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  • Creating Adsense account - How to create adsense account

    Have a query about how to create an adsense account? Interested in knowing the exact step by step procedure to create the account? Scroll through this page and get answers from our experts for your query.

    How to create adsense account.

    Please let us know, do I need my own website for creating an adsense account?

    How to create an adsense account in Google? I came across several articles where we can post our own articles by using our google adsense account.

    Kindly guide me if there anything where I can learn for creating adsense account through step by step account.
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  • You can have your own website or you can work inside a host website or blog website before you apply for Google Adsense program. Everyone does like that but the main thing here is that you should have sufficient content of good quality articles or material in your site or blog only after seeing which the Google Adsense authorities will allot an Google Adsense account number to you. For example, if you are a member in ISC and want to apply for Google Adsense then until you have at least 10-12 articles of good quality and a membership level of 'Gold' it will not be possible to get an Adsense account approval. Similarly for other sites the Google Adsense has certain minimum level of activities prescribed. I have almost completed all these minimum qualifications in this site (ISC) but so far Google Adsense has not allotted me the account number and it shows it as pending. Sometimes they will simply reject it and ask us to apply later when our site is sufficiently resourced with content.

    As there are a large number of people applying for this, it is natural that Google Adsense team will be selective in allowing an account number to the qualified persons. The main criterion which Google Adsense observes is the traffic to a particular site. If traffic is good then the surfers will see the advertisements in those pages from which Google Adsense earns its revenue. So if your site pages corresponding to your contents are not attracting a good traffic then it is unlikely that Google will allot an account to you. In fact Google will only be in a position to share revenue with you when it earns from that traffic.

    Once Google Adsense allots an account number to an individual then after that one has to simply allow the advertisements to appear on the pages and settings can be done accordingly. These are simple adjustments and then the Google will send a summary of earnings to the individual time to time and if it is above the stipulated limit same can be got transferred to one's bank account. Approximately, if a site/ blog gets 100 views per day then it can earn about 5-6 dollars a month at the current Google payment rates.

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  • Thank you for the detailed update on my query. Is it possible where I can create my own website by using my laptop.

  • You can create your own blog or website using your laptop. But for that, you have to contact space providers like WordPress. com. You can create your own blog and then you can start posting on your blog. Then you have to apply for Adsense account using your google address and in that application, you have to give your web address or blog address. Then will do the required scrutiny and they may come back to you with their answer.

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  • Dear Sir

    Thank you for the update.

    VK Saravanan

  • I want to add a few points to the above answers for your better understanding. It is not the amount of material you need to post but is the quality of the material which Google observes for Adsense applications. You can join ISC and contribute consistently with good quality material and if you are good enough, Google will approve your account within 2-3 months. My Adsense Account was approved by Google after 2 months and you can have one too. Even if you are making a blog of your own, you will need to post good quality material regularly and promote it as much as possible.

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