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  • Stomach pain but all reports are normal?

    Suffering from stomach pain but cannot identify the reasons for the same? Searching for the reasons and remedies to resolve the pain? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out advice provided for yuor question.

    My one kids gets Stomach pain every one or two month but all reports are normal after all test like ultrasound and blood test. Doctors only do Research and Development on medicine they do not say exact reason. Every time reason is like water infection and food poisoning.
    Due to that pain appendix operation also done but result is same after that difference is previously pain come every month but now its come in every 2 month.

    Can anyone advice something good to resolve it permanently. In Mumbai Doctor do not have much time to waste time in one patient only.
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  • The reason for this problem may be the acidity. When we have the acidity problem we will get pain and it will be very severe also. My son faced a similar problem when he was young and we referred to him to many doctors. But no use. Finally, we have referred him to a very famous gastroenterologist in Hyderabad. He identified the problem and he gave suitable medicine and then it stopped. After that, he never faced any such problem. Presently Asian gastroenterology Institute of Nagesawars Reddy is very famous. If such doctors are available in Mumbai you can refer him to such doctor.

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  • There are various reasons for stomach pain like acidity, food poisoning, stomach virus, indigestion, urinary tract infections, appendix, gallbladder, a hernia, ovary, testicles, or stomach ulcers. When you find that the pain is not subduing it is time to find complete solution by visiting a good child specialist who can provide you or help you more reference to the concern hospital or specialist.

    Some of the points to check before you consult a doctor are:
    1. If your child complain of stomach ache and passes blood with the stool, that can be a cause of serious infection, inflammatory bowel disease, or another intestinal problem.
    2. If the child complain of stomach ache and tells that the urine is red in color or hurts while urinating, it is a sign of urinary tract infections.
    3. Some children have stomach ache after consuming certain food or drinks, you can have a check on the food that your child is eating and check if he complains of stomach ache after eating certain food, that may be that he has allergy to some food and try to avoid it in his diet.
    4. It is always advisable to have a set of test done and then finalise the course of medicine and remedy.

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  • Despite the best efforts of the physicians, hyper acidity of the stomach cannot be resolved with the present system of Allopathic - medicines. They inject Beralgon injection for the subsidy of the pain and offer some antacids to be chewed. However, there is no permanent relief with such prescriptions. If the blood reports, Endescopy. Ultra - sound does not any relief, you may do the following approaches in order to have permanent relief from this troublesome pain.
    1) Take around 10 odd Raisin - pieces and in the night, pour the same in around 100 ml of water. The Raisins should be thoroughly washed prior to its soaking in the water. Let it be soaked over night and early in the morning, this Raisins along with the water should be consumed with the thorough mastication of Raisins apart from gulping down the resultant water. This should be continued for two months at least for the complete removal of the acidity. Raisins being a natural source of Vitamin B, Iron, Mg, Ca, Phosphoros would nourish the entire system of the body. It will also be helpful for his Aneamatic case, if he is having any.
    2) Guduchi is known for the alleviation of the three doshas of the system. Septiline produced by Himalaya - drug contains number of herbs including Guduchi enhancing the defence - system of metabolism and its consumption of one tea - spoon twice a day for two months will eliminate the acid - episode permanently.
    3) Fruits particularly Apples, Carrots, Grapes should be given to him regularly. This would take care of the excess acidity.
    4) Spicy and oily foods are to be avoided till he is not fully cured of this disorder.
    5) Refrain him taking water immediately after meal, there should be at least half an hour gap.
    6) Vigorous walking in the morning for at least half an hour is the best exercise for toning up the entire system including the digestive one.

  • Children can have stomach pain due to various reasons like acidity, allergy from food, dehydration, infection, stomach disorder, gas formation etc. Doctors will diagnose it with tests and give the required medicines to cure it. If the diagnosis is not perfect then the problem may persist.

