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  • How to apply for quality analyst post in BPO in India or abroad

    Planning to enhance career in BPO domain? Looking out for career related advice for options in India and abroad? Check out this page and get answers for all your queries.

    How to apply for quality analyst post in BPO in india or abroad.

    To become QA in BPO what courses one can do which is beneficial in India and abroad?
    I have worked as Sr Customer care in BPO for 5 yrs and want to enhance my career abroad.
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  • Quality analyst post is a specific function in a BPO or call centre environment and keeps a record of the communication made by the call centre executives and analyses them for any deficiencies as regards to service to customer and advises them to improve those practices as well as enhance the quality of their service to the prospective customers. It is definitely a higher position in the organisation and many business houses employ managers for quality analysis and required behaviour modification in the business and commercial services rendered by the BPO employees. Customer is the important entity for the business houses so a quality analyst has to evaluate and identify the key elements in the call between a customer and its executives and then encourage or discourages certain practices of the concerned employee to enhance service quality.

    If you are interested to make a career in that line then with your experience you can present yourself as a good candidate for the same and please be look out for the advertisements of such positions in the leading sites like naukri, linkedin, monsterindia etc. There are many vacancies advertised in these sites and one can choose among them as per the eligible skill sets one has. Positions abroad are also advertised for many countries especially Canada and Australia.

    To enhance ones knowledge in the field one can go for some course in this line. Now a days online courses are also available. Some of the courses one can think of pursuing are Certified Senior Quality Expert Course, Certified Quality Expert, Quality Management etc.

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  • You have five years experience in customer care. The tele callers from BPO will be receiving calls and they will be answering the questions of the customers. The employees of BPO should answer the calls in a very soft way and replies should be point wise and should be able to understand heir issues. Generally, these calls will be getting recorded.. The mod of these quality analysts it to monitor these conversations and understand how the employees of the company are responding to customers. They will be analysing and advising the staff about the required modifications in the way they are responding. These people will bi in senior positions and a very important role is being played by these people.
    These days quality of the business is very important and without giving a quality service sustaining in the market is a difficult proposition. As such these quality analysts will pay an important role.
    You can do a certificate course in total quality management, quality expert certification and you can also do lead auditor certification course. There are many courses related to quality and Infian Statistical Institute is also offering some certification courses. You can choose any of the above and improve your qualification. Coming to job opportunities, There are many opportunities in India as well as abroad also. To get a good job you should look into various newspapers where you will see many advertisements for which you can respond. At the same time place your resume on, and other such job portals. You will get alerts from them and also you can visit those sites and look for suitable posts. You will get a good chance through these sites.

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