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  • Confused whether to take a drop or not since only want CSE

    Aspiring to get into CSE only after JEE? Confused between taking a drop and preparing again for JEE or take admission where available? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you guidance to make a good choice and achieve your aspirations.

    I have secured a rank of 20k in JEE mains 2019.
    I am from general category male.
    I also have 1705 rank in comedk (outside karnataka)
    I might get CS in BMS college in engineering.
    I only want CSE or IT branch.
    Should I take a drop to get into CS in any of the top 10 NITs?
    How is BMS college, is it comparable with NITs?
    I dont have the confidence to get under 2.5k in advance next year though I secured 22k this time.
    I am confused about taking drop.
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  • A few suggestions from my sides may kindly be seen in this context-
    1) Since your rank in JEE main in 2019 is around 20 k and hence it is quite possible to have a seat in Computer - science in any of NIT college. Even if get a seat in other stream such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics etc in any reputed NIT, it would not be bad in terms of your future growth.
    2) The employers of the IT companies would be interested to assess your presence of mind in the interview, the ways how you respond to the queries put forth by the members of interview apart from your confidence and sound clarities in the topics asked by them. You need not be necessarily a B.Tech in Computer- science, aspirants having other streams too can qualify in the IT companies.
    3) I won't suggest you to drop this year with the expectation of better performance in the next year- it may happen otherwise. In the event of bad performance, you will be loosing a valuable year.
    4) As you are stating that you may get BMS college Bengaluru with the branch of Computer- science this year, in that situation, you should avail it without having a second thought. In Bengaluru, you will get a number of IT companies approaching the campus of Engineering colleges for Campus - selection and with a little preparation prior to interview, there would be a fair chance of your selection in the IT company.
    5) BMS college of Bengaluru has wide reputation in terms of teaching and arranging campus selection for the brighter students.
    6) Don't think of dropping a year rather avail of the present oppurtunity.

  • Please see the following points.
    1. Time is very important. One year is very valuable.
    2. The competition will be increasing from year to year.
    3.Considering the above two points I feel it is better to obtain the degree as early as possible and obtain a job .
    4. If everting goes well you may get a better rank but there is no guarantee. Always a bird in the hand is always better.
    5. BMS college , Bengaluru is also a well known college.
    6. Companies will be coming to that college for campus recruitment.
    7. Next year there in no guarantee that you will get a sear even in this college.
    8. So I suggest you to join in B. Tech in BMS

    always confident

  • I will suggest you follow your dreams, so later you don't have any regrets. However, do so if you are sure of yourself. If you drop a year and give it your all, you may be able to get a better score next year, but what if you don't. Are you prepared to face the disappointment and the subsequent consequences? That is a question you must ask yourself.

    You should be able to get a seat in Computer Science in any of the top NITs. The best NITs for CSE are NIT Trichy and NIT Warangal, and with your score you should be able to get a branch of your choice, considering not everyone joins an IIT or an NIT, despite a good rank. Many choose to study abroad or join BITS Pilani. I would suggest you select an NIT over BMS because they have a global standing.

    In case, on a later date, you choose to go in for an MS or an MBA, your degree from an NIT will have more weight. Placements in NITs are almost at par with the IITs, especially in the top NITs, like Trichy, Warangal and Calicut and Surathkal.

  • One year is a valuable time at this juncture and dropping one year should be the last resort. With your present score try to get admission in preferably in NIT where you will have good exposure and there are good future scopes in terms of direct induction in industries.

    Last year the closing ranks (the rank of the last student getting admission in the institute) of the students getting admission in NITs were in the range of 19K to 32K. Considering this, there are chances for you to get admission in one of the NITs.

    Even if you do not get admission in CSE, there are other branches like Mechanical which also have good job potential in the industries. Please remember, it is not the branch which matters, what matters is how you perform in it. If your performance is good you will get campus recruitment or direct absorption by the industry much easily. So do not have confusion in your mind and pursue your course with seriousness and persistent efforts to come in the merit.

    If you come in the top scoring students you can get opportunity even from an institute like BMS Engineering College, Bengaluru. As per the information available in the internet BMS Engineering College is visited every year by 300 companies for campus recruitment. It was ranked at 8th position among the 165 Private Engineering Institutes in the country by India Today-MDRA Best Colleges ranking - 2018 and also ranked as 6th among the top 100 Private Engineering Institutes by The Times of India Engineering Institutes Ranking Survey - 2018. It has also been selected as Mentor institution under TEQIP-III scheme (World Bank Project).

    So first wait for the NIT admissions and there after only take a conscious decision to join BMS Engineering College. Do not go for one year drop. One in hand is better than two in the bush. The job condition in our country is very tight and day by day becoming tougher and tougher. In this scenario there is no use of dropping one year.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are three main points here to consider and come to a decision.
    1. Subject/branch
    2. Institution
    3 Time of one year

    Each of the above had to be evaluated with advantages and risks.
    Time gap:
    Loss of one year is a very serious matter to consider. The results and situations happening after one year gap cannot be predicted now. It can be better or worse. So it is your will power, focus and hard work that will matter.
    If you are confident that you can put good efforts and score a high ran in the eligibility exam, then take the risk of a drop and put the best efforts, including joining a coaching class.

    If your preference of CS is taken after evaluating all the prospects and your aptitude then keep patience, and wait till all the stages of allocation/admission is over. You may get your choice,if you apply prudently and luck favours you.

    The reputation of the institution has its effect in campus recruitment and off campus job seeking. Hence getting admission in a reputed institution is preferable always. Hence you may wait and try all available avenues to get admission to the NITs or at least the next level reputed institutions.

    In conclusion , my suggestion is : if you are confident and hardworking to score a good grade next year then take a gap of one year , but use the time to prepare well for the goal. Otherwise it is not prudent to lose a whole year and you may join a college where you are assured of your choice branch.
    Take a decision also consulting your real well wishers and parents.
    Best wishes.

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