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  • Is it possible to get selected into u19 if have glasses

    Aspiring to make a career in cricket and get selected in U19 cricket team in spite of having glasses? Searching for the correct eligibility criteria? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers for all your queries.

    I go to an academy and I am a batting all rounder. Is it possible to get selected to u19 cricket team is you have glasses. Is it possible to make into the Indian cricket team with glasses, cause I am scared that I will work hard and in the end, I wont get selected cause I wear glasses?
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  • I know some test players who were playing the game with glasses. So there will not be any problem. Another point is that you can go for laser treatment or you can use contact lenses in case of any problem with the glasses. So don't think about that point much and focus on the game and continue your efforts. You will be successful in your trials.
    Pautadi was the Indian captain. He played cricket with only one eye. He was the best batsman of those days. Clive Lloyd is another great cricketer who was having glasses and defective eyesight. Anil Kumble is another example of this. So you have every chance of making it to U19.
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  • One can wear the specs and there is no problem on that but the thing is that the specs are sometimes an obstacle and hindrance for the player himself. So what is advisable is to wear contact lenses as far as possible. There are many players who wore glasses while playing and once you have become habitual to play wearing them then they will not create much inconvenience.

    Daniel Vettori belonging to New Zealand is known as most disciplined bowler of his time and is a legend in New Zealand cricket. He used to wear specs regularly.

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  • No issues in it you may continue. There were players like Narender Hirwani, Anil Kumble who used to wear glasses. If you find it difficult to play while specs are on you may go for a surgery if your budget allows or can use contact glasses for the same.


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  • There is no bar in using specs by a cricketer. I know that Anshuman Gaikwad and Gopal Bose, two Indian openers, used to use specs during their playing days. Paul Allott was an England fast bowler who was bespectacled. There are many such examples.

    Nowadays, cricketers don't use specs, they use contact lens instead. But there is no bar in using specs by any cricketer at any level. Don't worry about that.

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