tech in discipline of computer science engineering and have scored 85.50%. I wanted to know if it is a good percentage or average in B.Tech ? Further more what should I prefer to do: further studies to get better job or much higher percentage than this to look for jobs? I have another option too: of continuing my higher studies in any foreign country most probably in Canada. So what should I do for my better and bright future ?
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  • It is a good percentage you got. There is no need to get more marks. I suggest you to concentrate on GATE. Try to get good score in GATE. That will be useful to get a seat in M Tech in a good Institute. Many government jobs these days are being given based on GATE score. That way it will be useful to you in both the ways.

    I feel MBA is a good option to you after B. Tech. If you can get a seat in any IIMs or business schools, your MBA will give you a very good future. Personally I feel MBA is definitely a better option than M Tech for the people who want to have a career in industry. For the people who are having interest in teaching jobs, M Tech may be a better option,
    You think of.
    2. MBA from a good institute
    3.M Tech from a good institute.

    You can go to Canada for higher studies. You have to select a good university and apply for that.Thete are many good universities there. You have to think of a good institute only.
    This will be the fourth option.

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  • Your score of 85.5% is quite good score and you have many options to exercise to make your career.

    If you are interested in Govt/ PSU jobs then you can apply for them and appear in the specified entrance examination and with your present academic status you can qualify there with some additional studies as regards to the syllabus and exam pattern in those entrance tests. There are much coveted central Govt, state Govt administrative services also where the high scoring students have a brighter chance to qualify and if you have interest in Govt administrative posts then it can definitely be considered as an option.

    There are good opportunities in Indian Railways and defence services especially in technical and engineering side in our country for the B.Tech. qualified people and if one has a liking for those areas one can apply there also.

    Another option is go for M.Tech. from a reputed institute like IITs and then if you continue scoring good you will have ample opportunities to get campus recruitment or offer from good companies. If you are in a hurry to join a job then after B.Tech. only there are many opportunities and you need not to go for higher studies. Even after M.Tech., for many jobs you will have to come to same juncture.

    If you have interest for lectureship in universities then after completing M.Tech. the usual course will be to go for NET qualification before applying for lecturer vacancies in the institutions. Please remember that if you have interest in research area then after M.Tech. you can even consider it as a career and that will finally land you in academic line and there will not be any need of qualifying NET in that case.

    What about the banking sector? It is also a good career option and one can appear in the IBPS exam for this to get an entry in PSU banks and for private banks one has to separately appear in their respective entrance exam.

    If you can financially afford and can get admission in some good institution in Canada then that is also a good option because Canada has immense potential for jobs and many Indians have settled there after getting jobs. Moreover it is a very friendly country and Indians are a well accepted community there.

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  • The present score is not a bad one and is a good score. You will have an idea yourself if you compare it with the score of your classmates and batch mates.
    But the reputation of the institution and university also comes into matter in getting jobs.

    From your post it seems that you are interested to go for higher studies even aboard and you have thought of it and done some home work.

    If the family financial situation does not pose any urgency for a job for you, and if the family can afford to suitably finance your studies and expense abroad,then you can take up that. But do a good homework about the choices and the institution also you propose to choose.

    You can prepare for GATE . Good score in GATE will help in two ways. It can help you get admission in good colleges to do post graduation. The score can also get you to apply for job in some good PSU/ Established large private companies.

    If it is a job that you search, then there are ample opportunities, but should get one as early as possible y to avoid losing 'fresher' benefit. Anyway either join for higher studies or get a job ,and do not sit idle.

  • 85% in B.Tech is good to have a good job in ay IT company.
    From your query, it sounds like you do not have any money constraint and you can pursue higher studies. In that case, I would suggest you to go for it. Pursue M.Tech in Computer science from any of the reputed institutes in India. You can also try for MS from a good university abroad.
    The benefit of pursuing it from other country is surety of job and the duration of course.
    Apart from this, you can go for a job for time being and after some time, you can resume your studies if your interest persists.


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  • The present scorings in the B.Tech indicates that you have put in your dedicated efforts while persuing you studies in the Engineering level and if you want to excel further, I am enlisting a few salient points which may be looked into for your better prospects-
    1) If you want to have immediate appointment in any MNC such as TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wiro etc, look out the advertisement appearing in the English daily and appear in the interview. Clear both written and oral round apart from an interview from the personnel side fixing your emoluments and place of posting. Alternatively, make a resume detailing your academic achievements with the accompanying scores and other extra cirricukar activities that you participated during your studies. Apply in the or any other similar plateform for your employability in an IT sector. Such plateforms help in arranging the interviews and finally, it is your turn to show the best performances in the interview so as to be selected ultimately.
    2) There are public sectors as well interested for you absorption but it would be better on your part to have an excellent GATE score so that you would be offered two additional increments in the final joining. You will get conducive environment for your growth in the public sectors like NTPC, SAIL, DVC, BHEL etc.
    3) With your grand score in CAT test, you can persue your management course from IIM and in that way, your chances of absorption in MNC company would multiply with the substantial offerings in terms of pay - packet.
    4) If interested to go in the teaching line, clear the GATE so as to get one of the premier institutions for sustaining your M.Tech course. Appear for the NET test conducted by CBSE and in that way, you will be selected as a lecturer in a constituent college. Finally, you can take up the doctorate degree for your faster growth in the teaching line.
    5) You can try for MS degree from a leading university from the foreign especially from CANADA or UK.

  • Scoring 85% in BTech is definitely a good score. Now what you want to do next really depends on your career goal or interest. If you do not have one now, I would suggest you set one and then decide on the next task. Some of the options I have described below can help you decide further.

    1. If you think whatever you have studied is enough and want to start earning immediately you can join an IT company as a fresher and begin your career from there.

    2. If you wish you go for higher studies, then decide whether you want to do it in India or Canada. Think about the expenses and also about further career opportunities. A lot of students who do higher studies in abroad will be doing part of the time to manage their expenses. And many of them convert their student visa to a worker or residency visa and get settled there.

    3. If you wish to go for a Government job in India, then you can prepare for exams like GATE for engineering services, IBPS of Banking jobs and UPSC for other Government Services.


  • A score of 85% is a good score. In most of the private companies, they fix some minimum percentage for the candidates to score in their B.Tech and your score is much higher than that so you are eligible to apply in any company.

    It's up to you in which field you are interested. But after looking at your score I would suggest you try for PSUs and UPSC exams. It's not easy to pass the civil services exam but you should try it. Also, there are various government jobs where you can apply for. If you are interested in teaching then you may try for GATE and do M.Tech. MBA is also a good option but you should do it from a premier institute to get a good job. You should prepare for CAT for that and should aim to get admission in any IIM.


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