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  • Work from home - internet based, where no registration required

    Interested in earning from internet through genuine websites? Want guidance regarding which sites to refer and get decent money on a regular basis? On this Ask Expert page do check out the suggestions for your query.

    Will someone tell us, if there any genuine jobs which are available through net or offline where we can work from home and able to earn decent income.

    We have gone through the net and can able to find 30 to 50 websites and even more and displaying colorful flash messages but not able to give the required information.

    Please guide if there any websites where we can able to spend time and able to earn decent money.
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  • India Study Channel is a very reliable and well known online platform where you can work from home and you can work as per your convenience. The earning will depend on your participation, contributions and quality of your contributions. I recommend this site as the best for earning while learning.
    There are many sites where you can work from home and earn money. Select from the internet and start working you will understand. But first start with ISC.

    Another thing you can do is start your own blog and start posting on that. Once your postings are interesting and if you get good number of clicks you try for adsense programme and you can earn some money.

    always confident

  • As far as Indiastudychannel is concerned, it has established its image way back to 2000 and fortunately the members attached to this channels are the regular contributors in one or more channels. This channel would serve twin purpose firstly offering your view among the members and members, too, would reciprocate their feelings and the other one is a suitable reward in the form of monetary - incentive for your contributions.
    The channels consists of different pplateforms wherein you will contribute regularly such as Article - writing, Expert - response, different competition- write ups making you eligible for consistent incentives.
    Once you attain the membership of Gold with the achievements of minimum 1000 points, you will be entitled to apply for Googleadscene status. There your earnings will be directly proportional to density of traffic- the more the density, more will be earning.
    Of all the considerations, you will have sound mental stimulations with your responses with the esteemed members.

  • As you are an old member you might be aware about this site fully and there are many earning opportunities here if you submit your contributions in various sections and also take part in the contests being arranged time to time.

    Apart from this site there are many opportunities in the net but please note there will be a lot of rush everywhere to make some money and you will have competition everywhere and it is not easy to make a quid buck in the internet. There are some sites which are reliable and authentic but require a lot of hard work if you are really interested to make money there. Let us go through some of these options.

    1. Survey sites - There are many survey sites which remunerate the person who completes it and it is the easiest way as does not require much skill and knowledge. One has to complete survey which normally takes 15 to 30 minutes and depending upon the level of the survey the remuneration can vary from 0.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars per survey. Some of these sites are ViewpointPanel, Lifepoints, Swagbucks, MySurvey, MyPoints, SurveyJunkie etc. Please remember that some sites pay in points and they will be converted later into money. One more thing that one has to remember is that the survey is to be taken at an earliest as it may close anytime. Do not cheat and do not give incorrect information especially the variation in personal information like gender, age, income group, interests etc. If you do that even by mistake, you will be removed for that survey job and survey will be terminated.

    2. HubPages - If you have interest in writing and you can create high class articles then this is the right place for you to earn. Google Adsense account will be required for earning here. There are other sections also like forum section, review section etc.

    3. Amazon Mechanical Turk - They recruit contributors for their site time to time and you can have a look there that whenever they open for vacancies one can register there as a Turk (worker). There will be a number of small jobs which can be taken up and one can earn some money in the process.

    4. Fiverr - This is a site where all sort of jobs are available like editing, writing, correcting, proof reading etc and generally the remuneration starts at 5 dollar per job. One has to grab a job, complete it to the person's satisfaction who has posted it and then the money will be paid through Fiverr.

    5. iWriter - This is a content and article writing place and there are associated earning opportunities here.

    There are some other sites also where one can explore for making earnings. These are as -Wordpress, Crack, About, KnowledgeNuts etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Dear All

    Thank you all for giving the useful information.

    VK Saravann

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