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    How do I learn by myself graphic designing ?

    Aspiring to learn graphic design? Searching for free software to learn the course, self learning modules and pre requisites if any? On this ask Expert page our ISC experts shall respond to your query.

    I am a PCB(science stream) student. I am studying a BSc course. I wanted to learn graphic design course through resources available online (basically, by myself). But, I could not understand how do I start learning, the basic prerequisites. Also if free source software would be sufficient. Please guide me, what should be my approach and how should I go about learning it.
    ( I want to learn graphic design to work as freelancer)
    I would be really thankful if you could suggest me basic book that could help me.
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  • You can learn graphic designing for free also from some websites online. I give below some such sites.
    1. From this site, you can learn graphic design hor to start and what are the basics. You can also get introduced to Elements of design.
    2. Absolute cross: They will provide classes on graphic design and Photoshop.
    3. African Virtual University: This University will offer a course regarding an overview of graphic design and the tools required.
    4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: This institute gives you lecture notes, examinations and some assignments
    5. Planet Photoshop. It will be giving you various tutorials and videos for free on various subjects related to Photoshop.
    6. This site will instruct you on the basics of HTML through various web design tutorials

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  • If you are interested in learning graphic design then you should have interest in conceptualising and creating visual posters, advertisements, brochures, magazine covers, summary presentations etc either with the help of a software or manually. Now a days many tools and softwares are available so every one does it using these tools only. A graphic designer has to attract people by his graphic creation for various purposes like inspiring to do something specific, just for information or encourage for a product or item. The job of a graphic designer is very creative and requires innovative ideas and graphic skills to captivate the prospective customers for a particular material or service.

    There are many online sites where one can learn the graphic designing. Most of them are free for basic learning and have a premium option also. Some of these are -

    1. Creative Tempest - This is a very good site and contains the work of the various graphic designers with the details of the work. This site is having a large collection of illustrations, digital paintings, photographs, graphic diagrams etc.

    2. Cool Showcase - It is also having a good collection of graphic designs. The freelancers from all over the world contribute to this site and upload their artwork, traditional designs, illustrations, photographs etc here.

    3. Canva - It is a graphic design and editing site and has inbuilt templates and design elements to pursue one's design project.

    4. Design Flavr - It has a stock of very interesting and amazing designs. The designs and their colour theme is well presented in this graphic design site.

    5. David Airey - If you are interested to go through the tips and advices for graphic design work then this is a good site to learn from. There are many blog articles and information here related to the field of graphic design.

    6. Inspiredology - It has got fascinating graphic designs and every week it gives a summary of new ideas and exciting designs developed by people across the world.

    7. Millo - It is slightly different from others as it contains informative articles about graphic design. This is a good site for beginners as a plethora of information and help is available here for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

    8. Just Creative - It has a good collection of graphic designs and tips and advices for this work. This site is actually run by a freelance graphic designer only.

    9. Pixeden - It is a rich site for design templates from simple to most complicated patterns.

    10. Template - It is having a good collection of graphic design and business templates.

    There are many books on graphic designing and are available in major online stores. Some of the good ones are -

    1. How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy.
    2. Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team by Alina Wheeler.
    3. Making and Breaking the Grid: A Layout Design Workshop by Timothy Samara.
    4. Elements of Graphic Design by Alex White.
    5. Paul Rand: A Designer's Art by Paul Rand.
    6. Graphic Design : The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips.

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