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  • How to divided Grama wards in a local body -based on panchayath system

    Are you wondering how wards are divided in villages? Want to also know how wards are classified as reserved and general words? Here, on this page check out the suggestions from experts for your question.

    Grama wards are nothing but village wards. Basically why this question raised me today, in front of local body elections would be conducted very soon in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Every ward has elected the member by the constitutional process. this member is called ward member. and a group of ward members is elected one single chairperson. This person is known as some part of village-level SARPANCH. He is the ruler of villages.

    NOW, my question is how to divide wards and which act based they are classified into reservation wards and as well as general wards?
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  • The village or Municipality will be divided into wards and the boundaries of each ward will be decided by the district administration. The main criterion for this division is the population. In a village, a ward should have a minimum of 500 votes and in a municipality, the ward should have 1000 votes. If there is an increase in a particular ward and if there is a decrease in another ward the boundaries will be relocated so that the minimum voters' condition will be fulfilled.
    The reservation system will be as per the existing rules in the country and the wads will be rotated from election to election for reservations. If this election Ward 1 is reserved for ladies, next elections ward 2 may be decided for that. This will be done by the district authorities and election commission.

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