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    Is Meesho reseller app genuine and safe?

    Wondering whether an online reseller app is genuine or not? Looking out for advice regarding the genuinity? On this Ask Expert page find advice from experts for your query.

    I want to know about the trustworthiness of the Meesho reselling application that allows work and earn online(that's what they mention). Is it a scam or safe to use? There are videos Meesho users showing payment proofs but is it genuinely possible to earn through Meesho app? Because nowadays, showing a fake video is no wonder. Some precise answers please.
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  • I heard about this app. But I never used it. But one of my friends was using meesho from more than one year. I had a discussion with him and he says it is a good app. and it is safe. He says that he is receiving the commission from them regularly on time.

    They regularly post new updates. My friend feels that because of these updates selling can be fast and to can earn good commission. You can find many new-generation products also.

    After talking to him I have gone through various web pages and seen the remarks of various members. There is a mixed reaction. Some reports are very good and there are some negative reports also.

    However, I feel there is nothing wrong in giving a try.

    always confident

  • There are many online reseller platforms and Meesho is one of them. It is a reliable app.

    This app was developed by two Indians Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in December 2015. They are IIT graduates. This platform enables individuals and small businessmen to have their own online store in this app via the popular social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Meesho headquarter is in Bengaluru.

    Meesho was in news because of many good reasons like in 2016 it was selected for Y Combinator seed program and was also a part of first batch of Google Launchpad - Solve program for India. Facebook has also invested in this start up company. So far Meesho has got a good funding from various investors including angel investors.

    One can earn using Meesho by selling fashion articles or lifestyle products or any other attractive products on Whatsapp and Facebook. There is large number of items presented in Meesho for selling and if one is able to sell them through social media one can earn one's commission on that. All payments will go to Meesho and they will deposit the commission in one's bank account.

    Doing business through social media is not so easy and straightforward and hence one has to understand the modalities well before entering this field.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Meesho is an affiliate marketing app, you get a lot of products that you share on your WhatsApp or on your social media account, so if any person has bought that item from your link, then you are paid their commission. The rest is different from the appellate marketing products, in such a way that you can dispose of your commission within it. Now come how much you can earn or you can earn from it. You can earn a lot from this, but I would like to tell you the truth of it, within it you should have a good user base to earn, only then you can earn from it, otherwise, you will not be able to earn it. The items inside it are much more expensive than before and then if you add your commission inside it then it becomes even more expensive which is not user-friendly. Now let me tell you directly if you work inside it, there is no user base like an ordinary person, you come directly into it and download and then you want to start earning, then you do not work. Because inside it only those people who have a good user base cannot earn from an ordinary person and this is the bitter truth. If your user base is good, if you make youtube videos or you have good friends on any social site, then you can earn it by sharing them otherwise you don't waste time on it because I am an ordinary person I am telling you that you will not be able to earn.

  • Yes, Meesho is a trustworthy App. All the payments are safe and secure, there is no kind of fraud or scam.

    Few Benefits of using this App:

    1. Any individual can download the app and create a user id and start selling product.
    2. Commission is decided by the seller. (At the time of payment option, we find a column for Amount to be collected from customer. There we can add the commission amount + Actual product cost.)
    3. Support Team is very cooperative.
    4. Delivery of the product is done before the estimated time given by the Seller.
    5. Most important the Product quality is Excellent.

    I am also using this app since last six months, looking at my personal experience I felt this as a trustworthy and useful app. Recently I have ordered Three Kitchen Set container, by mistake the delivery agent have delivered me only one set. Soon after receiving my order I raised a complaint with Support team and within 48 hours they have Transferred me the refund. This is the reason why I feel this as a safe and secure app.

  • Meesho is a reliable apparatus from where you can earn some money with your indulgence. The payments are made instantaneously and such payments are safe and secure. You need to sell their products and start earning commission decided by the sellers.
    You will have to download their apparatus using your ID. The supporting team is very cooperative in case you raise any doubt. Moreover, the delivery very time is quite satisfactory in the sense the product would reach to you within 48 hours. The product/ products received from their ends are of superior quality. Payments in respect of commission would reach to your bank account within 48 hours.

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