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  • Dark spots near mouth and side effects of hydroquinone

    Suffering from dark spots near the mouth? Wondering what to do if they are getting darker? Our ISC experts shall provide you with advice and remedies to lighten the spots and resolve your concerns.

    I have dark spots near my mouth and chin. I have used number of products to lighten it but there is no effect. After that I have used hyrdoquinone. Now it is getting more darker than before and causes skin irritation. can you suggest what to do to lighten the spots?
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  • Hydroquinone cream should be used only after consultation with a dermatologist and as per prescription. I hope it is what you did. The best person to consult now is your dermatologist. The skin becomes extra sensitive after the use of this chemical and exposure to the sun should be avoided. Skin darkens, despite using this skin lightening cream because of the reaction to the ultraviolet rays. Remember, the skin becomes extra sensitive.

    Hyperpigmentation could be due to a hormonal imbalance. You need to see a doctor who will run a few tests to determine the exact cause.

    Meanwhile, try some home remedies, but before that allow the skin around your mouth to heal. Apply pure aloe vera gel, taken from a real plant, not from a jar. This has a soothing effect and will improve the skin. After about a week try the following home remedies, but note that if the problem is hormonal, the skin colour will not change.

    1. Mix aloe vera gel with lemon juice and apply on the affected area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash with normal water. Can be used daily, but avoid sunlight.
    2. Mix sandalwood powder and honey and gently massage the area around your mouth. Do this on alternate days
    3. Powder massor dal and moong dal. Take equal quantities of the two, mix with rose water and use as a scrub. use once every 15 days
    4. Soak cotton in pure milk (unboiled) and wipe your face with it. The lactic acid in milk has excellent skin lightening properties
    5. Apply a mix of curd, besan (gram flour), haldi (turmeric), sandalwood and honey on your face. Use it as a face pack. Let it dry and then wash with normal water.
    6. Keep your skin moisturised and use one suitable for your skin type
    7. Use an umbrella and wear sunscreen lotion every time you go outdoors
    8. Stay hydrated; make sure you are not constipated and eat a healthy diet - lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
    9. Rub vegetables and fruits on the affected area. Whatever you can find in the kitchen. Potatoes, tomatoes, banana, papaya, orange juice, crushed apples etc.

  • Dark spots on chin or side of the mouth are generally a sign of hyperpigmentation. It is also an indication that more melanin is present at those places where dark colour is exhibited in contrast to surrounding areas. In humans as well as in most of the animals there are these cells present which are known as melanocytes. These cells produce melanin which is a natural pigment in varying shades. Depending upon the exposure of an individual to sun light these cells may produce more or less melanin to protect the skin from ultra violet light. This process of natural protection depends on hereditary traits also and varies from individual to individual. Sometimes some scars are left out after the pimples are dried up and they also look like dark spots. Skin inflammation or endocrine diseases (when a human gland produces too much or too little of a hormone creating a hormone imbalance in the body) can also produce such dark circles on chin or side of the mouth. In such cases an advice of a skin expert or dermatologist would be necessary before using any cream or ointment for reducing the dark spots.

    There are some modern therapies which can be undertaken under the expert dermatologists and they are laser treatment, chemical peel and Microdermabrasion. One should go for these advanced treatments only under a reputed and qualified person.

    There are some home remedies also which are used in such conditions to reduce the darker shades of these spots to normal skin colour. These methods give result after some time only so one must use them for at least a month. Some of them are -

    1. Lemon Juice - Lemon juice diluted with equal amount of clean water is to be applied on the face using cotton balls and should be left as it is for at least 20-25 minutes. Afterwards we have to wash the face with clean water without using any soap. This is to be done every alternate day for at least a month to see the improvement.

    2. Potato Slices - Slice the potatoes in thin slices and wet them with water a little and place them on the area where dark spots are more. Leave for 10 minutes. Repeat it daily for at least a month.

    3. Raw Buttermilk - Raw buttermilk is to be applied, as it is, with a cotton ball to the face areas where dark spots are there. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with clean water only. To be done daily for at least a month.

    4. Aloe vera natural gel - Take an Aloe vera leaf and with a sharp knife scratch away the outer layer and then squeeze it to take the liquid coming out in a spoon or directly on your fingers and apply on the dark spots. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with clean water. To be applied daily for at least a month.

    5. Almond Oil - This is also a good remedy and one can get the sweet almond oil in any medicine shop. Before going to sleep one has to put a little of this oil on the dark spots and just keep them like that over night. To be done daily for a longer time to see the benefits.

