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  • Issue regarding document verification

    Facing an issue with use of different name in documents during document verification? Looking out for advice regarding how to resolve this issue? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page for your queries.

    Recently I got selected in Indian railways and was called for document verification but there was a hitch in the mother's name in my document in 10th and 12th certificate. My mother's name was with surname but in graduation marksheet it didn't have surname . Also in online application during submission I didn't mention the name of my mother with surname but it had only first name and middle name. As it was my first D.V. for government job I didn't pay any attention to it but during D.V. the authorities pointed it out and were pretty serious about it. So I submitted an Affidavit regarding the issue stating that both the women are same.
    Now my worry is will they disqualify me on this basis or will they require any other document or clarification regarding it. As I am in no position to lose this job. After the d.v I was sent for medical process which is essential for railway job and I cleared it. The only worry is about d.v. as what will happen . Please do tell as soon as possible.
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  • It is always better to be consistent in writing the names anywhere you apply for a job or higher qualification. You have now omitted the surname in your recent applications. You already have an affidavit to that matter and can produce the same if asked at the time of the document verification. Only problem which might come is they may ask for a recent affidavit not more than 3 months old. So, if your affidavit is older, you might have to obtain a new one with similar contents. You can find it from the document verifying office or agency beforehand.

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  • Such technical errors are better avoided but in your case, I would be surprised if they disqualify you. Disqualification is given if there is falsification of data, date of birth, income, reservation eligibility or fake degrees etc.

    Yours is more of a technical issue. Good thing is that you have given an affidavit, and you have finished your medical. You have a graduation marksheet and online application that DOES NOT have your mother's surname. You have your 10th and 12th marksheet that has your mother's surname.

    Please decide what her name should be, because you need to get this sorted for further issues like visa, health benefits etc.

    What you have entered in the online application should match what is in your certificates. (
    If you have time, take the affidavit and meet the 10th and 12th school authorities and get your mother's name changed to what you have entered in the application form. This can be done by the school prinicpal/ state board or the CBSE board.
    You would need the affidavit, correct name published in two newspapers ( one English and one regional language) and the required fees for the service.

    I would suggest, if you do this change then all the other documents would be in line by the time you are called for the final process of joining the job. If you have the address of the recruitment officer, you can send the changed doucment's attested copies by registered/speed post(for instance for the RRB, Bhuvaneshwar, the address is Assistant Secretary, Railway Recruitment Board, Bhubaneswar – 751023,). If you are sending documents, please ensure that you write clearly your name, application number, exam roll number, post applied for and the date of DV.

  • 1. There is nothing to be panic.
    2. They found a problem with your documents. They have mentioned the problem and you have submitted the affidavit. I think they are satisfied with that. That is why they sent you for medical processing.
    3. If there is any hitch in your documents they might not have sent you for medical.
    4. So I am sure that you will get the job and there will not be any problem.
    5. If they want any further clarification they may ask you and you have to do the needful.
    But my suggestion to you is
    1. Take this as a lesson to learn.
    2. Understand the importance of application submission and do it carefully and keep full focus on that work while doing that.
    3. When you receive a certificate or appointment letter or any other document verify immediately for its correctness and if any deviation you notice take action immediately. Don't wait for the problem to crop up.
    4. Small mistakes cost heavily in life.
    5. Please use the same spelling while writing names and other important issues. Never use different spellings for your name or your parent's name or any other names.
    6. Don't take any small deviation also lightly. Get it corrected then and there.

    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • As the thing stands now -
    1) You have been called for the medical interview.
    2) Your submission of affidavit by the court has been accepted otherwise you have not been called to turn up the Medical - interview.
    Ensure that you have published a notification of the Affidavit in the two leading Newspapers- one being English and the other one being a local newspaper for the wide circulation of the facts. Preserve the cutting to be shown to the officials connected with verification of documents.
    All your certificates such as class ten, twelve, graduation and so on must match as appearing on Aadhar - card, PAN - Cards and other related certificates of your parents in order to avoid any controversy.
    However, you should not be unnecessarily disturbed at this stage except publishing the notification in the Newspaper as stated above and preserve the cutting to be shown to document - verification authorities.

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