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  • Please suggest a good but simple vitamin for ten years old girl child

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    My brother's daughter who is ten years old (no health disorder) was under complaint from school teacher as she is biting pencil lead, chalk,rubber. etc. It was also told that it might be due to vitamin deficiency. Doctors can suggest good but simple vitamin tablets or tonic for her.
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  • My grand daughter who is about 1.5 years old was also having a similar disorder. She used to do the same thing. If there are some worms in side this problem will be there. We referred her to a Homeo doctor in Hyderabad. He has given a medicine and he told it is very common in many children and once we use that medicine for 10days the problem will vanish. We used that medicine and she has become alright. So I suggest you to take her to a nearby Homeo doctor. It will work better and there will not be any side effects.

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  • Your friend's daughter needs medical attention on an urgent basis because of her temptation to eat chalk, rubber, pencil lead etc. Such a habit cannot be eliminated all of sudden but she can relinquish the same with a proper treatment. You can try the following points and surely she would be benifited with such a timely initiative. Here are a few points to curb this habit.
    1) Your brother should talk with her daughter showing his full love and affection and taking her into confidence would ease the problem considerably. He should explain the entire side effects of ingestion of chalks, rubber and pencil lead etc. May be with the repeated counselling, she would relinquish this bad habit. Tell her seriously that this would affect her kidney because of presence of toxic substances in such items.
    2) Take the help of psychiatry debuted in a reputed hospital and his counselling may run in multiple sessions to root out her habits. You need to resort to calmness during such follow us and surely she would get tremendous support by way of such counselling.
    3) A prolonged intake of such toxic items could deplete her Homoglonobile- level needing immediate consultation with an experienced physician. He may prescribe Vitamin B 12 syrup or tablets apart from,an iron Tonic. If there exists an infection in the intestine, relevant treatment would follow.
    4) Never allow her to remain in isolation for a prolonged time otherwise she would not in a position to give up this bad habit.
    5) Encourage her to take Orange, Banana or some dry fruits like Walnuts, Almond, Raisins etc and such intakes of these nutrients may cause her aversion towards the consumption of such toxic materials.

  • There could be many reasons for the child biting these non-food items. The researchers and doctors attribute some of these reasons as -

    1. Nutritional deficiencies like deficiency of iron or zinc, which are thought to be responsible for such craving.
    2. Hungry child, when child does not take food due to some reasons and always feels hungry. In that case malnutrition will also occur.
    3. cultural factors, as in some families this may be an inherited practice.
    4. Parental neglect and lack of supervision can also be a reason for it.
    5. Child Developmental problems like autism, disabilities or brain abnormalities.

    An advice of a doctor is also required in the matter as he has to see and analyse the exact condition of the child and if needed he can prescribe some nutrients and vitamins also. Some times the doctor will not prescribe any medicine but advise for child counselling by a child psychologist.

    So it is not advisable to go blindly for any nutritional supplement until unless the condition warrants for it.

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  • The issue with your niece can be a simple unhealthy unwelcome habit if she just bites on them when not engaged otherwise. But if she 'eats' such materials then it is dangerous and signals some serious issue.

    If it is just a habit involuntarily happening to while away boredom, it can be easily remedied by engaging the child in some interesting and healthy hygienic activities. Whenever the child is spotted biting on pencil, chalk etc, she has to be physically weaned away from that by taking away the thing and giving her some other healthy involvement to use her hand and mouth- say like reading good story books, engaging her in talking or narrating her day's experience etc.

    Sometimes children eat into weird things when they really feel hungry and they are afraid to ask for food. So it should be ensured that they get sufficient food and not remain hungry. I the child shows this habit only when in school class,then the reason ca be hunger or boredom.

    But if the child has this habit in home also,and 'eats' the weird things,then she may be having worms which cause the hunger or insufficient intake. Or she may be having some deficiency.

    Anyway it is not good to allow the habit to continue and grow. Try to ascertain the reason for the habit and eliminate the cause with proper solution. It is also good to take her to a doctor and follow the suggestions.
    Sometimes anemic children show such weird eating habits. But let the doctor asses and diagnose that. Better avoid self medication.

  • Eating non-food items is called 'pica'. You think your niece is eating non-food stuff because she has a vitamin deficiency. I have no experience in medicine, so I cannot comment on that. I am basing my response purely on what I know about child psychology.

    Mineral and vitamin deficiency in kids occurs if the child is not receiving a nutritional diet. The first thing that needs to be checked is whether the child is being given a balanced diet. The most common deficiencies leading to pica are of iron and zinc, but this should be established. Mineral and vitamin supplements can cause side-effects if not taken under supervision.

    Instead of seeking advice on an online forum, I would suggest that you take the child to a paediatrician to determine the real cause of her weird behaviour. A doctor will be able to run some tests and evaluate the situation and offer a solution.

    The child has been eating all sorts of non-food items and must be checked by a doctor, for any side-effects. These items when ingested could lead to poisoning, blockages in the intestine and worms etc.

    Having worked with children, I think this may not be a nutritional deficiency. The child might be suffering from some significant development issues. Abuse and neglect cannot be ruled out. Is the child under the care of someone else other than her parents? There could be a possibility of abuse happening. Are her parents too strict with her? My sincere advice to you is to consult a paediatrician and a child psychiatrist. Don't take this matter lightly. This is a sign that there is something seriously wrong.

  • Eating earth substance like clay or chalk is known as pica. Cause of pica is still not much known. It's very difficult to say why a person eats these substances but in few conditions, a person starts eating such things like when there is some nutritional deficiency. It is said that the person having iron deficiency crave for such things. Also, it happens when there is lack of supervision from parents kids start eating clay and when the kid found the taste of clay good they start eating them frequently but I don't think it's a disease.

    You should ask the parents of the kid to supervise and don't her eat by telling her some stories. She will definitely leave this habit. I think they don't need to see a doctor for the same at this stage.


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