    In such a situation sometimes the home remedies also help and solve the problems miraculously. Some of the measures suggested are -

    1. The children should not have conditions of dehydration. We should give them clear liquids like water, diluted fruit juice, diluted vegetable soup etc. This will keep the digestive system in good conditions.
    2. It is advisable to give them the bland foods which are easy to digest. Some of them are low fat dairy products, crackers, peeled and grated fruits, ripe banana, over cooked rice and vegetables etc.
    3. Some times hot water bottle placement over the place of pain helps in relieving it due to the increased blood flow in the region.
    4. Rubbing the bottom of the foot is also known to help through the reflexology technique as some of the nerves going from the bottom of the foot are believed to sooth the pain.
    5. Give a little of yoghurt to the child everyday as it is a source of good bacteria for the gut.
    6. The children should be encouraged to go out and have outdoor activities so that they get a good amount of exercise to keep the body resistant enough to fight any attack of infection or ailment.
    7. If the children are having constipation then it is advisable to give them little fibre (about a half cup) through intake of cherries, raisins, apricots, and prunes.
    8. Chamomile tea or Ginger tea or Peppermint tea (half to one cup) are also known effective in stomach pain conditions and can be given to the child.

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  • It is not given what is the age of the child.
    Now that as you say"all reports are normal after all test like ultrasound and blood test. ", my suggestion is you visit a qualified and experienced approved Ayurveda doctor. It may be that the child has a weak digestive system or prone to easy disturbances in stomach and intestines.
    An experienced Ayurvedic doctor can prescribe suitable medicines. As the Ayurvedic medicines do not have side effects you need not worry about that also. May be the medicines have to be taken regularly for a period and some kind of restrictions observed in food, if needed.
    In the meantime give the child a tablespoon of Dasamoolarisht +Jeerakadyarisht mixed in equal quantity after meals two times a day.. Alternatively you can get the mix readymade from the Ayurvedic/native medicine stores. That is helpful in improving digestion and controlling general stomach disorders. If the child is very young then give medicine only under medical advice.

  • I am not a medical professional and am basing my answer purely on experience. I have suffered from severe stomach ache, resulting in admission in the ICU. However, this happened to me as an adult. All tests were negative, but the pain was periodic and unbearable.

    Finally, a doctor recommended that I do a food allergen test. Before the episodes, I was aware that I was allergic to sea-food and avoided it. Anyway, a patch test revealed that I was allergic to gluten, which is naturally present in wheat. Your child's problem could be food-related.

    In India, we do not take food allergies seriously. Gluten-intolerance is quite common and can cause stomach pain and gastric problems. Other common foods that people can be allergic to include milk and all dairy (lactose intolerance), peanuts and other nuts, eggs, chocolate, brinjal, fish, soy, and fish and prawns etc.

    I advise you to either get your child tested for allergens or keep a note of what he eats to identify the triggers and avoid them. There are different types of tests available, and it is best to go for a test when the child has the pain.

    If you can remember what the child ate, within the last 24 hours of the episode, it could help establish a pattern. Maintain a food diary and jot down everything the child eats. Ask the child to not eat anything outside, even from a friend's tiffin.

    The other reason for stomach-ache could be psychological. Is the child under some stress? I don't want to scare you, but, I am saying this from experience, having worked with children, child-abuse can also manifest itself into stomach aches. It could be bullying by peers, or physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Is the child's behaviour normal, or is the child withdrawn?

    I am hoping that you find a solution to the problem and that your child recovers soon. Good luck.

  • Not only for children but for elders also the following mixtrur can be given fortnightly or at least once in a month.
    (Betel leaves -two,ajwain seeds-one spoon,garlic-1 clove,little asafoitida,little rocksalt)grind all smoothly with some water. This mixture can be used by filtering, if necessary.
    This mixture is given to us by our mother since our childhood and even today I am taking.

  • It is difficult to comment without knowing the age of the kid but in the age of around 3 to 7 years, the stomach pain can occur due to worms in stomach and doctors advise giving a dose of wormicide in every 6 months. They are available in all the medical stores and you can buy mentioning the age of your kid.
    As you have mentioned, all related tests are done but nothing got detected, the problem can be related to metabolism. You can start a regular dose of Liv 52 syrup which is good for the stomach and has no side effects. Another option is to give Gripe water but here are some people including doctors who say no for it. So, you may take a call or go for Liv 52.

    As you mentioned about the treatment in Mumbai, there is a Doctor- Dr. Bharati Machhar, having a small clinic in Malad west. I don't know about her specialization but she is the only one solution for my all kind of problems. She explains the problem to parents and not just prescribes the medicine.


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