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  • Creating Blog & Adsense account

    Interested in creating a blog and adsense account? Want to know the exact procedure to create the blog and post content in it? Check out this page and get answers for your query from our ISC experts.

    Will someone explain me what "Blog" means. I came across this word in many articles and websites. I wants to know how to create or post blogs.

    I wants to learn the blogging, is there anything where I can learn step by step.

    Awaiting for some useful tips.
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  • No experience is required to start a blog. I have also created a blog on my own.
    You can follow the following steps for the same.
    1. Decide the area of interest to you. What will be the subject on which you want to have a blog?
    2. Select a good web host. There are many web host which are available free of cost. Wordpress. com is one such web host and you can go to that site and create a web there. The website itself will guide you step by step until you have your own blog.
    3. Once you create your own blog, start writing relevant articles which are in the with your area of interests. If your information is good and liked by many people your blog will attract many advertisements and you will earn money from that.
    4. Adsense account can be created using your gmail account. Go to the AdSense site and it will guide in making your application for their account. In this application, you have to give reference to your blog and you should list out the names of your articles which you have published. You may not get an immediate reply and they will take some time for approving your application.

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  • Dear Sir

    Thank you for your useful tips.

    VK Saravanan

  • Saravanan, You can find answer to all you query about google adsense from the given forum link : Articles related "google adsense tips". Hope this link will provide you with the answer that you are searching for.

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  • There are many blog sites in internet which allow you to create your blog in it. You will be provided a free space where you can write your things and save it. There will be many bloggers doing the same thing in that particular blog site and each will have a name for their blog (which can be chosen by the blogger) and will also have an internet address where prefix will be the name of blog site followed by your blog name.

    The success of the blog depends upon the quality of the contents which is being put up in the blog by the blogger as the traffic to the blog will naturally depend upon that only. If blog is able to attract more traffic then you can also apply for Google Adsense account and once it is allotted to you you can have the Google advertisements embedded in your blog and you will be entitled to share the revenue as per the Google Adsense rules and regulations. One can also use SEO techniques to make ones blog site more visible to the search engines.

    Some of the good blog sites are Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Joomla, WordPress, Ghost, Medium, Squarespace etc and you can choose one of them to register and then make a place for your blog by naming it. You will have a username and password to enter your blog.

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  • Dear Mr Varghese,

    Thank you for the update

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