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  • Is Facebook planning to launch new Tiktok?

    Want to know if facebook is planning to launch tiktok? Searching for detailed information to resolve this issue? On this Ask Expert page find responses from experts.

    The speculations have come around me while the facebook, the Stem from facebook hiring Jason toff, who earlier worked as a twitter short video sharing service line.
    with facebook roping in former google employee speculation rife about the social network giant preparing the launch of a competitor to the short video sharing app "TIKTOK".
    "I Suppose to its a good time to share that what i"m up to next level! In two weeks i"l be joining Facebook as a PM Director starting up a new initiative under the recently formed NPE team" -TOFF
    announced on Twitter.
    last week, Facebook NPE team has aimed at developing experimental apps for consumers.
    In GOOGLE, Toff worked on VR(virtual reality) Projects as well as on googles incubator concept.
    - which is similar concept of NPE Team ,the verge reported.

    The worlds largest social media platform last week announced that it will begin to launch new focused apps under the developer name -NPE team,Facebook

    Owned by the beijing based start up company BYTE DANCE, TIKTOK saw its first time installs grow 28% year by year for the first half of 2019. atwo week ban in india during Q2, revealed an estimate by mobile app .
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  • Mr Ramakrishna, before responding to your query I will advise you to please put your question with clarity and conciseness otherwise it will be difficult for the responder to give an appropriate and relevant answer. Another thing is you must write the query in your own language, however simple it may be, rather than taking directly from a news item. I hope you will take care in these things in future. You being a new member In ISC, it is our privilege and responsibility to guide you to learn good writing skills in this site.

    Now, coming back to you query, it is true that Facebook has appointed Jason Toff as Product Management Director. He will head the recently formed NPE (New Product Experimentation) team. Mr Toff was earlier working in Twitter and was the Manager for its short video sharing service known as Vine. He later moved to Google and worked there in a key position and now has joined Facebook.

    In the online social media industry some people are thinking that Mr Toff having experience in short videos applications may produce a competitive app like TikTok which is very popular and famous.

    It makes sense to compete with TikTok as it is a valuable company and has an estimated 100-130 million active users. It is also estimated that this app has been downloaded by about 800 million people since its inception. The company is worth $75 billion which is a staggering figure.

    Incidentally TikTok was banned in India but now reversed but still the app is not available here to download. In this situation if another company introduces a similar product quickly then it can be at an advantageous position.

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  • Sir, what is your exact question? From which source have you taken this informative post?

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