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  • What is the best study course in M.B.A after completing degree

    Confused regarding which MBA to opt for? Searching for advice online? On this Ask Expert page you can find advice from pour experts about the best MBA options and then decide the forward plan of action.

    Which study in M.B.A is better for a B.Com student and has future scope: is it MBA in marketing or MBA in finance or MBA in HR etc,.or is their any other studies in it?
    Is it a good idea or a bad idea to study M.B.A in distance manner?
    Or is their any other way better than M.B.A.?
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  • MBA after degree. A good idea. But MBA from normal universities and colleges and distance mode MBAs from normal institutes may not help you much. I know many people who have done their MBA from ordinary institutes and working as clerks in private organisations. Such MBAs are only for adding the degree.
    An MBA from IIMs or from reputed business schools is very good for an excellent career and growth. Even the day you got a seat in such institutes recruiters will sponsor your study and offer the job with attractive pay packets.
    Any branch of MBA is good from the above-mentioned institutes.
    So if you want to go for MBA try to get a seat in such institutes and study that. Otherwise instead of studying in a common institute concentrate on written tests to banks and other jobs and try to get into that. I even suggest you go for BEd rather than MBA in any normal institute.
    These days there is heavy competition in every field and the toppers only will have better chances to be in a good position. So hard work and focussed study are the requirements of the day. So think in these lines and decide.

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  • It is a good idea to go for MBA after doing B.Com. and it is a good career option but there are many other avenues which are equally good and some of them could be a better course of action. So I will be mentioning them including MBA in brief for a comparative survey and depending upon ones interest area and liking, one can decide where to try ahead for a good career.

    1. Banking Sector - As a graduate you are eligible to apply for banks job and for this the most coveted entrance examination is IBPS which is conducted to appoint clerks or probationary officers in the PSU banks. This exam is conducted in two stages and questions on English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability are asked in the prelim exam while questions on Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, English Language, Data Analysis & Interpretation, General Economy & Banking Awareness and English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) are asked in the final exam. Online registrations and applications for it generally take place every year in the month of July-August, prelim exam sometime in October and Final exam in the end of November. If you want to apply in private banks then you have to apply separately for that to the concerned bank only.

    2. Govt Jobs - These are much sought after career options and there are many competitive exams in state Govt or central Govt level and though there is quite a rush for these administrative vacancies but these are really the lucrative jobs. UPSC civil services, Indian Railway, RBI grade B exam, PSU jobs, Assistant grade services in Govt offices etc are some of the good ones under this category and each has its own entrance exam. It is worth trying them for a bright career.

    3. MBA pursuit - It is definitely a good idea to go for MBA after B.Com. and this gives opportunity to apply in various industries which regularly take MBAs for various positions in their departments. The important thing is that one has to try to get a good score in MBA enabling one to get eligible for campus recruitment for direct absorption in the industry rather then trying here and there. It, of course, requires a dedicated approach to the course with lot of hard work. I will vouch for MBA finance as a better choice followed by marketing and HR. If you have interest in the internet and the digital world you can think of trying your luck in the arena of digital marketing also which is emerging as a niche area in the marketing industry.

    4. Chartered Accountancy (CA) - This is the most common course pursued by the commerce graduates and there are three levels to complete namely CPT, Articleship and IPCC and it takes at least 3 years to complete the CA course. After doing CA one has opportunity to apply in accountancy firms, can apply in accounts services in Govt sector, can start ones own consultancy for tax or other financial entities, can take up the lucrative work of preparing company balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, institute of CA of India is also recognised in some foreign countries like England and Australia and one can explore that avenue also and can pursue jobs linked to many other activities related to finance and accounting.

    5. M.Com. - This is also an option for a B.Com. student and one can excel in one's core area. There are many specialisation subjects in M.Com. but most preferred are Finance, Marketing and Taxation. After completing this 2 years course one can try for a job in the industry as Sales Officer, Loan Officer, Junior Accountant, Senior Accountant, Financial Assistant, Relationship Manager, Company Law Assistant, Credit Officer in insurance company etc.

    Today we are in an age of specialisation. There are many specific areas where a B.Com. person can try to focus for a career making. For these some short duration certificate courses might be needed. Some of these discreet areas are Project Financing, Investment Planning, Insurance and Risk Management, Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accounting, Tax Planning etc.

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  • After your graduation, you need to specialise in some of the core courses in order to enhance your employability and to horn one's skill, it is better to take up MBA with some coveted Institute like IIM or with a top class B school.
    The course should be chosen with ones passion and interest. An aspirant having a degree of B.A. or a Post - graduation in English would like to take up the specialisation course in Human - Resources since he is having an edge over fluent interpretation apart from familiarity with the humane psycology to deal with the cases in the varying circumstances.
    MBA in IT would be most suited course for the aspirants having secured a degree in Computer - engineering or a MCA or an engineer with the IT stream.
    MBA in Health Care Management is the most suited course for the Medical - graduates apart from such candidates interested to grow their knowledge in Hospital - administration, Diagonistic- centres, some inclination in the area of Pharmocology and streamlining the flow of the essential medicines in the market.
    MBA in the operation - management is the area where the aspirants are taught the ways how the production can be maximised with the available resources. They would be familiar with the tools of reducing the down - time, efficient utilisation of the man - power for the augmentation of the production and familiarity of different operationa - cycles.
    MBA in Finance - It would be an essential course for the commerce - graduates intending to horn their skills in the areas of Finance. The other aspirants can also take up this course to be conversant with the Accounting, Taxation- structure, Budgeting, Preparing Balance - sheet of the firms etc.
    MBA in Marketing is the area where the aspirants would be given exhaustive training with respect to Marketing- dynamics and how the product - sale can be pushed in the delicate situation.
    MBA in the agri - business is the area where the aspirants would explore the ways how different varieties can be made with the existing seeds. Different varieties of Rice and Rajma have emerged in the market with the efforts of the MBA connected with the agri - business.
    MBA in the International- business has great demands in the current scenario where Exports and Import - Management, Foreign- exchange Management, International Finances, International- marketing and Logistics are discussed. Any aspirant interested to acquire knowledge in such domains can go ahead with this specialisation. There would be acclerated growth of the aspirants in this area.
    MBA in the Supply - chain Management is the specialised field where the products of the company reaches to the end users without having a prolonged dislocations.
    Horning one's skill depending upon their passion would provide them the oppurtunities to show their potentially, capabilities and inherent talents and there would be decent growth in the streams they choose.

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