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  • How to neutralize ovarian cysts naturally?

    Suffering from ovarian cyst and want to neutralise it naturally? Searching for remedies without any side effects here? On this Ask Expert page find advice for all your queries.

    Doctor says if you have ovarian cyst then it is difficult to conceive. And if you choose to neutralize the cyst through medicines then you can not conceive during that time frame. Is it possible to neutralize ovarian cyst naturally and still able to conceive?
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  • It is true that ovarian cyst will be an obstruction for conceiving. Without getting it neutralised or removed, it is difficult to get conceived. There are good hospitals and they can be removed by surgery. So these days many people are going for surgery. Again the size of the cyst is very important. If the size is small, the doctor will advise you to wait for some time as they get neutralised over a small period of time. If it is bigger then the only the doctor will suggest surgery or usage of medicines.
    No natural remedies for the disappearance of these cysts. If there is a pain by using some pain killers we may get rid of that pain. Similarly, there are some natural methods to get relief from the pain but not completely eliminating it. Massage, exercise and stretching, relaxation techniques, trying for losing the weight and good eating habits are some of the natural remedies for getting relieved from the pain.

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  • Ovarian cysts are very common and in fact the functional cysts can develop each month as a part of the normal menstrual cycle. They may cause little discomfort time to time but are not of much concern. On the other hand, there are cysts which are resulted due to certain medical conditions and they require the attention of a medical doctor or specialist. Most of these cysts are small and harmless but any cyst which grows to 4-5 cm in size and still growing needs attention and may require surgical removal. There are some natural treatments which give relief in these conditions and even claim containment of the cysts in ovaries. Some of these are -

    1. Chamomile tea - It is believed to be an anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing drink and warm chamomile tea is to be taken which is an ancient method of controlling cramp in the abdominal region near the uterus and ovaries and believed to be effective in ovarian cyst condition also.

    2. Changing foods in the diet - Certain foods which contribute to insulin resistance in the body are to be avoided. These mainly consist of potatoes, white bread, refined carbohydrates, pastries, desserts, cakes, muffins and other such sweet items. In place of them it is recommended and advised to go for fish, tofu, chicken, almonds, berries, squash, tomatoes, broccoli, greens, kale and olive oil. In addition to this it is also suggested to use turmeric as spice in the vegetables. Turmeric is well known for its healing potential and is a tested household remedy in many ailments.

    3. Flaxseeds - Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for health and are also helpful in regulating the hormones in the body. It is recommended to add 20-30 grams of flaxseeds in one's diet either in soups or sprinkling on salads etc to get the benefits.

    4. Regular Exercises - Regular exercising results in increased flow of blood which is necessary for regulated supply of oxygen and other nutrients to all the body parts and that helps in repairing and maintaining the affected cells, tissues etc. Regular exercises also help in weight management, especially in overweight persons, which is related to the hormone regulation also. In nutshell, a good exercise regime is helpful in increasing the body resistance towards any ailment or abnormality.

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  • Ovarian cyst seems to be very common disease and it may not cause problems sometimes but it may create an obstruction during the stage of pregnancy. Surgery is often recommended by the doctors to remove the cyst but unfortunately this does not offer a permanent solution, it may again resurface with the elapse of time.
    There is certainly an Ayurvedic - approach to eliminate this unwanted cyst with the proper medication of Ayurveda. You need to have a consultation with an Ayurvedic Vaidya and follow his treatment accordingly.
    Firstly he would like to know your Prakriti by examining your pulse and in that way, he will assess whether you are a patient of Vata - pitta Prakriti, Kapha - pitta Prakriti etc and treatment will follow accordingly.
    Ayurvedic recommendation for the elimination of cyst are as follows -
    1) In the initial fifteen days, you will be administered Sanjivani Vati and Triphala Churna to alleviate the excess Dosha present in the system. Triphala is the combination of three herbs such as Harad, Baheda and Amla and is capable of pacifying all the three Doshas. Sanjivani Vati would act on the enhancement of the immune system.
    This combination would act wonders in removing the undesired toxins from the body.
    Doses would be prescribed depending upon body condition and severity of case.
    2) Kachnar Gugglu is the very effective medicine in the removal of ovarian cyst and the doses would range from 250 mg to 1000 mg twice daily in the empty stomach and even be continued for three months. The patient needs to have close surveillance of the Vaidya.
    3) Kalyan ghritta containing numerous herbs such as Goose - berry, Harad, Daruharidra, Bala, Atibala etc would act on the hormonal system apart from reducing the size of the cyst.
    4) Some other medicines such as Brahmi, Lohasaw etc may be prescribed if the patient is Aneamatic of having sleeping disorder.
    5) Plane food is recommended with less oil and spice.
    6) Carrots, Apples, Gooseberry, Oranges are recommended to tone up the immune system.
    Sonography is to be done to assess the status of the cyst after six months. With the proper follow up of medicines, the patient would get rid of the undesirable cyst with 100 percent success.

