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  • Can I get a duplicate SIM for my Mobile phone?

    Interested in procuring a duplicate SIM card for a mobile phone? Want to know the detailed procedure to get the issue resolved? Find suggestions from our experts on this page for your query.

    I have a BSNL Sim card for my Mobile phone. I am using the same SIM card since 2001. So far, I have changed five Mobile phones. The SIM card fitted in them. Recently when I bought a new Nokia 2.1 mobile phone, the SIM card was cut into size to fit in there.

    As I am not satisfied with Nokia 2.1's performance, I wish to use my old Phone LAVA 67. Now, the cut SIM card is not fitting into the old phone.

    I don't want to get a new number, but wish to retain the old number only.

    Can I get a new SIM with the same number from BSNL?
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  • Yes. You will get. Contact the nearby BSNL service provider and ask him for a duplicate SIM card. You have to handover him your existing SIM card. They may take a little charge. That is not a problem. Even if you want you can change the service provider. You can change the service provider and you can retain your old number with the new service provider.

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  • SIM card can be changed easily. You have to make a request in the nearby BSNL office or customer service cell. They charge a nominal fee for it. Just hand over the old SIM card to them and give a requisition. They will issue it and activate it in their system and then it is ready for use. Only thing is be sure that they issue the correct size of the SIM card. The problem is now a days only small sized SIM cards are coming so you might have to use that with a small peripheral frame which usually comes with it in the pack or you can get it from any mobile shop. Even BSNL office may provide it to you if you tell them that this new card is too small to fit in your mobile. This is actually a junk item but easily available in the miscellaneous working tray in any mobile repair shop.

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  • You have two alternatives here.

    1. Take the sim to a local mobile phone service shop. You can get a SIM adapter for the required size SIM. You can use this to insert the same SIM in your new phone. It may be just a few rupees or if the shop person is your friend may give it free.

    2. You can approach BSNL office and get a new SIM of required size. They charge a small charge of Rs 25 or so. They will deactivate the old SIM and activate the new SIM using their software method. I have got a new SIM with the same number activated when my son's SIM card was lost after he removed it and kept it somewhere in similar situations. As it was very essential for him, he could not even afford to be without the phone number even for half a day. So we went to BSNL and got a new SIM with the same number activated in it.

  • Two options you have
    1. Contact local BSNL office and and ask for replacement sim card. You might have to surrender old one.
    2. Nowadays all simcard comes in three sizes cut so you have switch them into different phones. Just take anyone existing such sim card and see if you can fit your small size sim into it and bingo you should able to use it in old LAVA 67.

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  • It is simple nowadays. You can approach the outlet/service provider of your earlier number with proof of identity, that is to say aadhaar card (original and a copy). You will get a duplicate sim within an hour.

  • I was using a BSNL SIM card in the past and got it changed for a Nano SIM. Here is what you need to do.

    Visit a BSNL office, and go to the correct department, it is easy to get lost if you visit the main office, as I did. You will be required to submit a request form, available at the office. The form asks for your details - name, address, phone number etc.

    Carry a copy of your Aadhar card; this was mandatory. Please note the fee for a new SIM is Rs. 100 and not Rs. 25, as mentioned in another post. The staff will enter the details provided by you into the system, along with the code printed on the new SIM and send it for activation. It takes a maximum of 24 hours for the new SIM to be activated; mine was working within minutes. The customer does not have to return the old SIM to BSNL. My response is based on my personal experience.

    When news of BSNL closing down began making headlines, I switched the service provider from BSNL to AirTel, using the number portability feature. If you choose to change the service provider and have a pre-paid account with BSNL, make sure that you use up the money in your account before switching over. The advance paid is not refunded and nor does it get carried over to the next service providers account.

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