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  • What is the difference between a business visa and a work visa?

    Confused between a business visa and a work visa? Unsure which to apply for if going abroad to work on a project? Learn from experts the difference between the two types of Visas and understand which is the correct one to apply for.

    For the purpose of visiting a country to work for one or two months, which Visa is the best to apply for? The work may be related to an information technology project. In such a case, which would be inexpensive and the most suitable visa to apply for to work abroad, such as in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, USA or New Zealand? How does a business Visa differ from a work Visa?
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  • You can't go on business for working even for two months or even less. My brother went to America for 3 months and his company sent him on a business visa only.
    The important and main difference between a business visa and a working visa is this only. A business visa will be given only for works other than work or employment. The employment may be temporary for two months or more. A working visa is for a job which may be a white-collar job or blue-collar job.
    A business visa is given mainly due to attend meetings, training without any payment, business event, attending conferences and business events. If your company has exported something to other countries, the company can send some people to that country for the installation of the equipment or training some people for operating that equipment and related jobs.

    Global working will be given to the people who want to earn an income or salary overseas. You have to take working visa irrespective of the nature of work. The work may be temporary work or permanent work. It may be work in the retail field or contact labour working under a contractor. If somebody is going for contract works such as organising an event or assembling an exhibit etc.
    There are some organisations which will guide on the issues of this business visa and working visa against some payment. If you still want to get the clarification you can contact such companies.
    You should understand that there will be some differences between country to country on these rules. So when you approach such companies they may want you to give the specific name of the country.
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  • Business Visa is strictly for business dealings and negotiations etc. You cannot work on a business visa. It would be illegal to seek employment on a business visa. You cannot just apply for a business visa. You will have to provide proof and related documents to show that you are visiting a country on business. On a business visa, you can attend meetings, get trained and deal in a business where you are neither paid nor employed.

    Work Visa is usually given to those candidates who have a job offer in a foreign country. The employer in a foreign country must sponsor the foreign national. Different countries have different rules, and both the employer and employee must meet the requirements for the visa to be granted.

    You cannot use a business visa to work abroad, neither can you apply for a work visa without an offer. Business visa is given for short term, whereas work visa is given for a longer duration.

  • The basic difference between the business VISA and work VISA is that in business VISA one can not engage in any gainful work or employment in that country but the work VISA entitles the person to do the specified work activity for the specified period in that country.

    Different countries have different VISA categories for the people going there. Most of the countries have two main categories of VISA - one is temporary visitors VISA and other is work permit VISA.

    For example US has many types of VISA for people entering in US but main are Business VISA (B-1 VISA), Tourism/ Vacation VISA (B-2 VISA) and Temporary worker VISA (H-2A or H-2B). Business VISA (B-1) is for official meetings, business meetings, conferences etc. Tourist VISA (B-2) is for the people going for travel, sightseeing and enjoying. Then comes the most important VISA that is temporary worker VISA (H-2A or H-2B). H-2A is for seasonal agriculture work while H-2B is for non agricultural work.

    In Saudi Arabia, there are various types of VISA but most common are Tourist VISA and Employment VISA. One can apply for Tourist VISA for the purpose of visiting the places but to get the employment VISA one has to get a confirmation letter of engagement from the employer in Saudi Arabia and then only employment VISA will be issued from the Saudi Arabia embassy.

    For New Zealand the tourist VISA is easily available and for Indian citizen it is available in eVISA mode. The other most common VISA is Work VISA for which a confirmatory job placement order is required from the Immigration New Zealand accredited employer and one will have to meet certain age, health and character requirement and certification to that extent.

    In Dubai if one wants to go as a tourist from India then the VISA process is pretty simple. One can get a VISA on arrival in Dubai. As regards the work VISA in Dubai if one can get an employment contract from a prospective employer then it is easy to get the work VISA for Dubai. I think, to get Dubai work VISA is most hassle free.

    Above are the details regarding the countries mentioned and asked in the query but I want to add the Canada VISA also here as Canada is a prospective work destination for work and job. In Canada, tourist VISA is available just like the US and for work permit VISA one has to get the confirmatory letter from an employer. In Canada there is an agency known as LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and the job offer should be approved by it then only one will get the work permit VISA. Why Canada is considered an important destination, because there are job and labour opportunities especially in the Northern cold locations in Canada.

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  • If you are going abroad for work purpose then the best visa to apply is a work visa. As the name indicates, a business visa is only for business dealings. It is usually for very short term from few weeks to few months. This visa will be entirely sponsored by the company for which you are visiting abroad.

    As Business visa is arranged by the company, it usually comes with some benefits such as business class travel, full accommodation costs including food and stays, all travel reimbursements, etc., Please note that you cannot start working normally with a business visa.

    On the other hand, if you going work for a company longer time or even if it is 2 months you need to get a work visa. In most cases, the visa and ticket cost is sponsored by the company you work for. But once you reach abroad, then the accommodation will be at your own cost. The work visa will allow you to work until the validity date specified.

    If it is an IT company, usually they initiate the work visa process and book tickets for your travel. Depending on the country for which you are applying for, the visa processing times vary.


  • Bussiness- visa as the name suggests is the the permit to visit a country just to have bussiness- exchange or for the promotional activities of the Bussiness. It would for a short - duration say for maximum three months and the visitors would discuss for the improvement of quality of the existing product being exported from that country to the consumer of the different origin. The Bussiness visa provides the opportunities for the attendants to have full discussions relating to different parameters to augment bussiness.
    Now while talking to work visa, an employee of a company is allowed to go in a different country with the purpose of carrying out the job of the company in a foreign destination and under such condition duration would be longer and this needs the approval of the authorities of the visiting country. Numerous IT countries of Indian - origin such as employees of TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc are working in USA with the approval of H- 2 B visas by the appropriate authorities.

  • A person visiting another country with business visa can't work in the country which he is visiting. If he/she is found to do so, the Government of that country can take penal action against him/her/ organization where the person is working. On the other hand, work visa is given only to such persons who have job offers from the country or any organization from that country. It is, generally, of much longer duration than a business visa.

    If you want to visit another country for tourism purpose, you can apply for a tourist visa.

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