  • Ovarian Cysts which are less than 4cm in size and contain clean fluids mostly do not require any treatment and go away on their own but Ovarian Cysts that are large in size(above 5cm) and if its coming again and again need to be treated because late treatment leads to increased systos, which can lead to the risk of turning the ovaries. This can lead to many problems.
    There is one way to remove Ovarian Cysts is laparoscopic surgery called Ovarian Cystectomy.
    It is a minimally invasive action that minimizes erosion that takes a very short time to recover after surgery. Therefore, the most useful way to remove the ovarian cyst is ovarian cystectomy.
    After the cyst is removed, it is sent for a test to see if it has cancerous cell.
    It is better if treated by an experienced gynecologist because the disease is associated with women's ovaries.

  • Cysts in ovaries are a common problem in women. All women do have this problem at some time during their lifetime. Within the ovary are thalamic compositions that are filled with fluid. Every month during menstruation, a structure of this sac shape emerges, which is known as a follicle. These follicles release hormones called estrogen and progesterone, which help in the ejection of the matured eggs from the ovary. In some cases, it has been observed that follicle size increases even after the end of the fixed period of menstruation, which is called an ovarian cyst.

    It is called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when ovaries have a lot of abnormal follicles. These small cysts are not harmful, but they can cause hormone imbalance. As a result of problems such as irregular menstruation or difficulty in getting pregnant can arise.

    It is not correct to assume that cysts do not cause or reduce problems in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the fetus has to go through many annoying problems. A cyst is one of the same problems. Cysts are often fatal in pregnancy. Cysts in ovaries are also silent killers in women during pregnancy. Cysts in pregnancy are a troubling problem for women as they do not produce any significant symptoms when they are greatly aggravated, but in ovaries, it is good to treat cysts as soon as possible.

    There is not much information about ovarian cyst treatment in pregnancy, due to which initially use hormonal drugs, which are seen only for a short time, and after discontinuation of these drugs, the disease is again And take serious forms beforehand and eventually have to undergo an operation

    Generally, the ovarian cyst can be avoided with little change in food and lifestyle. like-

    Do pranayama and yoga exercises daily.
    Eat rich fruits.
    Eat green leafy vegetables.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Practice sleeping early in the night so that you wake up early in the morning.
    Take homemade dishes.

    Avoid these foods:

    Do not use canned food.
    Do not eat foods like pizza, burgers, etc.
    Do not take Pepsi, Coke, etc. drinks.
    Do not consume things made with fine flour.
    Do not consume things fried in excess oil.
    Do not consume heavy food before sleeping at night.
    Eat food on time.

  • It is true that ovarian cyst is very common in women. It is not considered as a disease. Generally, it forms in the body every month after menstural cycle and goes on their own. But in some cases, It needs to be treated when its sizes becomes more than 5 cm.
    It is also true that ovarion cyst are not only hurdle in concieving but may create problem on the way of pregnancy. So, surgery is the only option to be cured. For this laparoscofood.pic surgery is done which is called Ovarian Cystectomy.
    For this, there is no natural remedy but some home made treatment may give relief as follows;-
    1. change in food habit- We should take fruits and green leafy vegetables. Don't take fast food.
    2. Regular exercise- Regular exercise not only maintain hormone level in body but boost up immunity system in the body.

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