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  • What are the career opportunities of Indian Lawyers abroad?

    Want to know about the various career options in the field of law? Wondering about the job available in India and abroad? Check out responses from our ISC experts for your queries on this page.

    This question is on behalf of my friend who has completed LLB, LLM in India. What are his abroad career opportunities? He has also completed MBA in finance and HR but his interest is in Law Field.

    In which direction should he go to get a good job abroad?
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  • There are many firms belonging to other countries in India. So their head offices will appoint Indian Lawyers as Consultants. Basically, their requirement will be representing their company in the Indian courts and Law department and for that, they will appoint you. You will be in India only and working for them and as and when required you may have to visit their HO in other countries.
    If you want to practise as a Lawyer in other countries, the policy will be dependent on the country where you want to go. Some countries never recognise Indian Law degree for their country. In such a case you may have to study the 3 years law course again there. In some European countries, they will not recognise the Indian Law degree.
    In London, there are some Law firms which will appoint Indan Lawyers but they should pass the QLTS examination during their training period. Dubai will not accept Indian Lawyers.
    In the USA to get admitted to the Bar council, you have to write a special exam there and you have to clear that. Again in the USA, this will be done on State level.
    There are many countries where Indian Lawyers accepted as it is. You have to decide on the country and then see those procedures in that country.

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  • There are some career opportunities in some countries for Indian lawyers but those are generally through the associate offices of the foreign law companies in India. The Indian lawyers who work here and grade up their knowledge about the law of other countries can sometimes be posted in these countries for the work of these big overseas law companies. As our laws were framed from the British laws only so there is some resemblance and similarities between the two and our lawyers can understand their law intricacies in a better way. So UK is one possible destination for our lawyers. Another thing is that an Indian lawyer can be posted by these companies in foreign countries only to help their lawyers for understanding the Indian law so that the company can take their business decisions related to investment in India. Indian lawyer can not practice there independently and stand in the court. Most of the countries do not encourage the foreign legal persons to start practice there.

    So only way is to work in some overseas company office or associate office in India and learn the basic law of their country and then sometimes they may post one there to work with their lawyers. Today many foreign business houses are aggressively investing in India not only for investment in equity or mutual fund market but also for setting up of manufacturing or production centres also. As in India cheap labour is available, so for such purposes it is the next destination after China. These companies require the advice of our lawyers time to time and employ them either in India or in their country. To that extent there is some scope for good lawyers in these companies. The lawyers who have done their law degree from prestigious institutes and have gone through grade up courses to enhance their knowledge of international legal aspects in the global business stand better chance in getting employment in overseas companies.

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