    6. Oatmeal, Honey and Milk - Mix ground up oatmeal, honey and milk in 3 : 1 : 1 proportion in a bowl to make a paste. This pack is to be applied on all over the face and to be kept till dried. Afterwards it is to be washed with clean water.
    To be applied 3 times a week for at least a month.

    7. Turmeric, Lemon Juice and Milk - Mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder, 2 tsp of lemon juice and 3 tbsp of milk in a bowl. Apply this paste evenly on your face. Keep for 15-20 minutes and then wash with clean water. To be done on alternate day for at least a month.

    8. Castor Oil - Apply a little castor oil using cotton balls to the dark spots and leave it for an hour or so. Afterwards wash off with clean water. Apply everyday two times - morning after waking up and evening before going to bed. To be applied daily for at least a month.

    9. Pineapple Juice and Yogurt - Mix 2 tbsp of fresh pineapple juice with 2 tbsp of yogurt and apply on face evenly and keep for half an hour. Afterwards wash off with clean water. Do this at least 3 times a week for a month.

    10. Sandalwood Powder, Glycerin and Milk - Sandalwood and milk act like a bleaching agent for the dark spots while glycerin softens them. Mix 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder, 2 tbsp of milk and 1tsp of glycerin in a bowl and make a thick paste. Apply on the face all over and leave for half an hour. Wash off with clean water. To be applied 3 times a week for a month.

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  • Dark spots appearing on the face is the result of excess formation of melanin because of the following reasons first being hormonanal disbalance of the glands causing over pigmentation, excess exposure of sun - screens while going outside and also lack of Vitamin B such as Folic - acid, Viamin B3 and Vitamin C ( Ascorbic - acid) accelerates the stage of overpigmentation. There are certainly some home tips to take care of this problem.
    Aloe - Vera - Aloe Vera contains Aloin apart from the same being antifungal and antibacterial, it would offer permanent remedy for the skin - disorder including over pigmentation. What is needed under such conditions is the internal consumption of Aloevera- juice of any reputed Ayurvedic - Pharmaccetuals to the extent of 25 ml mixed with equal amount of water in the empty stomach in the morning. This should be continued for a period of two months at least in order to get permanent result. Side by side 5 ml of the juice taking in a cup is to be diluted with equal amount of water and the same concoction is to be applied externally twice a day.
    2) Internal consumption of Guduchi regularly in the night with one tab of 500 mg of different Ayurvedic - company would yield result because same can eliminate Tridoshas.
    3) Bhumi - Amla is an excellent herb detoxifying the toxins from the system apart from its soothing effect on the skin. 20 ml of this juice is two be consumed twice after the principal me
    4) Red - onion containing Alum - Cepa is the best remedy of diluting the dark - patches. Onion - juice is to be applied externally twice in a day so as to get effective result.
    5) A paste of Besan, Curd and lemon juice is to be made and is to be applied externally on the affected part twice daily to get effective results. Besan and Lemon contains Crysophenic - acid and Citric - acid respectively enough to take care of over pigmentation.
    6) Apple - cider Vinegar contains Acetic - acid which can take care of this disorder if applied on the affected part externally twice a day.
    7) Sun - screen Lotin is to be applied while going outside so as to avoid the radiations emanating from the Sun.
    Taking green - salads regularly will purify your blood apart from eliminating constipation if any. Constipation delays the healing - process.

  • Hydroquinone is being used by many people to get the problem of darkening to come down as it decreases the production of melanin in our skin. But this medicine may give some allergy to some people. You should not use this with the combination of some other chemicals. So before you use you might have applied in a small place and see the result. I think you are allergic to hydroquinone. So you should stop using this hydroquinone cream and consult a doctor before using such creams. Consult a good dermatologist and get his opinion and use the creams suggested by him.
    You can follow some of the following points for a better result.
    1, You can use some sunscreen lotions available in the market and see that there is no hydroquinone in that.
    2. You can make a thin paste of turmeric powder and apply to your face and wait for some 15 to 20 minutes and then wash
    3. Please use a soap which will keep your skin wet. Your skin should not get dried up.
    4. Before going for your bath apply coconut oil and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then mix f Bengal gram flour and black gram flour in 1: I ratio and make a dove with water and use that for cleaning your face when you go for a bath. Alternatively, you can mix these flours in ghee or coconut oil and apply for your body. Wait for 15 minutes and get it washed completely.
    5. Don't go out when it is hot and don't get the face exposed to sun rays for longer times. Better use an umbrella when you go out and also make the habit of using cooling glasses. This will protect your eyes and also the skin below the eyes also.
    6.Aloe - Vera is good for these problems. You will get some Aloe Vera paste from Patanjali Stores. You can apply for some time and then wash that area,

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