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  • Army family pension for second wife of deceased soldier

    Are you facing an issue regarding family pension? Want to know the pension application process in case of a name mismatch? Find responses from experts here.

    My relative retired from army. His wife passed away but her name is not matching in the army records. The second wife also passed away but the family pension they are demanding death certificate with the mismatched name.
    What should I do?
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  • The question is not complete. As far as I understand, in the Army records, the name of the first wife is mentioned. The information regarding her death was not revealed. The name of the second wife was not included after the marriage. So, naturally, the Army authorities would seek the death certificate of the first wife.

    But, why family pension? Who will get the family pension? From the question, I get the impression that the pensioner is still alive. So, there is no question of family pension. After the death of the pensioner, the question of family pension would arise.

    Please give details for a proper answer. At the same time, kindly furnish the death certificate of the first wife, the marriage registration certificate of the second wife and then her death certificate to the Army authorities.

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  • Your question is not very clear.
    1. Is the retired person is still alive now. In such case he will get the pension. Then there is no question of his family getting a separate pension.
    2. Is that the retired person not getting the pension as there is a problem with the name of the wife. In such case he has to produce proof of his wife's name and proof of marriage and death certificate of the wife. After that her name will be corrected and needful will be done.
    3. In case the army person is no much RE his wife will get the family pension. But as per your question both wives are no more . As such tomwhom you are asking for family pension.

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  • From the title of the query it is clear that the army person is not alive and from the other details in the question it is clear that both the wives also have died.

    In such cases the family pension is granted to the dependent son/daughter below 25 years of age. The quantum of this pension is generally 30% of the last emoluments of the army man. To claim this pension the death certificate of both the wives will be required. If there is a name mismatch then that will be a problem and one can try by submitting legal affidavit in the matter. I am not sure whether such affidavits are considered posthumously also. I will suggest you to contact the District Level Army Welfare office in this regard and they can give you more information in the matter.

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  • Further to my previous answer, if the pensioner is no longer alive, then, in the present circumstances, only the dependent child/children from the first wife below 25 years of age, is/are eligible for family pension. This is because, in Army records, the death of the first wife has not been mentioned and the marriage with the second wife is not recorded.

    In this case, the death certificate of the first wife is required to be submitted for grant of family pension to the dependent children of the first wife, if any.

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  • Since the Army personnel is deceased, there is no way to alter the Pension Pay Order (PPO) documents or the records held by the pension office. You cannot include the names of the dead wife, either the first or the second now. The changes should have been made by him, while he was living, as it was he who had been in service, and it is his pension. A third person is not entitled to initiate changes.

    The service records should have the wife's name. Is the first wife's name showing in the records? When did he remarry? Was it after his retirement? If he had married the second time while still in service, he should have provided the second wife's name in the pension-related documents at the time of his release from service. The Services have made it mandatory for personnel to open a joint account, with the wife, for the pension payment. Check who is the joint holder in his bank pension account.

    Family pension is given to the wife, unmarried dependent sons below 25years of age and, unmarried, divorced or widowed daughters as long as they are single and unemployed. Disabled children receive a pension for life. They must be from a marriage mentioned in the service record.

    Check his PPO; it should have the name of the wife mentioned. Does it match the name of one of the dead wives? The pension document is very important. This piece of paper decides who gets the pension, provided the individual can prove their identity through PAN card or Aadhar Card.

    This appears to be a tricky case. You can approach the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) at Allahabad or lodge a complaint on the official website ( The other alternative is to fight a legal battle, provided the marriage can be proven, and there is nobody else involved. There should not be another wife, whose name shows in the records.

    There have been cases where more than one wife shows up to claim pension and other benefits. Hence, retirement dues and pension are given only to the spouse or dependent children whose name appear in the pension documents.

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