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  • Need Details about complete list of syllabus for MA Sociology entrance examination in JNU

    Planning to study for MA Sociology entrance exam of JNU? Searching for detailed information about the syllabus and books? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the suggestions for your query.

    I am from Kerala. Can anyone provide me a complete list of syllabus for MA Sociology entrance examination in JNU 2020? I am currently doing my final year degree course and now I would like to start preparation for admission in Jawaharlal Nehru university (JNU). Currently there are no institutions or experts in our locality who can guide me to understand the syllabus and preferable books in sociology for entrance examination.
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  • The entrance examination for Sociology in JNU was held in subjective mode but now they are contemplating it to change to objective mode so one should ascertain it from their site while applying for this entrance examination and the syllabus is based on the understanding of Social Sciences and understanding of Indian Society and Culture.

    The JNU syllabus for entrance exam for Sociology can be broadly presented under the following heads -

    1. Basic concepts of Sociology and social institutions.
    2. About great thinkers of the world and their ideas which have influenced the society as Karl Marx, M. N. Srinivas, Emile Durkheim, Iravati Karve, Max Weber, Georg Simmel, Yogendra Singh, Antonio Gramsci, C. Wright Mills, Harriet Martineau, Auguste Comte, George Herbert Mead, Claude Levi-Strauss, G.S. Ghurye, Andre Beteille, T.K. Oommen etc.
    3. Tools and techniques for research in Sociology and related areas.
    4. Social structure and social changes in societies.
    5. Social stratification - different layers of the society based on gender, caste, class, tribe and disability.
    6. Inter relation and mutual dependence of economy and society.
    7. State, polity (a form or process of civil government or constitution) and society.
    8. Family, marriage and kinship.
    9. Society and Religion.
    10. Environment and society.
    11. Social movements and their effects.
    12. Social issues.
    13. Understanding Indian society.
    14. Modernization, globalization and development and its effect and relation to society.

    There are many help books available for this entrance examination but some of the prominent ones are as follows (these are generally available in online stores like Amazon etc) -
    1. MA Sociology entrance exam guide by RPH editorial board.
    2. MA Sociology entrance examination (for all India universities) by Khanna editorial team.
    3. JNU chapter wise previous years' solved papers MA Sociology by Arihant Experts.

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  • The Syllabus for Entrance Examination for M.A. (Sociology) JNU is broadly given as below.
    1. Sociological Theory and general accepts.
    2. Status and Role, Norms and Values, Group, Community, Cultural Processes and the related terms and concepts
    3. Agrarian Social Structure, Village in India
    4. Social Structure in India Caste, Class and Gender
    5. Modernisation, Sanskrtisation, Westernisation etc. of cultural process
    6. Globalisation, Feminism, Education and Social Change, Population and Development etc.

    The following are some books useful for study.
    1. Marx, Durkheim, Weber: Formations of Modern Social Thought by Ken Morrison
    2, Dictionary of Sociology by Penguin
    3. Indian Society by S.C. Dube
    4. Indian Sociology by Andre Beterille
    5. India's Social Structure by M.N. Srinivas
    7. Modernisation of India Tradition by Yogendra Sing)
    8. Sociology byJ.J. Macionis

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  • 1.You are preparing for the JNU MA sociology entrance exam. If your BA is also with a sociology background, it would be easy, if not you need to have a grasp of the fundamentals of sociology relevant to the Indian context. You need to know the views of the architects of Indian Sociology like Henry Maine, Alfred Lyell, Louis Dumont, Ar Desai, Yogendra Singh, MN Srinivas, Gail Omvedt, The Marxist views, GS Ghurye, etc.

    2.Previous year question papers of JNU MA sociology entrance exams:
    This is always a good way for a focussed preparation. Please check the four JNU question paper links given below

    3. THE JNUEE ( entrance exams) are broadly based on the basics of sociology that is taught at the UG level. As a prospective student, you need to have a good grasp of Social Sciences, Indian Society and Culture. You need to know about the evolution of sociology in India right up to the current issues. At times questions can be out of the syllabus. So, you need to be familiar with current sociology, the impact of economy, caste, poverty, globalization, etc that affect Indian sociology.

    4. Websites Please read page 165-166 related to the syllabus for MA sociology JNU entrance exam.

    5. Some of the popular books specific for the MA JNU entrance exams are
    Marx, Durkheim, Weber: Formations of Modern Social Thought by Ken Morrison
    JNU Chapterwise Previous Years' Solved Papers MA Sociology by Arihant publishers. This has answers with relavant explanations and also exercises
    The Penguin dictionary of sociology
    Indian Society by S.C. Dube
    Indian Sociology by Andre Beterille
    Sociological Theory by Ritzer G, around Rs 700.00
    Social Stratification in India by Dipankar Gupta
    Social Ecology by Ramachandra Guha that deals with Sociology and Social anthropology.
    India's Social Structure by M.N. Srinivas
    A complete resource manual of Sociology by JK Chopra, this is for JNU MA entrance and other universities.
    Modernization of India Tradition by Yogendra Singh
    Sociology by J.J. Macionis
    Religion and Indian Society. A sociological perspective by CN Venugopal.
    Faith and Social movements by Anindita Chakrabarti
    Modern Sociological Theory by Francis Abrahams.

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