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  • As per experience not getting better opportunities

    Have a query about improving scope in the field of mechanical engineering? Want advice regarding whether and how to try for a job abroad? On this Ask Expert page find advice from our experts and decide further plan of action.

    I am a B.E Mechanical engineer and I have a 3years of experience in galvanizing industry but as per field I'm not getting opportunities and growth please help me to get better opportunities. Should I go for other course or anything?
    How to change my field.?
    Or should I try for abroad jobs?
    And how I can get a abroad job?
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  • For an engineering graduate in mechanical stream there are many options as many industries hire them for their work. Some of these industries are automobiles, aeronautical, oil and gas sector, metals and minerals industry, manufacturing, fabrication, air conditioning and refrigeration, refineries, shipping, design and engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, energy conservation, environmental engineering etc. It is also correct that though opportunities are there but due to large number of qualified people vying for jobs, there is fierce competition. In this situation one has to work hard to compete with others to excel in any field for making a bright career.

    Please keep a close watch in news papers or media on the various openings in the different sectors and selectively apply for jobs so that if opportunity comes you can switch your job. As you have some experience in metal treatment area so you can definitely look preferably in the metal and mineral processing and trading industries.

    If you feel that you are stagnated in the present job and the future prospects are also not bright then there are some areas where one can think to acquire additional qualification so that switching the job may become a reality. Some of these options are going for M.Tech. in mechanical stream, MBA, diploma course in piping design and engineering, course in Robotics, course in Mechatronics etc.

    Another important point is that a mechanical engineer can also think of joining some jobs which may not pertain to its core area but are possible to manage with some learnings and hard work and have a good career potential. These areas are in the field of Logistics, Operations management, Input planning (procurement, purchasing and buying), Warehousing, Supply chain management, Technical consulting, Private teaching and coaching etc. So depending upon one's interest and liking such areas can also be explored.

    Going abroad for job will require either some educational qualification in the related stream from that particular country or getting an employment letter from an employer abroad. Without sponsoring one will not get work Visa for that country. For acquiring additional education, one has also to be financially capable to cope up with the expenditure on education there. If one can financially afford then that is also a good option to go for a related course in the foreign institution and then try for the job there itself.

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  • You are a Mechanical Engineer with 3 years of experience in the galvanising industry. BE with 3 years experience in the galvanising industry is a very good asset and you will get many opportunities. Galvanising is a very common process and there are many general industries where they will have galvanisation also as a part of their process.
    There are many industries where metals are handled and they will be doing many metal finishing works. You can try in such industries. Please post your resume in and You will get alerts from them for suitable jobs and you can apply for them. You can also search and find out the suitable jobs and apply for them. You will get good jobs. You can also have your account on Linkedin. com and you can post a detailed resume there.
    You can also see various newspapers and if any suitable job is there you can apply for it.
    If you have an interest and if you can work hard you can think of appearing for GATE examination. These days many government undertakings are offering jobs based on the GATE score. So that will be an advantage to you.
    Another option is to go for an MBA course. There are some good institutes which are offering MBA on a part-time basis. They will have their study centres in different places and you can go there and get your course materials and you can attend classes on the weekends. But you should select a good institute.
    If you are interested in teaching line you can try for a job as a lecturer in any private college and while working there you can complete your M Tech and they go for NET examination and you will get lecturer post with UGC scales once you clear you NET.
    These days even mechanical engineers are also going for IT jobs. But already you passed the exam three years back and many companies prefer fresh or one year experienced persons. But there are some small companies where they may appoint a person who passed earlier also. Your experience will not have any advantage and for a better prospectus, you have to put in some expereince. So I feel it is not a very wise option.
    Based on your age you can also apply for Bank jobs and you can join there also.
    Coming to foreign jobs, I think you may have to acquire additional qualifications and getting a suitable job with your expereince and qualification is a difficult proposition. If you get a seat for higher studies you can go dor studying there and then can try for a job.

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  • If you have intention to change your job/sector then you have to be on the constant look out for openings . You also have to update yourself in your field.

    1. If you want to stick to the industry you are now employed, but want to join another company in the same field:
    You have to familiarise yourself with the various developments in the field and update and equip yourself for better job. You may interact with your superiors or peers in your own company and know if some previous employees in the company had quit and joined better jobs. Contacting those people and get the details and opportunities.
    Read all relevant publishing like magazine and books on the industry coming to your company or read from the libraries of Engineers Organisation or Industry Chapters. That will help you. Register yourself in suitable employment/recruitment portals.

    2. If you want to change your sector and try for a job in any other suitable sector/industry:
    Read the general newspapers and employment magazines/newspapers and apply for suitable jobs. Look for advertisements coming from various sectors for general jobs with mass recruitment. Apply for those suitable for you as per eligibility.

    3. Take up any courses that have more employment potential only after deciding what type of jobs you want . If so decided study well to come out with good grades and good n employable knowledge.
    4. For overseas jobs also you have newspapers and employment journals coming with advertisements and announcements.
    5. Leave the current job only after getting a better job(or a better decided course). It is easy to leave a job, but not so easy to get a new job.

  • Being a Mechanical - engineer graduate, there exists a lot of oppurtunities in the different sectors such as ONGC, SAIL, NTPC, DVC, TISCO, HCL etc.
    As you have stated that you are having experience in the galvanising industry which means you have added experience in the area of steel - industry where Alumunium is used for the external coating and a brighter surface is achieved on the external surface. Now you may look for these areas for your absorption in the Mechanical - field.
    1) You may look out the English leading papers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindus etc where you may come across the advertisements of different Public Sectors interested to absorb Graduate - trainees of the different streams with some fixed number of vacancies. Being a graduate in Mechanical- engineering with your agreegate of 65 percent marks consistently, you will be eligible to apply for such a vacancy. With a little devotion in your core subject and awareness of your Reasoning and Mathematical ability, you can qualify in such tests offering you abundant growth in your line.
    2) In your existing area, talk with your your superiors how best you can enhance your skill in the given area. You may go through the Metallurgical- engineering books where you can learn the art of superior - coating with some variables of temp and composition of the material to be coated. Later, you may have job - switch with your accumulated experience with better emoluments.
    3) You can think of qualifying GATE and with a grand scoring, you may be absorbed in the different organisations with additional increments in both Public or Private - Sectors.
    4) Doing MBA side by side with your occupation in the present job in the area of Industrial- engineering, Operation - management, Human Resources Management through IGNOU or in some similar distance course, would enhance your employability status in other organisation.
    5) if interested for CAD, you may go through it so that you may join a job needing this certification.
    6) You should not leave your current job without having a confirmed job in a reputed sector.

  • The job options for you are already suggested in previous posts.
    There are many government firms working in your field and you need to qualify the entrance examinations for the same. These government jobs will offer you excellent package, perks, and good progress.
    Another option is to pursue M.Tech and then Ph.D. This is an option for those who are seeking a career in the field of innovation and research. You can apply in many foreign universities as it is easier for a candidate with an experience like you. Once you are there, you can earn a stipend, or can get a permit for part-time work depending upon your university and course.
    After completion of the course, you will be able to get a good job in that country itself.


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