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  • Reasons and remedy of excessive burps

    Suffering from excessive burps with large sounds through the day? Looking out for remedies to resolve this issue? find suggestions from ISC exerts for your query.

    From the last 2.6 years and after my c-section delivery, I am facing the problem of excessive and large burps with loud sound throughout the day. I am taking normal routine food cooked at home. I want to know the reasons and home remedies of this problem.
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  • Burping around 3 to 4 times after a meal is considered as normal. It happens because while eating food, we swallow some air also. This air comes back as a burp.
    You have mentioned that you are facing this problem after entering into motherhood, so I guess the probable reason would be your eating habits.
    You can follow the bel mentioned points to avoid excessive burping-
    1. Eat food slowly. If we faster, we swallow more air which may result in excessive burping.
    2. Avoid carbonated drinks as carbonated drinks contain air bubbles and cause burping.
    3. If you have a smoking habit, try to avoid that.
    4. Drink water after meal. It helps to settle down food. If you are not having a habit of drinking after immediately after the meal, you can take a few sips.
    5. Having a small baby, it is difficult to get time for yourself. But try to manage some time to walk or exercise. This will help you to boost your digestion and metabolism.

    Take normal homemade food and adopt a habit of drinking mild hot water at least after the meal.

    Even after following all these points, if you don't feel relaxed, then it is better to consult a doctor for the same.


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  • Burping or belching is not a serious medical condition but is inconvenient and embarrassing. It is a reflex of the our digestive system and could be associated with indigestion or dyspepsia. There are many ways suggested to reduce the burping though it can not be removed at all.

    The main cautions one has to keep is take the food slowly and not gulp it down. In our Ayurveda system it is strongly suggested to chew the food completely before swallowing it down the food pipe. One has to take less spicy and less hot food as they are the catalyst to create burps. It is generally seen that women get the stomach slightly inflated after the cesarian surgery and due to the extra volume the upward thrust on the alimentary canal increases producing the burps. With proper life style and food habits it is possible to contain the frequency of these burps.

    Another important thing is one has to take sufficient soups and other liquid diets and avoid dry swallowing. It is the trapped air in between the dry swallowing that create problem after taking the food. It will be a good idea to take little water while eating intermittently. If the burping is associated with acidity and such ailments of stomach like malfunctioning of the oneway biological valve between the food pipe and stomach then it will be advisable to consult a doctor for the same. Light exercises like walking are advised to the women after the delivery for bringing the body back to shape. That is very essential and will also help in reducing the excessive burping.

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  • Burping is not a very serious problem. There are many reasons for this problem.
    1. Indigestion
    3, Consuming more carbonated beverages, beans, and similar foods.
    4. Taking more dairy products than one can tolerate
    5. inflammatory bowel disease
    6. if you have undergone any surgery recently and after that, if the problem started, burping may be due to a blockage in the intestine.
    Among the above, if this is due to the reason 6 mentioned above you have to contact the doctor and get checked by him.
    Some home remedies for the above problem.
    1, Take a small quantity of Rasam or soup before you take your food.
    2. Eat slowly, chew more keeping the mouth closed.
    3, Have small bites only.
    4. Don't go for chewing gums and carbonated drinks.
    5. Don't drink water while eating. Drink plenty of water after 10 or 15 minutes of eating
    6. Don't consume more products which will have lactose in high quantities.
    7. It is better not to consume alcohol or tobacco.
    But I suggest you go to the doctor first and get the checkup done and proceed as per the advice of the doctor.

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  • Burping are normal but if one gets burping more than 5-10 times everyday, it's a sign to be taken seriously. You can consult a doctor for a check-up as there may be other factors which can be the reason and an early finding will help to get the help as soon as possible.

