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  • How to change community certificate name from one community to another community

    worried how to change the name of the community if wrongly entered in the certificate? Looking out for advice to resolve this issue? Find answers from our ISC experts here and decide how to make the correction.

    Is there any possible ways to change name of community
    in school and college and community certificate?
    He is 26 years, family wrongly declared the community name in certificates.
    Now he is worrying about unnecessary things.

    Please help us to find a solution for this.
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  • If there is a mistake in the name and it is to be corrected then at this stage one has to go through the name change procedure. For which one has to get an affidavit made for the said purpose and the help of lawyer will be required for that. The affidavit will bring out the mistake in the name and will give the new name to be adopted by the individual for all the future needs. This affidavit is required to be signed by the individual and also to be countersigned by a Notary Public or the Court Magistrate under his seal. After this, two things are generally required to be done and one is to publish this name change information in the newspaper and get it notified in the state Govt Gazette after which it becomes an official name change and this new name can be used for all future purposes as well as to get verification of earlier documents where the name was wrongly mentioned.

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  • You can't change the name of the community in your community certificate as you like. You can change your community name by showing your community certificate. But if you say there is a mistake in the community certificate you have to approach the MRO and DY DRO for the correction. You have to meet them and give them in writing an application for affecting the change. You have to submit your birth certificate in which your parent's names are mentioned and you have to submit the caste certificates of your father and mother so that they will have a proof that you belong to that caste. Then they will do the needful. District collector is the final authority to decide on your caste and give you a certificate.

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  • You cannot change the name as per wish in the next time, this will require an affidavit certificate. What is needed at this juncture is to meet a lawyer attending the office of the First class Magistrate or a Notary - public. He will make draft and then s will be countersigned by the Magistrate. This has to be published in two papers one in English and other being a local paper to give wide publicity of the same. The cutting of the advertisement is to be preserved and to be shown to the verification- officials in case such a situation arises.

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