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  • Can MID(Internal Marks) in B.Tech can be written or Improved again?

    Are you facing an issue regarding internal marks in BTech? Want to know how to improve the marks and clear the subjects? Check out this page for answers to your query.

    I'm a Student Pursuing 3rd BTech Now and I've no Internal Marks for First Semester(I-I), not even a single mark.
    Without those I'm Unable to clear those Subjects and they have remained as Backlogs.
    My college is an Autonomous Institution (AICTE), is there any kind of way to improve those marks?
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  • Whatever happened is happened and now focus in your studies seriously and try to clear the backlogs as early as possible with the next semester exams. Internal marks are given for the performance during the semester. If you are not attentive and sincere in your academic pursuits such things can happen again.

    I will advise you to give more time to your studies and be attentive to your regular classes and home work if any given to you by the lecturers. If there is any project work allotted to you or a group of students then take part in it with full vigour and interest. Then only you will be able to clear your backlogs.

    Please try to understand that if your backlogs accumulate then you will not be in a position to clear them in time. Most of the colleges or universities give only 3 extra years to clear them. In that case your course will take 4+3=7 years to complete this degree itself. In such case when you will complete it and when you will apply for a job and make a career. If you do not clear your backlogs then your chances for direct absorption in the industry through campus recruitment would also be jeopardised. Hard work is in your own hands and success will automatically come to you if you concentrate in the studies.

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  • Many universities three mid semester examinations will be conducted and best marks obtained will be considered. Once the year is over you can't write again mid semester examinations. The marks will be given by the internal teachers only and generally, people will get good marks. I don"t know what happened in your case.Now the only way is to concentrate on final examinations and clear the backlogs quickly.
    The mid semester rules will vary from university to another university. You have to get the clarification from your college administrators only.

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  • Accumulation of backlogs is a serious matter especially when one lacks interest to clear them in the next subsequent attempt. Under that case, the candidate proceeds with the next semesters with the prescribed papers of that semesters apart from the non cleared papers of the previous ones. Such a burden may distract one from the ongoing studies.
    The best way would be to clear the backlog papers with a greater enthusiasm either by taking help of the professors in a regular way in the form of tutions or one may refer to library today see the set of question - papers of previous years - at least for six to seven years. A thorough preparation in that way for each backlog paper will land you to success.
    Follow this rule to avoid the backlogs and should not be relaxed with the maximum permissible period of three years to clear the black log. Any delay beyond for four years ( Four - year is the normal time to complete the Engineering course) would impact your future career. This has to be kept in mind.

  • The internal marks are obtained by the continuous assessment which will be carried out internally consisting of the following :
    Continuous assessment :
    1. Periodical Test –I & II for Maximum Marks of 12.5 each.
    2. Assignments - Maximum Marks : 10
    3. Attendance - Maximum Marks : 5

    Some college keep only one Periodic test for a complete 25 marks while some keep 2 test for 12.5 marks each. Every subject has 10 to 15 or more assignments on each topic which need to be completed on time for better marks. Every lecture are considered for getting the marks for attendance. A minimum of 75% is required to sit for the exam.

    Attendance : The remaining 5 marks for attendance(Theory and Practical or project work) are awarded as follows:
    - 76% to 80% of attendance – 1 mark
    - 81% to 85% of attendance – 2 marks
    - 86% to 90% of attendance – 3 marks
    - 91% to 95% of attendance – 4 marks
    - 96% to 100% of attendance -5 marks

    Every teacher is required to maintain the record the same to department HOD for checking the syllabus coverage and the records of test marks and attendance. The University or any inspection team appointed by the University may inspect the records of attendance and assessment of both current and previous semesters.

    As these are recorded and cannot be changed or modified, one cannot improve the same after the semester or year. The only improvement a student can do is during the ongoing semester / year. As per your question raised, you won't be able to improve or writ the same for getting internal marks. The only option is that you study well and get the required passing marks and clear your backlog at the earliest to clear you B. Tech with the stipulated time.

    Do try to get an improved score in you 3rd and 4th year of B. Tech that will help in your overall aggregate score or percentage and come out with flying color.

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  • Hey, I am also doing from Gurukul institute of engineering and technology ,Kota(Rajasthan)
    And now I am 4th year student.

    Now, I will help you to clear your doubt that you are in 3rd year and you want to improve your 1st year midterm(internal marks) so the answer is "No" but some of colleges can be allow it. First you should cross check to your college authority.
    That's it..
    I hope your doubt is clear now.

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