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  • How to transfer college in B Tech second year

    Interested in transferring to BTech second year in another college? Wondering how to start the process? On this Ask Expert page find responses for all your queries and decide how to begin college.

    I need to transfer the my college in B. Tech second year under the RGPV university Bhopal MP.
    Can you please suggest the exact procedure to transfer my college?
    Its already too late so I request please do it fast if anyone knows it.
    My result is already out and classes are going to be start shortly.
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  • It is possible if you want to have your admission in a different engineering college of thr same university. But there may be some practical difficulties such as non availability of seats in the college of your choice and hence under that case, you will have to choose a college even though it is a little far away from your residence or the tution- fee is a little higher than that of previous college.
    Once you choose a preferred college for your admission, you need to discuss the same with the Principals of both the colleges for their mutual consent and once there is approval from both the sides, you can take your admission in the same branch opted earlier in the first year.

  • It is possible with the same university. But many private colleges may not accept easily as they will lose a candidate and that seat will be vacant for them and they lose the fees. If it is mutual transfer they will accept. Some colleges may accept the transfer if you pay fees for all the four years in this college. Your expenses will become double.
    If it is from one government college to another government college, if there is a vacancy in the college where you want to join, you can try. You have to choose the college and meet the administration there and tell them about your requirement. If there is a vacancy then you can give your request to the college in which you are presently studying. Then the two colleges will correspond with each other and do the needful.
    So all depends on the college in which you are studying and the influence you got there for getting your work done. Try and all the best to you.

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  • Yes, it is possible to change the institute/ college after the first year and it is easier if both the colleges are under the same university.
    In your case, you first need to check with your college administration whether they allow that or not. If yes, then what procedure and formalities need to be followed? Is there any fee or the same? If yes, then how much?
    Once this information is acquired, you may check with the college you want to join. Information about accepting the student in mid-course, availability of seat and other formalities are needed to be checked.
    If both the colleges are favorable, you can go ahead with your plans.
    But apart from the positive responses from both the colleges, your personal adjustment is also important. You study environment will change, friends, teachers, etc will also change. So, be prepared for that.
    I will suggest you not to transfer until it is not very much required.


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  • Generally, transfer from one college to other college under the same university is possible if seat is available in the other college where you want to take admission. Generally these things are approved from the district level education offices who keep a tab on the seat availability in different colleges affiliated to a university. To avoid the malpractices of creating seats against payment of donation money, the district education authorities keep a vigil on these transfers from one college to other.

    You will have to either apply in the coordinating education office or the university itself but it has to get the approval and clearance from the education office and then only university will issue an order for it. Please note that some fees is also charged for this transfer which you have to deposit as per the procedure.

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  • College transfer and branch change is usually possible after the completion of the first year of the B.Tech. The UG college transfer process involves.
    1. The student to request a transfer (You need to remember that NO transfer is possible from unaided to Government or to Autonomous institutions. Transfers will be possible to Unaided and between Government or Government aided institutions.)
    2.The principal of the current college agreeing for rejecting the transfer request.
    3.If agreed, then the candidate contacts the principal prospective new college
    4. Once the new college accepts the candidate, the old college relieves the student
    5. The student pays the fees for the new college as prescribed
    6.All this needs to be done as per the norms and regulation of the University under whose preview the colleges falls under.

    These are the list of colleges ( 9 Government, 2 self financing and rest are plenty of private colleges) under the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, the state technological university in MP. (

    You need to check the availability of a seat in the branch and college that you intend to go to. The principals of two colleges need to agree for the transfer and then seek the approval of the Admission Regulatory authority. You also need the No Objection certificate from the principal of the current college you are studying in and the Transfer eligibility from the MP state board of technical education.

    I would suggest, please meet a senior member in the administration cell of your college and ask for procedural guidance. Then speak to the team at the new college you intend to go to. Once this is clear, then approach the principal of the current college and take matters forward.

    You can also contact the RGPV university help team
    Phone - 0755- 2678981

    Please also contact the technical education state board.
    Directorate of Technical Education, Madhya Pradesh
    4th Floor, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal - 462004
    Email :
    Website :

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