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  • Is BSc a good course than BTech or not exactly(specifically in computer science)?

    Confused between opting for BSc or BTech with a year drop for preparation? Want to know which is the better option of both in terms of scope? Here, on this page check out responses from experts for your queries.

    I am confused whether to opt for BSc Hons. in computer science (which I am getting admission into!) Or to drop a year for a course like BTech as I couldn't cleared the JEE exam. I am not interested in doing BTech from private universities as there is not much scope I guess and so opting for BSc might be a good option or not?
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  • First of all, I would focus on the major differences between B.Sc and B.Tech. B.SC focuses more on theoretical aspects whereas B.Tech focuses more on practical aspects. For example, consider any simple topic of sequence and series which you might have studied in class 11th or 12th. In B.Sc, you will be taught more about the derivations of sequence and series whereas, in B.Tech, you will be asked tricky questions on sequence and series, thus focussing more on the application part. Your application of concepts will be made stronger in B.Tech, according to the present and future industry needs whereas, in B.Sc, your learning and understanding of concepts will be made stronger, thus making you capable of doing research or making other people understand that topic.

    Now coming to the point of job opportunities and placements, engineers have better job opportunities and salary packages as compared to B.Sc graduates. Doing B.Sc from India's top universities like DU could get you direct placements, but doing B.Sc from average colleges will not get you placements with good salary package. But if you do B.Sc and then go for higher studies such as Ph.D or in the research field after doing M.Sc, you are going to get a good salary. For example, professors in government universities have a basic pay of Rs 1,00,000 per month. Similarly, the research field offers ample scope. Going for higher studies after B.Sc is better than going for higher studies after B.Tech. B.E. from government colleges, even if they are not so good, will get you easily placed in companies such as Infosys with a salary package of around 3-5 lakhs (consider it to be the worst scenario). B.Tech from good government colleges can fetch you packages as high as 20 lakhs per annum but I won't suggest you do B.Tech from private colleges if you are thinking about placements since they will first get you placed in some company but later on, the company will shed you off.

    There are some profits in going for B.Sc. You save one year, as well as B.Sc, has much lower fees as compared to B.E./B.Tech. If you are already thinking for higher studies or civil services or bank jobs or research or such other opportunities, B.Sc is a good option.

    Now, coming to the point that you are thinking to drop, I won't suggest this. There are few students who are able to improve their JEE Mains Rank, but there are rare students who can improve their rank by a significant number to get B.Tech Computer Science in a good college. So, you should take B.Tech in an average government college (I won't suggest a private college for B.Tech), or go for B.Sc Computer Science.

  • This is a query which many students ask at this juncture of their educational career. Before coming to the comparison between the two, I want to mention that today the job condition is very tight in our country and whether you do B.Sc. or B.Tech. the job prospects for a mediocre student are very very less. What is required is to excel in the stream you have chosen and to come in the merit and then only there are chances of getting suitable job in the industry or qualify in an competitive exam in Govt or public sector. If a student has a doubt on his academic capabilities for sustaining the higher studies, he should, in my opinion go for diploma or certificate courses which can give skill oriented learning and one can get a job as well as start working on one's own.

    B.Sc. in computer science is a good course as after that you have many options to pursue like going for M.Sc. and subsequently PhD after which there is scope of lectureship in the institutions and universities. After B.Sc. one can go for value added courses or certificates in various computer subjects like computer animation, web design, software testing, system management, digital marketing, software analyst etc and can apply in the industry for the appropriate job in that specialised line.

    Once you are a graduate you have many options to compete in the exams like the prestigious banking exam known as IBPS, you can appear in state and central Govt administrative services, you can also consider appearing in the entrance exams conducted by PSUs (IOC, HPCL, Coal India, ONGC, NTPC, NHPC, PFC, NMDC, PGCI etc) for recruiting their executives in various disciplines, you can also try for Railway recruitments through RRB route, you can try for assistant grade exams in state or central Govt ministries etc. You will require to go through the earlier year question papers to understand the trend of the questions and prepare thoroughly on general english, basic reasoning and logic etc which will of course serve you in many entrance exams.

    Another area is defence and a graduate in computer science can consider this option also to join the technical branch of defence by appearing in the combined defence services entrance exam. So after graduation one has many options and depending upon the interest and liking one can decide in which line one has to concentrate.

    Now coming to the B.Tech. degree in computer science, it is another good choice for career making. It has more thrust to technical side and if you have really an interest in IT industry then pursuing this educational pursuit makes sense. B.Tech. in computer science is a very specialised degree and definitely there are more avenues in IT industries after completing it. Some of the career lines after this are in the area of Computer Programming, Software Development, Software Analysis and Testing, Mobile Application Development (Android/ IOS), Web Designing/ Developing/ Hosting, Advanced Animation, 3D Printing, IT consultancy, Mega System Management, Networking and Internet, Data Science and Data Presentation, Digital Marketing, Data Base Management etc. If your interest is more to management side than in the technical work then I can also suggest you to go for MBA after B.Tech and after which you can apply in higher positions in the industry.

    Today as job conditions are not favourable, qualified people are going for innovative businesses and if you work hard you can be an entrepreneur soon. Govt is helping the new businesses with Mudra loan and other subsidies and one can take advantage of that. Even joining an existing new enterprise is not a bad idea as sometimes one can perform in a group in a better fashion. Remember once your experience increases your confidence in the new business will also increase and you will be able to mould yourself as per the needs of the customer and develop your business.

    The last line from my side is nothing can be achieved without hard and persistent work and one has to prepare to toil hard in making one's career in todays tough times.

