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  • Should I take up an Amway opportunity?

    Unsure whether one should take up Amway opportunity? Wondering whether it is legitimate and worth joining or not? Scroll through this page and decide whether to join Amway or not.

    I've recently been offered an opportunity by a friend to be an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO). I've read up on this company on the internet and have found differing opinions on this business opportunity. I'm pretty unsure what to do now as it seems legit but a bit off. Can I get an expert's POV on whether I should join or not?
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  • There are many companies which are selling their products or franchise products in a business model known as multi-level marketing and usually sell items of personal and household nature related to beauty, healthcare, hygiene, home care etc. These companies claim their products as of high quality and and generally their prices are also at higher side. They have a chain of people as members of their business model and believe in one to one sale in the society. A member can make more members and in the process can earn good rewards and promotions. Depending upon the sale a member makes he gets the commission and earnings. Interesting thing is if a person is able to make a few members and they themselves are able to drive more people in this chain then they also get some commission from all the members down the line. In the same way out of the sales you make the commission will go upward in the chain. So in that sense it is a very lucrative business if using networking and other efforts one can make more members under him. Please note that the success of this model depends on the ever expanding chain of members under you.

    Amway is one of those companies and was in news for its aggressive marketing through the network of people engaged in this multilevel business. Generally people take this type of work as a part time engagement and earn some money. Alticor is the main business group under which Amway is one of the company and it is reported that in the year 2018 Alticor had an impressive sales revenue of 8.8 billion dollars.

    Unfortunately all that glitters is not gold. There are many things which are to be well understood before going for such an endeavour. One has to sell the items on one to one basis and as these items are priced on the higher side few takers will be there. Only a particular strata of the society buys such costlier items. Another problem is when there is an opportunity to make money many people jump into it and once you are in the game you will find that many of the employed people are already doing it as part time and will be happy to share their negative experiences about this business. Other thing is that it looks easier to make more members but when one tries it in practice one finds that already there are some members who are doing desperate efforts of making other people as member under them.

    In essence those who joined this type of schemes in the early times or beginning of the scheme might have reaped the benefits but once the scheme is already grown to such gigantic proportions it becomes more and more difficult to make easy money there. One has to consider all these aspects before taking a conscious decision to join such multi level marketing schemes.

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  • There are many companies these days which will do marketing by having a multi-level marketing method. Amway is one such company. Here one person has to introduce three customers. The three customers whom you have introduced has to introduce 3 X3 = 9 members to this chain. Then only you will get some benefit to this organisation. Simply finding a person who purchases these products will not be sufficient for you to get the business. The items are very costly and if you are not promoting the products you will not get the money back for the items what you have purchased. I know many people who left the link without getting a single pie from the company. Even I have purchased one month. I introduced three members but that three members couldn't bring in anybody. The items I purchased are very high priced and I have to use it for many months. I never suggest this link business to anybody.

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  • Amway is an innovative company promoting different health products claiming that the consumers would get proper nutritions and Vitamins essential for the proper upkeep of health. If such a product is purchased from other Pharmectuals, the price - range could be affordable apart from sustained health benifits.
    I won't recommend to be an active member of Amway because of the following reasons-
    1) Convincing people in course of promoting any product including the Amway requires a lot of patience. Pushing the products for sale would not be communesarate with your efforts being put for achieving sales.
    2) You need to go door to door for the promoting sales often consuming a lot of times but the sale figure would be disappointing causing less earning of commission.
    3) Indian customers are very rigid to their choices and despite your perusal, you won't be able to change the mentality of most of the consumers despite your best efforts. Some consumers point out the prohibitive price of the products while comparing the similar brands available in the market.
    4) Sustained delays in achieving the sales of the products may be the cause of agonies for you.
    5) You will be asked to make members so that they will also try to promote the Bussiness of Amway. In case, they succeed you will be paid some commission and failing to do so, the products purchased from the company becomes you liability because the same cannot be returned back to the company. In that case, either you use it or discard it. In the later case, it is sheer wastage of your money already invested.

  • The nature of the Amway business network is already explained in the above responses. I would like to highlight the requirement of skills and interest.
    For such kind of work, one should have excellent communication skills and must be open to talk to others including lesser-known and even sometimes unknown people. You should be extrovert and should have the capability to link your products with every other problem usually people have in their day to day life.
    You should consider the investment it may need and check the risk versus investment ratio.
    Once you are set, you will definitely grow with the flow as you will be having other members and you will get the commission against their sales.
    So, if you are not in a job and can dedicate some 5-6 hours daily initially, you can go for it.
    In a later stage, you will be having some fixed customer accounts and that will give you decent earning.


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