    Some of the common factors for burping can be :
    - Swallow of air while eating,
    - Eating more leafy vegetables,
    - Eating food that doesn't suit you
    - Indigestion
    - Medicine that you are taking
    - drinking carbonated drinks
    - anxiety

    Some of the ways that can help to control or prevent burping :
    1. Avoid any foods or drinks that is gassy or acidic.
    2. Sit down, take time and eat slowly
    3. Avoid carbonated drinks like pepsi, cola, etc. and even alcohol.
    4. Take tonics or tablets that helps in digestion.
    5. Do yoga/meditation that will help you to avoid anxiety.

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  • Burping is attributed to the improper functioning of the movement of food and air in the alimentary canal. It is worsened when the person is suffering from acidity. The gastroesophageal sphincter (ring of muscle) at the joint of food pipe (esophagus) and stomach acts as a valve that allows food into the stomach but not back up into the esophagus. Sometimes this valve fails or malfunctions and stomach acid enters the oesophagus and this conditions generates acid feeling in the mouth. Burping can be there in absence of this acidity problem.

    Excessive burping is a condition in which doctors advice is to be sought for remedial measures. In moderate burping a change in life style and controlling food habits will generally bring improvement. Eating fast, drink too quickly, drink soda or carbonated beverages, breathe rapidly and laughing are some of the reasons which trigger burping. Some natural and home remedies for burping include - light walking after taking food, Chew fennel seeds after the meals, drink ginger tea after eating, sip on chamomile tea etc. Lying on one side in knee to chest position sometimes helps as it relieves the gas.

    People having burping conditions should cut down or avoid the foods like lentils, bananas, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, onions, sugar, tomatoes, citrus, alcohol etc.

    There are some Homeopathic preparations which help in reducing burping. These are Lycopodium, Carbo vegetabilis, Nux vomica, Natrum carbonic, Pulsatilla etc. One has to consult a Homeopathic practitioner for the exact preparation and its dose as depending on many symptoms, these preparations and their doses are advised by them.

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  • Burping is the cause of indigestion of foods consumed mostly as the some of vegetables shown below -
    1) Beans
    2) Cauliflower
    3) Rajma etc.
    Other factors related to this discomfort may be due to consumption of carbonated drinks such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola , Sprite etc.
    Taking your meals with your friends and during such process, you are engaged in talking, laughing etc allowing the air excessively to go inside your digestive- track.
    It may be because of faulty fixture of denture allowing the passage of air to move along the digestive- track.
    There are ways to curb this phenomena with these precautionary steps. A few helpful points are indicated below-
    1) You need to strengthen your liver so as to eliminate Burping. You need to consume Amla - powder regularly for at least two months with the dose of 2.5 GM after the principal meal with some hot water.
    2) Avoid intake of water just immediately after your food, you need to wait half an hour at least prior to gulping water.
    3) Ensure that you are taking at least 2.5 litres of water daily for healthy digestion and removal of toxins from your body.
    4) You may take a table- spoon of Apple - cider Vinegar followed by Lemon - juice ( Half - cut to be mixed in the vinegar). Pour warm water in this concoction and consume the same in the empty stomach in the morning.
    5) Allow yourself to take some vegetable soup such as Carrot. Tomato soup - half an hour before the meal.
    6) Take a piece of Cardamom and consume it with proper mastication with each meal. This will take care of your disorder.
    7) You should masticate your food properly closing your mouth so that excess air does not enter inside the track.
    8) Cumin and Ajwain( Celery) by taking both one teaspoon should be boiled in 100 cc of water and consume the same after filtering this content and when it's volume reduces to half, gulp it down in warm condition.
    9) Take 10 Raisins and pour the same in around 50 cc of water in the night. Allow this mixture to remain in that way till morning. Pieces of Raisins would grow in size due to water - retention, consume this concoction along with water. Consume the same regularly for at least two months. This will set your liver in healthy condition apart from formation of new blood - cells. This will even take care of your constipation.
    If Burping occurs twice or thrice in a day, the same is to treated as the normal phenomena and as such it need not be taken seriously.

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