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  • B.Sc or B.Tech. Each course is having its own merits. We can't say this course is good and the other course is not good. All depends on our hard work and the efforts we are putting in and the marks and ranks we get in the examination. Another issue is competition. The competition will be increasing from day to day and year to year. So the question of how soon we can get the best possible qualification is the need of the hour.
    B. Tech is 4 years course and if you are studying in a good institute there will be many companies coming to the college and recruiting the people for reasonably good salaries say 3 to 5 lakh rupees a year. But all will not get jobs in campus interviews. So you have to be at the top and do better in the written test and interview. Otherwise, you have to come out a search for a job. There are good chances to get a good job immediately if you try hard. If you are without a job for one year the chances will come down as freshers will enter the market.
    B.Sc is basically a science course. They will be teaching more about the theory of computer sciences whereas in B.Tech you will be learning more about the application part of the theory. So definitely for a common job as a software engineer B.Techs are preferred. But many of the jobs these days available can easily be managed by B.Scs also. So some companies started taking B.Scs also at a lower salary.
    After B.Tech if you can clear GATE, you will get very good chances for joining in a good institute for M Tech and these days many of the government companies are giving jobs based on your GATE score. So B.Tech with a good score in GATE you will have a very good career.
    After B.Sc you can go for many other jobs like Bank Jobs, government jobs in administration and also State government jobs. You can do B Ed after B.Sc and you can become a teacher. Otherwise, you can go for M.Sc or MCA and try for a lecturer job. Still, you can go for PhD also. All depends on your interest and chances.
    I have mentioned various chances and courses after B.Sc and B.Tech.
    One more important thing is you should not lose time. Waiting for one year is not the correct aspect. Even after waiting for one year the result will again and depends and no one can assure. That depends fully on your confidence. So I recommend this year itself you should join in a good college either for B.Tech or B.Sc and start pursuing your goals. If I were in your place I will go for B.Sc computer science in a very good university and concentrate on my goal rather than waiting for one year.

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  • Basically both are to pursue the computer science stream or IT area but if you have interest in Govt job or PSU job then simply doing B.Sc. will suffice because after graduation itself you can participate in so many competitive exams for recruitment to State Govt, Central Govt, Railways, PSUs, Defence sector, Post Office, Banking sector etc. So in such a case there is no point in going for B.Tech. as after that also you will have to appear for the same exams.

    On the other hand if you have a real liking for the computer Science and want to excel in the IT area then it may be advisable to go for the B.Tech. course as that will give you insight for the IT industry and after that you can do some specialised courses in IT area of your interest to pursue your desired career line.

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  • Both BSc and Btech have their own features. First of all, you need to decide which type of course you want to take whether Engineering/technology or Arts and science course. If it is Engineering, then I would suggest you go for Btech and if you are after the Arts and science course, then go for BSc. I will list some of the salient features of these courses.

    1. When you enter IT job with Btech, you will be a Systems Engineer/Trainee, whereas if you have BSc, then you will be an Operations execution which is a level below Systems Engineer. With BSc, you will need to get a promotion to become a Systems Engineer.

    2. Definitely, the salary is high when you finish Btech and enter into IT. With BSc, it is usually 30-40% less.

    3. With regards to studying, yes Btech is harder than BSc. Btech is for 4 years and BSc is for 3 years. The course fee is also more for Btech.

    4. If your idea is not to enter into IT and go for Government jobs or Lecturer jobs, then I would suggest BSc is sufficient. You can further do a MSc Computer science or Master of Computer Applications (MCA).


  • It would depend upon your area of passion and your future interest. If you want to have a graduation degree so as to choose the different carriers in the sectors of Banking as Probationary- offices, Management- trainees( Administration) of different public sector undertaking, choosing IAS or State - civil service commission , or a job of clerical nature of the different organisation, a mere graduation degree irrespective of the stream would serve your purpose.
    Now I would illustrate the basic difference between the two courses-
    1) First of all, doing B.Sc in computer in computer - science would allow you to be familiar with different domains in the computers and in that way, you will have sound knowledge on theoretical basis but a degree of B.Tech in Comuter - science would enable you think apply the basics in the practical field and in that way, you will have to execute the jobs with the applications of different tools.
    2) If you want to know the emoluments of the aspirants of having secured a degree in B.Tech in Computer - Science and those of aspirants having a degree in B.Sc in Computer- science, there would be a substantial gap in their pay - packets since in the former case, they are absorbed as Executive- trainees and in the later case, they are absorbed as supervisors assisting the engineers to help in achieving the targets. This trend is applicable in TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant etc.
    3) While looking for the growth of the career and promotion, there would be an excellent growth for the computer - engineers in terms of payment. This could be as much as thirty lakhs per annum within a short span of five years but for the graduates in computer - science, growth would be limited.
    If you want to keep your options opened, B.Sc in Computer - science may be chosen with your ultimate objective to acquire a post graduation degree in computer - science so that you may join as a lecturer in a constituent college after clearing the NET.
    The other options after your graduation degree in Computer - science have been stated above.

  • In both courses, you are given exposure to the computer. No doubt B.Tech is better than BSc because in the former you are given more exposure to computers. Both courses have their own benefits.

    Computer science has the below benefits:

    1. This course has relatively low fees compared to the B.Tech courses.
    2. If you want to pursue your education in computers and you are not getting admission in B.Tech then its better to take admission in B.Sc and pursue MCA after the completion of graduation which is equivalent to B.Tech.
    3. If you have some social responsibility then its better to take admission in B.Sc as it will take 3 years to complete the course and the syllabus is comparatively easier than B.Tech course.

    B. Tech has below benefits:

    1. You will get a higher salary when you complete B.Tech than from B.Sc.
    2. If you pursue B.Tech from a good college then there are chances that you may get a placement through the campus interview.
    3. In B.Tech one gets more exposure to computer than Bsc.
    4. After completion of B.Tech, you have wide career options.


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