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  • How to clear Anna University arrear papers

    Wondering how to clear arrear papers? Searching for tips and guidance to clear the papers and get a good job? Here, on this page check out guidance and suggestions from experts for your queries.

    I have ten arrears in Anna University engineering BTech. I need to clear that. So what should I do for that? I am studying well but my papers are not clearing. I have more stress since I need to finish my degree and go to job for few years.
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  • You have not indicated your status ie in which year you are at present of your B.Tech course.
    I presume that your have already finished the entire course but you need to clear ten backlog papers of different semesters. ( mostly of seventh or eighth semesters) and in order to come out from the present impasse, you may take up the following measures.
    1) You will have to go through the question - papers of past ten years of your University and see him how many times, the questions have been repeated on year to year basis. Once you detect the pattern of repeatations being observed by you in each year, sort out such questions in your diary. Prepare these questions thoroughly and if possible show them to your professors for getting better tips.
    2) Never hesitate in taking any guide - line from your professors. This may be in the form of tutions or for clarifying any doubts emerged in course of studies. Points in relation to clarifications are to noted down and needs periodical revision.
    3) Take the help of your professors how best the backlogs papers can be cleared. Follow their suggestions.
    4) Write down the important formulaes connected with the papers and know its significance and most importantly the situations when the same is to be used.
    5) You may come across many help books in the form of guess where the solutions of each guessed questions have been dealt with clarity. Go through them.

  • You are pursuing B.Tech. from Anna University but in the process you have 10 numbers of arrears accumulated. Now 10 numbers of arrears are not a small thing and you will have to rework your study hours and the strategy to complete them in time. Please remember that universities do not give unlimited time to cover and complete the arrears in B.Tech. course. The general procedure is that maximum 3 extra years are allowed for it. So a student gets a total of 7 years to complete the B.Tech. course (4 for B.Tech. main and 3 for arrears) but why to waste so many years in that. The best thing is revise your study hours in such a way that some time is given exclusively for the arrear papers. You have to take them as seriously as the fresh papers in hand for which you are currently preparing.

    If you are not able to concentrate or focus then you can take help of a coaching teacher who can guide you certain points where you stuck in the syllabus and lose time. Another thing is you can request your teachers or lecturers in your college and seek their help in the matter. Please remember that success does not come to us without hard work and if we are not able to clear the backlog today how we are going to apply for a job and what will happen to our envisaged career if we fail to complete the B.Tech. course in time.

    I will advise you to refrain from all extra curricular activities except some little sports or exercises to keep yourself physically fit and devote all the remaining time in studies. You can chalk out a time table also so that you do not forget a particular paper to cover. One thing which is also important is that generally the syllabus is sequenced in a particular pattern and it is imperative that anything which you learn at an earlier stage will be beneficial later on. Following this philosophy you must take up the oldest arrear first and others subsequently in a phased and continuous manner. Do not pick and choose. You have to anyway complete all of them.

    If you can get some good guide books and solved question papers that might also help you in the matter because practicing the earlier year papers is a good technique to practice the subject pertaining to that part of the syllabus. Make a habit of writing short and crisp notes of your work so that if you again stuck somewhere you can go back and refer it. This site also has a good collection of question papers and do not search only for Anna University but any University B.Tech. papers will be equally valuable for practicing. I assume that if you have taken admission in B.Tech. you must have interest in this technical line. If you are not sure of that then consider it as a future job option and cling to it for a career making. Remember knowledge is not created by itself it is the replacement reward of your hard work which you do to attain it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • 1. Focus and concentration are the Mantra of Success. Arjuna was able to concentrate on the eye of the bird and he shot the bird correctly. But no one from Kauravas or Pandavas could do it. That is why Arjuna is successful.
    2. You have 10 backlogs in your B.Tech.
    3. You will have only 3 years after completing the 4 years study to complete the arrears. Otherwise, you have to study the whole course again.
    4. So keep this in mind and start working hard. 24X 7 you should be in this look out only till you complete your examinations.
    5. Take the help of other people who are presently studying or completed their studies.
    6. If necessary don't hesitate too contact some teachers of Engineering colleges and get your doubts clarified.
    7. Don't waste time on other activities. Concentrate fully on the study.
    8. Try to get some old papers and start answering those papers.
    9. Get some test papers if available and go on reading those books.
    10. Make a road map for your studies and try to study the material as per the plan made.
    11. Instead of concentrating on all the subjects once, concentrate 3 subjects at a time and clear those subjects in one attempt. Then the load will come down and you will get less burden as the time passes.
    12. If any coaching institutes are available try to join in that study well there.

    If you start doing these you will clear your examinations without any problem. Please remeber always focus and determination arethe prime requisties for the success.

    always confident

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