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  • Is it possible to grow olive trees in Amethi District Uttar Pradesh..

    Are you wanting to grow olives in UP? Looking out for advice regarding olive farming and making a career in it? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with advice regarding how to make a full time career in this field.

    I wish to know in detail about farming of olives. I have land for farming about 7 acres situated at Amethi District Uttar Pradesh with Climate graph, Weather by Month in Rae Bareli.

    The least amount of rainfall occurs in November. The average in this month is 1 mm. In August, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average of 325 mm.

    Average temperature, Rae Bareli.
    The temperatures are highest on average in May, at around 34.2 °C. At 16.0 °C on average, January is the coldest month of the year.
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun JUl Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Avg. Temperature (°C) 16 18.7 24.5 30.1 34.2 33.9 30 29 28.9 26.2 20.7 16.8
    Min. Temperature (°C) 8.7 11.1 16.2 21.9 26.9 28.4 26.6 26 25.1 19.9 12.6 9
    Max. Temperature (°C) 23.3 26.3 32.9 38.4 41.6 39.5 33.5 32.1 32.7 32.6 28.9 24.6
    Avg. Temperature (°F) 60.8 65.7 76.1 86.2 93.6 93.0 86.0 84.2 84.0 79.2 69.3 62.2
    Min. Temperature (°F) 47.7 52.0 61.2 71.4 80.4 83.1 79.9 78.8 77.2 67.8 54.7 48.2
    Max. Temperature (°F) 73.9 79.3 91.2 101.1 106.9 103.1 92.3 89.8 90.9 90.7 84.0 76.3
    Precipitation / Rainfall (mm) 23 10 11 3 8 64 280 325 160 51 1 9

    Request your kind help and also is it advisable to look at Olive farming as a full time career in North India.
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  • Olive is cultivated or grown in mainly mediterranean regions of the world. It can survive best in these climates. In India it is already being grown in Rajasthan since 2007 (and it has 7 big farms having plants about 74000 in numbers) and currently is being grown in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. They require a low level of rainfall. The ideal climate for the olive trees/bushes are a long hot summer and a cool winter.

    As you are going to start olive farming in Amethi in UP, I will suggest you to have a visit to the olive farms in Rajasthan and get the details of fertilisers, irrigation and other aspect as Rajasthan has successfully grown the olive trees/ bushes there and the production of olive oil is almost started by them. You will have to find out the exact varieties of olive plantation suitable to your region as earmarked by the agricultural research centres in our country. All this information you can get from Rajasthan farms. A few addresses of such farms are as follows -

    1. Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited, Dhindol, Bassi, Rajasthan, Phone: 099281 85736.
    2. Vishesh oasis olive farm, 3 Vgm Guluwali, Rajasthan, Phone: 098868 31278.
    3. Barore Olive farm by Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited, Olive Cultivation Limited, Baore Olive farm, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, Phone: 099289 90006.

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  • The following are the climatic requirements for olive trees cultivation:
    1. Winter should not be very severe. It should be moderate only.
    2. The summer should be very long. It should be warm.
    3. Humidity in the air should be less.
    4. The dry atmosphere is required.
    5. Rainfall is not required much.
    6. Rains during summer may cause some infections.

    Now based on the information given by you in your post, I am of the opinion that there will not be any problem but initially, you have to be more watchful and more attention is to be paid. I suggest you approach the nearest agricultural research centre of CSIR and take the advice of the scientists there and decide on the varieties which will be better for the place you are thinking. They will help you and guide you in all possible ways.

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  • Olive tree is mainly grown in the Mediterranean region, i.e., in the areas adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, Amroha in Western Uttar Pradesh is located far away from the sea. It is dusty and humid. Amroha is very hot in summer and witnesses a relatively low temperature during winter.

    So, Amroha is not suitable for planting and growing the Olive tree. If you are determined to plant Olive trees at Amroha, you can obtain the advice of Agricultural Scientist(s).

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